Build assessments to test your prospects' knowledge and bring in new contacts in a way that everyone enjoys



The Interact Assessment Builder

Formulate scored assessments using the simple Interact Assessment Builder

  • Choose whether to show correct answers immediately after each question, or at the end of the assessment, or both

  • Set up different results for quiz takers based on how many answers they get correct

Marketing Automation

Connect your marketing automation program to automatically handle leads tagged by assessment score.

  • Set up unique autoresponder sequences based on assessment results.

  • Track the lead source to attribute leads back to your assessment.

Sharing is Caring

Share your assessment on all social networks and embed on your website.

  • Embed the assessment on your own domain and share your URL so all social traffic comes back to you.

  • Formulate the embed so there is no indication it comes from a third party.

Start using assessments to bring in qualified leads now!