10 Amazing Examples of Personality Quizzes That Went Viral

Not every quiz is a hit. While the average quiz created using Interact gets about 600 views, the top 100 average more than 60,000 views. A majority of the top performing quizzes are of the personality type, probably because they are just more fun. I picked out ten of my personal favorite viral quizzes and […]

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Not every quiz is a hit. While the average quiz created using Interact gets about 600 views, the top 100 average more than 60,000 views. A majority of the top performing quizzes are of the personality type, probably because they are just more fun.

I picked out ten of my personal favorite viral quizzes and attempted to identify what makes them special, check out what I found.

1. Red Lobster “What Kind of Shrimp are You?” 180,000 views

I love Endless Shrimp, what’s better than an oncoming supply of delicious seafood? As part of the social strategy for the 2014 Endless Shrimp special at Red Lobster, the eatery created a Shrimp Personality quiz. It was a hit. What I like about this quiz is the originality. Any restaurant can post screenshots of delicious food flying through the air (looking at you AppleBee’s), but it takes originality to have a fun quiz.

The takeaway on this quiz is to think outside the box (not a plug for Taco Bell). Any company can have fun with a personality quiz, but don’t be afraid to come up with ideas that might seem too goofy.


2. Warrior Lodge “What Kind of Operator are You?” 86,000 views

Warrior Lodge is a military content site that has made quizzes a regular part of their content strategy. What I like about them is the ability to consistently produce great personality quizzes. They do one just about every week and come up with an original topic each time. The difficulty with quizzes is that many people get started after seeing one quiz idea that will work for them but then stop after that first one.

Takeaway. Stick with quizzes. The quiz pictured below was the third quiz created by Warrior Lodge, the first two did okay but nowhere near 86k people. Personality quizzes can catch fire at any time, and practice certainly increases your chances.


3. StyleCraze “Which Celebrity Are You? 48,000 views

We’ve all seen celebrity quizzes on Facebook, but few of us have created one of our own that got over 48,000 views. StyleCraze is a fashion site based in India that has created several quizzes, with the celebrity personality quiz leading the way.

Takeaway. While this title may seem generic, it’s also evergreen. New celebrities are rising and falling all the time, and you can pretty much make a celebrity personality quiz at any time. Think about what is evergreen in your business and make a personality quiz about it.

style craze

4. Eldeforma “Are you an iphone or an android?” 30,000 views.

With the launch of the newest iphone and all the debate around it, creating a quiz about iphone vs. android is an excellent idea. News site Eldeforma based out of Mexico created this quiz to help you find out if you are an android or an iphone. It sparked quite the debacle on Facebook, with people piping up with their opinions about which result they got.

Takeaway. Take advantage of news. One way to make quizzes a more consistent part of your marketing strategy is to use breaking news as your ally.


5. Grist.org “What Type of Environmentalist are you?” 50,000 views.

When Grist created the environmentalist personality quiz and told some people they were “Environmentalist Yuppies” rage ensued. People were commenting with irate counter-arguments as to why they weren’t yuppies. I haven’t done this study, but having a lot of comments is a sign of an engaged community. YouTube comments and Yahoo New comments (back when Yahoo was relevant) were a big part of the reason why people enjoyed consuming that content.

Takeaway. Be controversial. If you’re worried that your personality descriptions might anger some people, don’t be. Obviously don’t purposely enrage your audience, but it doesn’t hurt to have some lively debate.


6. Rachael Ray “What Type of Clutterer are you?” 7,000 views

First, 7k views might not seem like a ton of views, but keep in mind that this Rachael Ray quiz was used as just one part of the marketing strategy for the daily Rachael Ray show. The quiz was popular with fans of the show, who commented with their personality types and stayed on the page for an average of three minutes.

Takeaway. Use quizzes in a supporting role for content you invest in heavily. If you have a show or a web tool you’ve created, use a personality quiz to promote it.


7. Greek News “What Will You Be in The Afterlife?” 385,000 views

I’ll be honest, I don’t speak Greek, so I can’t tell you what this quiz is all about, but I can tell you it was very popular.

Takeaway. Take on big issues. Whether you go the direct route and predict exactly what people will be in the afterlife, or go a more indirect route and tell people which type of person they should marry, you’ll always have an audience for the big questions of life.


8. Goedekers “Which Room in A House Are You?” 16,000 views

Goedekers is an online appliance website, you can buy washers and dryers on the internet and have them shipped directly to your house, which is cool. What’s even more cool is when a necessity goods website can have fun. They created the “Which Room in a House Are You?” quiz as a marketing piece, but it caught on like a viral quiz.

Takeaway. Props to Goedekers for doing branded content properly. Sure, they are advertising washers with this quiz, but that’s secondary to the fact that you get to find out which room in a house you are.


9. Anthony Nolan “What Should I do to Become a Better Person?” 34,000 views

Anthony Nolan is the UK’s bone marrow registry(interact provides a 50% discount for non-profits), not a guy named Anthony Nolan. That makes it even more awesome that they created a fun quiz.

Takeaway. Quizzes are an excellent way for non-profits to connect with donaters on a more personal level. It’s difficult to switch back and forth between serious issues and normal life, and a quiz can help.


10. AITA “What Kind of Truck Are You?” 18,000 views

The American Independent Trucker’s Association wants to know what kind of truck you are.

Takeaway. I use this quiz as an example that literally anyone can use a quiz in their marketing strategy. Sure, it’s obvious given that this quiz is for a trucker’s organization, but points for creativity.



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