10 Food Quiz Ideas To Captivate Your Audience

Check out these 10 food quiz ideas that your audience will love!

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Food quizzes are awesome, you can use them in so many fun ways to not only engage your audience but also recommend recipes, products, and purchase-able meals. Below we’ve highlighted 10 ideas you can learn from for your own food quizzes.

1. What’s Your Spirit Burger?

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Gotta love the creativity from HelloFresh on this one. Everyone has a spirit burger, and they were able to tie this into their meal kits by offering up a kit that gives you your spirit burger.


2. What Summer Drink Is Your Spirit Animal?

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Taking the same concept to summer drinks, this quiz is built by a recipe website and they link to the recipe for your summer drink as the results of the quiz.

summer drink

3. Which Iced Coffee Drink Are You?

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This quiz is a smash-hit with everyone, and Starbucks turns it into a practical product recommendation tool by offering up an iced coffee drink you can buy at any Starbucks store after you see it in the quiz.


4. What Kind Of Vanilla Milkshake Are You?

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From the dairy association, this one is for gaining exposure and bringing more attention to how milk can be used to create delicious treats.


5. Which Cake Are You?

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From recipe website food52.com, this quiz tells you what kind of cake you are and then links you to a recipe to create that cake for yourself.


6. Which Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Are You?

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This is Red Lobster’s most “liked” Facebook post ever, with 192,000 likes on it. The quiz was used to promote endless shrimp at Red Lobster.


7. How High Is Your Paleo IQ?

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Made by a paleo recipes website, this quiz is designed to engage the audience and draw them in to read more and find recipes for making.


8. Which Drink Are You?

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Created by Nestle water this is a really a “Which Water Are You?” quiz that tells you what kind of water bottle you are.


9. What Kind Of Cinnamon Bun Are You?

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Created by a company that sells Cinnamon buns to help you find the right kind to buy next time you run across one of their scores.


10. How Clean Do You Eat?

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Created by a clean eating recipes website to help you find out if you are eating clean enough, and then providing recipes to eat better.


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