10 Minute Guide: Get More Leads from Existing Blog Posts with Polls

Want to get more leads from existing blog posts? You can add polls with Interact Quiz Builder and get the leads you want!

Create a Poll of Your Own Now


You can create a poll with Interact at tryinteract.com/polls

By the end of this 10-minute guide you’ll be bringing in more leads from an existing blog post that gets a good amount of traffic but doesn’t drive results for your business currently.

This strategy ups the interactivity of a post and brings in new leads using resources that you already have, it’s a quick win that can change how you think about blogging as it affects your company.

Let’s get right to it.

First, let’s start with the strategy in simple terms. What we’re going to do is add a poll to a blog post that already gets traffic but doesn’t convert into leads. We’re going to use that poll to engage readers who would otherwise just read the article and then leave and turn those readers into leads who are on a course that I already know converts into paying customers.

For this example, I’m going to use this blog post on the Interact blog that gets about 30 unique visitors per day, but delivers almost no leads. I’m going to add a poll to it so I can get those potential customers into my course and convert them into customers. Let’s walk through this. What kind of poll to make: You want to create something that either asks what the person’s goal is who is reading your post, or if they’d like to take the next step and join a course or get a free download or further resource. It’s like a content upgrade, but because it’s interactive and question-based will draw a lot more attention.

Now for how to build this…

First, from the Interact Dashboard, select “Polls” on the left sidebar 1 Now, choose the type of poll you want to make. I always recommend the “grid” option because it utilizes more images, which tend to get more people’s attention 2

Once you’ve selected your type of poll, there are a couple of things to do on the actual poll builder.

3 1. Choose how many columns your poll will have. You can select how many images will appear in each row. For example, if you have three images you’d want to select three columns, but if you had 4 images you’d want to select two columns so it could be two rows of two.

2. Set the poll settings (hint, this is just to select whether you want people to select multiple options on your poll or not)

3. Write your quiz title and short description. Again, keep this related to the subject of the post you’ll be embedding this poll on, and think about how it will tie into your opt-in call to action.

There are two main types of poll titles you should use. The first one is a question related to the subject of the blog post – that’s the one I did in my example where I asked people why they were writing quiz questions. The second one is to ask people if they’d like a content upgrade, such as a PDF download of the post they are currently reading.

4. Add images for each answer choice: You can search within Interact for stock images 5. Write the poll option text for each option Now that your poll is set up, connect it up to your email autoresponder for following up with new leads. To do that, click the “Enable lead capture and data collection for my poll” switch that’s on the left grey sidebar of the builder. 4

Once you enable it, you’ll see a screen that is a preview of the poll email opt-in form.


There are 3 things to make sure you cover on the opt-in form.

1. Choose what fields you want to ask for – typically just first name and email unless you have a compelling reason to ask for something else

2. Let people know what they’ll get if they opt-in on the header of the opt-in form. Then let people know they can skip the opt-in form if they don’t want to get the offer in the sub-header

3. Change the call to action button text to reflect whatever they’ll get if they opt in

Then, connect up to your autoresponder Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.25.43 AM

And map to what you want people to receive when they subscribe. You can choose what autoresponder sequence you want people who opt in to go to, or you can use tags to have different sequences depending on how they voted. 6 Now you’re done! click “share and embed” 7 Then copy the embed code 8 And paste into your blog post 9 And it’s live! Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.28.33 AM


You can create a poll with Interact at tryinteract.com/polls

Create a Poll of Your Own Now