10 online quiz examples that won the social sharing game

Make your own quiz at tryinteract.com  In many ways, getting social shares for your content is like a game. There’s a certain amount of strategy involved, but also some luck because there isn’t a way to “guarantee” that your quiz will end up getting shared. At Interact, some of our customers have been fortunate enough to […]

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Make your own quiz at tryinteract.com 

In many ways, getting social shares for your content is like a game. There’s a certain amount of strategy involved, but also some luck because there isn’t a way to “guarantee” that your quiz will end up getting shared. At Interact, some of our customers have been fortunate enough to crack the code on the social sharing game, let’s check out what they did.

1. “Which famous golfer are you?” By Golfnow.

Views: 10k

Social Shares: 1.5k

This quiz uses simplicity to its advantage. The most common form of quiz is the “Which (blank) are you?” quiz, and that formula can be applied to almost any industry – in this case golf. Honestly I think this was just a matter of taking advantage of an opportunity. The GolfNow blog has a strong following, but in my search I didn’t see any quizzes before this one, and they had success on the first try.

The takeaway here is to give quizzes a try, and I’m not just saying that because I work at a quiz business. Quizzes have regained some mojo recently and many sites created in the last five years have never run a quiz before. Give it a try and you might just nail it like GolfNow.

golf big

2. “How much do you know about Iran?” By Berim

Views: 15k

Social shares: 2k

This quiz blew up in a day, and at one more there were more than 2500 people taking it at the same time. A good portion of those quiz takers went on to become sharers, continuing to grow the reach of the piece. I would attribute a lot of those social shares to the controversial nature of the quiz content. The questions highlight the fact that western nations don’t really know much about the nation of Iran, and yet we are quick to judge.

Takeaway. Quizzes have the unique ability to highlight people’s knowledge. An article can inform, but a quiz can determine how much you already know. Use this to your advantage and stir up controversy because controversy leads to more social shares.


3. “Which cake are you?” By Food 52



I always like highlighting Food52 quizzes because the food website has created a new quiz every week for about six months now and every single one is brilliant. The way they constructed this cake is special because it uses existing content in an effective way. What the editors did was pick five cake recipes that were already up on the site and popular, and the construct a quiz helping people determine which one they are. The result was a massive amount of social sharing, with people really enjoying it – my favorite one read something like “Guys, just made a breakthrough discovery, I am Lemon Cake!”

Takeaway. Use existing success to build more success. If you have articles or products on your site that are popular, make a quiz to help people decide which one they are. That way you de-risk your quiz investment by going back to what you know already works.


4. “Which studio c character are you?” By BYUTV

Views: 65k

Shares 11.2k

Studio C is a BYU production with a loyal following. Their character quiz remains one of their top social posts of all time. The quiz itself asks a series of questions before telling people which character they are most like, and quiz takers loved sharing their results. One out of every six people who took the quiz ended up sharing on Facebook or Twitter and the conversations that ensued were hilarious.

Takeaway. A lot of businesses revolve around people. Whether it’s a TV show, a book, a radio show, or the News, there are lots of ways to make quizzes helping people find out which person they are – usually with awesome results.

studio c

5. “Which car brand are you?” By ViewsBank

Views: 17k

Shares 3.5k

As a big car fan I’m glad this quiz was made and is successful. Created by ViewsBank, a UK company that does surveys, the quiz is exactly what it claims to be, and tells you what brand of car you are. I think it was successful because people have strong feelings about cars and choose to invest a lot of money in buying their favorite brand. Thus, whether or not they get their favorite brand as a result they will have something to say about it.

Takeaway. Focus on what people care about. Even if you think your business doesn’t directly pull heartstrings or illicit any kind of strong feelings, odds are you at least indirectly deal with something important.


6. “What kind of operator are you?” By Warrior Lodge

Views: 90k

Shares 15k

Everyone dreams of being an action hero at some point, so why not make a quiz to decide what kind you’d be? That’s what Warrior Lodge did, and it worked out pretty well. The quiz currently has 90k views and gets an additional few hundred social shares every week consistently – it’s what you’d call evergreen content and even ranks well in search engines. I think the “secret sauce” here is using pop culture as a draw. We are familiar with all the results of this quiz through media and movies, which primes us to share our results.

Takeaway. Tap into popular culture. When we feel like we can identify with a quiz result it leads to more social shares.


7. “Are you an android person or an iphone person?” By Eldeforma

Views: 37k

Shares 7.5k

Spanish site Eldeforma makes a lot of quizzes with Interact, but one in particular that caught my attention is this android vs. iphone quiz. It was released the day after Apple’s new iphone announcement and got thousands of social shares within a few weeks, continuing to get views today.

Takeaway. Use public events to your advantage. I don’t know exactly how popular this quiz would have been if it weren’t aligned with the Apple announcement, but I know it wouldn’t have been the hit it was. Keep track of news in your industry using a Google Alert and have new opportunities emailed directly to you.


8. “Find your perfect (college) match” By Forbes

Views: 78k

Shares: 15.5k

College is a big deal, and Forbes is here to help, and get more social traffic. This quiz that guides students toward a type of college they should attend gets almost all of its traffic from social shares and continues to grow in popularity even months after launching. I think this quiz did so well because it doesn’t try to be overly specific. Instead of telling students one college they should attend (out of the 100’s that exist), it gives a recommendation about the type of school that would be a good match and then includes a link to check out a list of schools that would work.

Takeaway. Don’t try to do too much with your quiz. If you don’t get overly specific, you can make each result seem to be more accurate and you won’t risk losing credibility by giving people an incorrect result.


9. “What type of environmentalist are you?” By Grist

Views: 50k

Shares: 13k

When this quiz was released it was not without controversy. Staunch environmentalists were off-put by some of the more goofy results when they came up, and they let it fly in their social shares and comments. However, that wasn’t a bad thing. What happened was a lot of people ended up sharing the quiz and commenting, skyrocketing the views.

Takeaway. No need to hold back. Obviously be careful and make sure you aren’t alienating core readers or customers, but sometimes it takes a little prodding to get a quiz going.


10. “Which ZTA founder are you?” By ZTA Fraternity

Views: 11k

Shares: 4k

Some organizations have great pride, and I’d consider fraternities a leader in that category. That’s why this ZTA fraternity quiz became so popular overnight. Current fraternity members were excited to find out which founder they were and post their results to twitter and Facebook.

Takeaway. Take advantage of the past, people are curious about what’s happened before, so why not work that into a quiz?


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