10 Quiz examples that perfected the social sharing game

Make a quiz like these at Interact  1. “Which famous golfer are you?” By Golfnow. Views: 10k Social Shares: 1.5k Why it worked: GolfNow saw an opportunity and took it. The sport of Golf has been the recipient of a fresh new audience thanks to several new pros who have strong followings even outside the sport. […]

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1. “Which famous golfer are you?” By Golfnow.

Views: 10k

Social Shares: 1.5k

Why it worked: GolfNow saw an opportunity and took it. The sport of Golf has been the recipient of a fresh new audience thanks to several new pros who have strong followings even outside the sport. This quiz helps you find out which one of these pros you are most like, and gives an opportunity to share the results. In a partial search, I found very few Golf personality quizzes, GolfNow benefited from very little competition and a well-executed quiz.

golf big

2. “How much do you know about Iran?” By Berim

Views: 15k

Social shares: 2k

Why it worked: Two words: shock value. Whether you got all the questions right or wrong, there is some level of surprise associated with this quiz. Because Iran is talked about around the world through news segments, many of us assume that we know about the country, but this quiz proved otherwise for many – and they voiced their surprise on social sites. On the flip side, for the people who got the questions correct, there was a level of pride associated with having strong world knowledge, and they also shared their results.


3. “Which cake are you?” By Food52



Why it worked: “Serious quiz, what kind of cake are you?” – some version of this tweet was shared a few thousand times for this cake quiz. People loved that something delicious like cake was turned into a quiz that they could share their results on. Food52 is on to something with their unique style of food humor, they’ve now done fifteen or so quizzes with similar results.


4. “Which studio c character are you?” By Studio C

Views: 65k

Shares 11.2k

Why it worked: A strong knowledge of the audience. Studio C made a quiz to tell people which character in the TV show they are most like, and it was an instant success because of the “insider effect” which means that people who took the quiz felt like they were part of a privileged group because of the language in the quiz. Every question in this quiz and all the results reference inside jokes from the show and really make people who watch the show feel included. When those people got their quiz results, it felt very personal and like it was applicable, which led to a very high percentage of people sharing their results.

studio c

5. “Which car brand are you?” By Viewsbank

Views: 17k

Shares 3.5k

Why it worked: Competition. Viewsbank uses their quizzes to run contests the right way. In return for commenting or sharing, quiz takers are entered into a drawing for a tasteful prize (like a basket of cadbury chocolates). The result is a very high percentage of people sharing their quiz results from the Viewsbank quizzes.

This strategy can be extremely effective for brand amplification, but I’d like to give two words of warning before you run off and try it. First, the quiz should stand alone (if there was no contest it would still be fun). Second, have a good prize. People have become a bit jaded to contests and have lost trust in them, make your prize something believable (like chocolate).


6. “What kind of operator are you?” By Warrior Lodge

Views: 90k

Shares 15k

Why it worked: Star Power. Most of us have seen the iconic action movies of our time. The heroic people who play the action stars are a part of our lives, and this quiz cashes in on our affinity for the powerful. Basically all that means is if you use celebrity power effectively it can really boost s quiz. Every one of us is exposed to celebrities daily, so having them in your quiz makes it relatable.


7. “Are you an android person or an iphone person?” By Eldeforma

Views: 37k

Shares 7.5k

Why it worked: Timing. The day after Apply released their iphone 6 and 6+, Eldeforma released this quiz. As a viral news site, Eldeforma thrives off of trends like the Apple event, and this quiz exemplifies how they go about doing that. This quiz is what you’d call a “news quiz” – and publications have been running this type of quiz for centuries (literally), with continued success. All you have to do is stay in touch with current events and make a quiz about them. (please don’t do this unless the quiz has to do with your business or you are a news site)


8. “Find your perfect (college) match” By Forbes

Views: 78k

Shares: 15.5k

Why it worked: Answering serious questions. Picking a college is a huge deal. Parents obsess over where their kids will go to school while the high school students enjoy not caring and annoying their parents. (jokes, but really, picking a college is quite a decision). Forbes took advantage of this event to create a college match quiz that continually get shared. I think the reason this quiz did so well is because it doesn’t try to do too much. Instead of telling people a specific college they should go to, the quiz recommends a type of college, which allows the quiz to be more applicable to people. I think the lesson here is to know the limits of a quiz, don’t try to claim that you can predict exactly where someone should go to college if you can’t.


9. “What type of environmentalist are you?” By Grist

Views: 50k

Shares: 13k

Why it worked: Controversy. This quiz had very mixed reactions. Some people were very happy with their results while others were irate that they would be called “environmentalist yuppies” – people were not stoked. However, this controversy led to a massive comments discussion and an ensuing onslaught of traffic to the point where this quiz became one of the most viewed articles ever for Grist. Sometimes controversy is good, but be careful, don’t just make people angry because this article sounds like that’s what you should do.


10. “Which ZTA founder are you?” By ZTA Fraternity

Views: 11k

Shares: 4k

Why it worked: Emotional connections. Fraternities bring out a lot of emotions, one way or another. This ZTA Fraternity quiz cashed in on that emotional connection by telling people which founder they are most like. Current and former members were quick to jump in and post their results on Facebook and Twitter, sparking massive discussions.



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