11 Ways to make your quiz go viral (or at least get some healthy traffic)

Create your own quiz now using Interact Quiz Builder While there’s no magic formula for making content get shared (sorry, the viral button does not exist), there are ways to get your quiz out in front of more people. Here they are: 1. Share with an image on Facebook. Facebook remains the top source of […]

Make Your Own Quiz For Free

Create your own quiz now using Interact Quiz Builder

While there’s no magic formula for making content get shared (sorry, the viral button does not exist), there are ways to get your quiz out in front of more people. Here they are:

1. Share with an image on Facebook. Facebook remains the top source of traffic for nearly every quiz, but there is a little secret to reaching the most people on the social network. The secret is in the cover photo. You have to have a cover photo that is intriguing and catches the eye – an image of one person’s face works best (study).

which cake

2. Share with an image on Twitter. Tweets with images get clicked 18% more. They also perform better in just about every other metric (retweets, favorites, etc.) The best bet is to grab the cover photo of your quiz and share that. That way it will almost look like the quiz works right inside Twitter (which might happen someday). Take a look at an example of the same quiz that was shared on Facebook (I like this cake quiz).

twitter cake quiz

3. Share in the appropriate place on Reddit. To use Reddit, please follow the DBI rule (don’t be an idiot). If you are sharing a quiz you made, or if your quiz is overly promotional, don’t even try it. You’ll get kicked off in no time. Also, it’s extremely important to find the right sub-reddit to share your quiz in. I made a quiz or a client titled “What’s Your Organizing Personality?” and shared it in a sub-reddit called /r/organizingtips¬†which only gets like ten views a day. The quiz was a “hit” or at least as big of a hit as you can be for ten hits a day.

It’s remained at the top of the column for six months or so and receives a handful of new visits each day. Not too shabby for doing almost nothing.

4. Add to Facebook as a tab. Want to know where you should hide a body? (if you ever happen to find yourself in a place where that’s necessary). Hide it in your Facebook timeline from two weeks ago. Once something has had its initial publicity on Facebook (which lasts 12 minutes on average), it’s virtually impossible to find again.

One way our customers have solved this issue is to add quizzes to custom tabs on their Facebook pages. One of the best comes from UC Davis, who added a quiz “Which Famous Aggie are You?” as a permanent fixture on their student Facebook page.


5. Embed in your blog. Quizzes can be added to blog posts just like a youtube video (tutorial). The nice part about sharing on your blog is that all traffic comes back to your domain to take the quiz and you don’t risk losing people in the oblivion of social media.

will you survive

6. Use Hell0bar to let visitors know about the quiz. HelloBar is a simple (as in two-minute setup) tool that helps grab your readers’ attention. I like HelloBar because it’s noticeable but not super annoying like a popup.


7. Add to your site’s sidebar. The nice thing about Interact quizzes is that they are responsive to any size and space that’s available in your site. That means you can drop one in your sidebar like in the screenshot below and use the quiz as a more permanent feature on your site. Blog posts go the way of old Facebook posts, in that they disappear shortly after being posted, but with the sidebar embed you can use a quiz for much longer.

quiz sidebar

8. Send a link by email. Check out this email I got from a customer about sending quizzes by email. It pretty much does a way better job of explaining what quizzes can do for your email marketing than I ever could.

I just happen to stumble on Josh’s quizzes and thought they were not only fun , they were a good way to connect with my customers, so I downloaded the link to one of the quizzes (what color are you) and put it in our newsletter. I couldn’t have dreamed of the responses we received! We had the highest open/click rate that we have received in several years! We even had some customers email us saying how much they enjoyed the quiz. I knew our newsletters were getting a little old and stale, I just didn’t know how to spice them up, and now I do! I would encourage everyone to either use one the ready made quizzes or to create one of your own industry specific quizzes. This is a great sight that I hope tons and tons of people use. Thank you Josh Pam Mills, CHt, CAC III Director of The Denver School of Hypnotherapy www.denverhypnoschool.com

9. Submit to Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon still exists? You are probably asking yourself right now. It does still exist, and it is still the largest bookmarking site in the world. There’s not really any secrets to Stumbleupon (at least that I know of). Just make sure to share in the right category and right a snazzy description to your quiz.

10. Share on Pinterest. I was very skeptical of Pinterest until last year when I created a random infographic and posted it. Over the three months after posting the infographic I saw over 5000 click-throughs to my website without having to do a thing. Full honesty, I don’t have an example of a quiz that has done really well on Pinterest yet (a bunch have gotten a few hundred visits, but nothing has really blown up).

11. Paid Facebook promotion. With some prior prudent planning, you can return a huge premium on your facebook paid promotions. To help you get started (and since we are not experts), turn to this post on Buffer that walks through literally everything you need to know.

Pinterest is the most visual of all social networks, make sure to use your quizzes’ cover photo or another provocative photo to maximize your chances.


Use your quiz in a guest post. Because of how quizzes work ( in an iframe), you can use the same quiz in multiple blog posts without worrying about duplicate content issues etc. We had one freelancer share the same quiz in three different guest posts, and each one got over 2000 views. If you regularly contribute to other websites, use quizzes as part of your content.

Create your own quiz now using Interact Quiz Builder

Make Your Own Quiz For Free

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