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This story comes from what you might think is an unlikely place – a public library. Personally, I remember going to the public library and loving the books, plowing through the selection one week at a time and keeping careful track of all we had checked out so as not to incur any late fees.

Now public libraries are building their online presence, and one in particular has used quizzes to help kids get interested in reading.

Each week, Kansas City Public Library creates a quiz, varying in topic from “Which famous book are you?” to “Which horror story should you read?” each quiz is thoughtfully put together and excellent fun to take.



The quiz questions are full of pictures, and range from “What is your ideal pet?” to “What’s your favorite type of ice cream?” each question is like a little game in and of itself, and you don’t even realize that you end up answering somewhere between 6 and 10 questions before you get your quiz result.




At the end of each quiz, I get a link to check out a book or activity that fits my personality profile.

Now, going back to my experience with public libraries as a kid, I used to really enjoy when the nice librarian would recommend a new book as she checked out our books for the week. She always had the best picks.

Now that same personalized service is being provided on the KCKPL website with a quiz.

For example, in my “Which Halloween Book Should You Read?” book, I was recommended a book by the title of “Hell House” by Richard Matheson. Then I get a link to check out the book, which takes me to a search where I have automatically pulled up that book and can check it out online! So cool.

kckpl link


The Kansas City Public Library has been running quizzes for several months now and each one is better than the last. In all, these quizzes have driven more than 100,000 visits and viewers spend an average of three minutes taking the quiz and checking out their results.

To make a quiz like this, head to

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