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Nearly all of these quizzes are available as templates at tryinteract.com/start.

Personality Quizzes:

1. What style of communicator are you?

2. What is your leadership style?

3. What Kind of friend are you?

4. The 10-Step Personality Test

5. What is your learning style?

6. What kind of coffee drinker are you?

7. What kind of beer drinker are you?

8. What kind of spender are you?

9. What’s your strongest character trait?

10. How intuitive are you?

11. If you were an animal, which one would you be?

12. Are you a changemaker?

13. What kind of leader are you?

14. Which celebrity would be your best friend?

15. Which celebrity should you marry?

16. What type of writer are you?

17. How do others perceive you?

18. How friendly are you?

19. Who should be your celebrity roomate?

20. What career is right for you?

Lifestyle Quizzes

21. Are you a procrastinator?

22. How stressed are you?

23. What country do you belong in?

24. Which U.S. city do you belong in?

25. How well read are you?

26. What’s your real age?

27. Currency of the world quiz

28. How adventurous are you?

29. Where should your next vacation be to?

30. How well traveled are you?

31. What’s your world IQ?

32. How happy are you?

33. How extroverted are you?

34. Would you be a good leader?

Knowledge Quizzes:

35. Daily news quiz

36. World affairs quiz

37. Country Quiz

38. City Quiz.

39. Historical figures quiz

40. Test your technology knowledge

41. Holiday history quiz

42. Test your Wall Street knowledge

43. Test your literary knowledge

44. President’s Quiz

45. World leader quiz

46. World War 2 facts quiz

47. Cold War Facts quiz

48. Beer Facts Quiz

49. Wine Facts Quiz

50. Food Facts Quiz

Health and Fitness Quizzes

51. Which diet should you do?

52. Test your survival skills

53. Football Quiz

54. Soccer Quiz

55. How healthy is your diet?

56. What vitamins should you take?

57. Sleep style quiz

58. What’s your gym personality?

59. What’s Your Nutrition I.Q.?

60. Gluten facts quiz

61. Caffeine Quiz

Entertainment Quizzes

62. Which TV show character are you?

63. Hollywood history quiz

64. Movie music quiz

65. World sports quiz

66. Which athlete are you?

67. Video game character quiz

68. Weekly celebrity news quiz

69. Which beer are you?

70. What car should you drive?

Political Quizzes

71. What’s your minimum wage IQ?

72. Which political party are you?

73. Test your congress knowledge

74. Do you know how taxes work?

75. Obama facts quiz

76. Which world leader would be your best friend?

Educational Quizzes:

77. Are you a grammar Nazi?

78. How productive are you?

79. How much do you know about earthquakes?

80. What type of writer are you?

81. Which TV show student are you?

82. Test your excel skills

Blogging Quizzes

83. What’s your blogging personality?

84. Are you promoting your blog correctly?

85. Test your SEO knowledge

86. Test your 2014 B2B marketing knowledge

87. Are you doing social marketing right?

88. Test your social network IQ

89. Does your brand have personality?

90. What’s your social media personality?

Psychology Quizzes

91. How fast do you learn?

92. How angry do you get?

93. Attention span test

94. Can you be an entrepreneur?

95. How motivated are you?

96. How creative are you?

97. How flirtatious are you?

98. Are you jealous?

99. How good of a listener are you?

100. How good is your memory?

101. How organized are you?

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