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Personality Quizzes:

1. What style of communicator are you?

Communication styles are as distinct as you are. The way you communicate with the world is a big deal and knowing your style can be helpful in all areas of life.


2. What is your leadership style?

Are you the motivational leader or the friendly leader? Everyone has a different style when they are in charge, find out what yours is and how to use your personality as an advantage.


3. What Kind of friend are you?

The shoulder to lean on? The goofy one? Or something else entirely. The only way to find out is to take this quiz.


4. What’s Your Real Personality?

Do you really know what kind of personality you have? self-reflection is important, and knowing your personality can help out in countless ways


5. What is Your Learning Style?

Self-learner? Visual Learner? Group Learner? If you know your learning style, it’s so much easier to be efficient with your time and choose wisely when it comes to activities


6. Which Coffee Drink are You?

Latte or Americano? or heaven forbid a Low Cal, Almond Milk Iced Latte with three pumps peppermint, a dash of cocoa powder, and extra hot water. The type of coffee that matches your personality makes or breaks you as a person (that’s not at all real, but you should still take the coffee quiz)


7. What Kind of Beer are You?

Stout or pilsner? Beer is often considered a parallel for life, and it’s super important to know what kind of beer you are so that you make sure to live your best life (I made most of that up, but don’t you still want to know what kind of beer you are?)


8. What Kind of Spender are You?

Did you know that people would rather talk about their weight than their personal financial details? Don’t worry, if you take this quiz no one will know what kind of spender you are, unless you decide to share your results


9. What’s your strongest character trait?

Humble? Kind? Well Spoken? Find out what makes you unique and sets you apart from everyone else. Once you know your strongest character trait you won’t be able to help but use it to your advantage

10. How intuitive are you?

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you feel like you know what’s going to happen before it does? That’s your intuition kicking in…take this quiz to see just how intuitive you are

11. If you were an animal, which one would you be?

This is an important question for life in general, haha. Really though, if you’re looking to start a conversation ask anyone what kind of animal they think they are, since you’ll have taken this quiz you will know exactly what type you are

12. Are you a Changemaker?

Are you the type of person who consistently makes a difference in the world? you might be surprised by what this quiz reveals about you

13. What Type of Cheese are You?

If you are Brie that’s super different than Gouda, so you better take this quiz and discover which type of cheese you really are in your heart

14. Which celebrity would be your best friend?

So let’s say you just happen to become best friends with a celebrity, which one would you traverse the world with?

15. Which celebrity should you marry?

There is an A-list celebrity out there for everyone, find out which of them is the best fit for you

16. What type of writer are you?

Writing is a communication form as old as the earth, the way you write makes an enormous difference in everything you do because of just how much we rely on written word to communicate with one another. Find out what type of writer you are and take full advantage of your unique style

17. How do others perceive you?

What do people think when they see you out and about in your normal life? Good question, right? Take this quiz and find out once and for all

18. How friendly are you?

Are you the type of person who just gets along with everyone? Or do you just think you do? This quiz will help you figure it out, because it’s important to know

19. Who should be your celebrity roommate?

If you became roomies with a celebrity, which one would it be? Think about your answer carefully, because this person will be sharing your couch, and that’s a big deal

20. What career is right for you?

Did you know you’ll spend 21% of your life working? That could be depressing, or it could be amazing, the only difference is what you end up doing for work, so take this quiz to find out what kind of career best fits your personality

Lifestyle Quizzes

21. Are you a procrastinator?

Do you find yourself waiting until the very last minute to do everything? You may be a procrastinator…but the only way to really know is to take this quiz, so get to it

22. How stressed are you?

Do you feel like stress is taking over your life? Find out how stressed you really are by taking this quasi-scientific quiz that will definitely maybe tell you exactly how stressed out you are

23. What country do you belong in?

Ever feel like you were born in the wrong country? Well now you can find out by taking this quiz that will tell you what country you should really be in based on who you are, not where you were born

24. Which U.S. city do you belong in?

New York City? Omaha? Ceres? (bet you don’t know where Ceres is). But for real though, the city you call home is important, and this quiz will help you discover which city you really should call home

25. How well read are you?

Are you a bibliophile? Find out with one quick quiz and forever lay to rest the debate over how well read you really are (or aren’t)

26. What’s your real age?

You have a date age, but how old are you really? Sometimes people who think they’re 25 are actually more like 40, or vice versa. This quiz settles the debate, so get on it

27. Currency of the world quiz

Do you know your world currencies? I’ll bet you 10,000 Vietnamese Dong that you will get at least one wrong (I’ll bet your wondering how much money 10,000 Vietnamese Dong is now, aren’t you?) the only way to find out is to take this quiz

28. How adventurous are you?

If I told you I had an extra ticket to Iceland for a flight this weekend, would you go? Find out how adventurous you really are by taking this quiz and then go tell everyone you’re basically the same as Lewis and Clark

29. Where should your next vacation be to?

A relaxing vacation in London? or an adventure to Morocco? Vacations come in all forms and you should really know what kind is best before you go spending a bunch of money on it

30. How well traveled are you?

It’s easy enough to claim you’re a world traveler, but in reality how much do you actually know about traveling? This quiz breaks all myths and gets right to the point so you’ll know exactly how well traveled you are

31. What’s your world IQ?

Think you know about everything in the world? Think again, this quiz will challenge you in ways you never thought possible and you’ll have to really know your stuff if you expect to get through it

32. How happy are you?

Some people think they are happy but aren’t. Other people think they’re sad but are actually happy…find out which one you are when you take this quiz

33. How extroverted are you?

Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert, Hectovert… that last one I made up, but doesn’t it make you think about what kind of extrovert you are? or if you are actually extroverted at all? This quiz will help determine if you are extroverted or not so you’ll actually know

34. Would you be a good leader?

If you were in charge of the world all of a sudden, would you do a good job? Okay maybe that’s too extreme, but if you were in charge of picking what to have for dinner, would you do a good job? (Be honest, that second one is scarier isn’t it?)

Knowledge Quizzes:

35. Do You Know What Happened Today?

Good question, right? sometimes we are so busy with our own stuff that we forget other people are doing stuff in the world, and some of it might be important to know. Take this quiz to see if you know what’s really going on in the great big world

36. Do You Know What’s Going on in the World?

How often do we forget that other people in other countries are doing important things that we should be informed on? See if you know what’s happening out there with this quiz

37. Do You Know What’s Happening in America Right Now?

See how well you are keeping up (or not keeping up) with this quick quiz that will put your paying attention skills to the test. I bet you get at least one wrong

38. Do You Know What’s Going on in San Francisco?

See if you really know the pulse of your own city by attempting to answer these current event questions about it. Get all of them right and you’ll have our respect

39. Do You Know About These Historical Figures?

Famous people from the past…we all learned about them at some point, but do you remember them? See how well your brain clock works with this historical figures quiz

40. Do You Really Know About Technology or Have the Times Passed You By?


41. Do You Know the Real Story Behind Holidays?

42. Test your Wall Street knowledge

43. Test your literary knowledge

44. President’s Quiz

45. World leader quiz

46. World War 2 facts quiz

47. Cold War Facts quiz

48. Beer Facts Quiz

49. Wine Facts Quiz

50. Food Facts Quiz

Health and Fitness Quizzes

51. Which diet should you do?

52. Test your survival skills

53. Football Quiz

54. Soccer Quiz

55. How healthy is your diet?

56. What vitamins should you take?

57. Sleep style quiz

58. What’s your gym personality?

59. What’s Your Nutrition I.Q.?

60. Gluten facts quiz

61. Caffeine Quiz

Entertainment Quizzes

62. Which TV show character are you?

63. Hollywood history quiz

64. Movie music quiz

65. World sports quiz

66. Which athlete are you?

67. Video game character quiz

68. Weekly celebrity news quiz

69. Which beer are you?

70. What car should you drive?

Political Quizzes

71. What’s your minimum wage IQ?

72. Which political party are you?

73. Test your congress knowledge

74. Do you know how taxes work?

75. Obama facts quiz

76. Which world leader would be your best friend?

Educational Quizzes:

77. Are you a grammar Nazi?

78. How productive are you?

79. How much do you know about earthquakes?

80. What type of writer are you?

81. Which TV show student are you?

82. Test your excel skills

Blogging Quizzes

83. What’s your Blogging Personality?

Do you share everything or keep it professional? Do you write stream of consciousness or in a calculated manner? These are the types of questions that matter, especially when you spend so much time blogging, because knowing your style helps you focus on what you are best at and therefore create the best possible blog content


84. Are you Promoting Your Blog Correctly?

There are many things you should do to promote your blog. Some of them are super important whereas others are just “nice to haves” See which ones you are doing and what you’re missing from the mix. Who knows, you might find an easy win to get more traffic


85. Do You Really Understand How SEO Works?

Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day. That’s a ridiculous amount of free traffic that could be coming to your site – but do you understand how SEO works well enough to make sure you’re getting your fair share of free customers? take this quiz to find out now


86. Test your 2014 B2B marketing knowledge

87. Are you doing social marketing right?

88. Test your social network IQ

89. Does your brand have personality?

90. What’s your social media personality?

Psychology Quizzes

91. How fast do you learn?

92. How angry do you get?

93. Attention span test

94. What Kind of Business Owner are You?

95. How motivated are you?

Will you stop at nothing? or find a different way when things get tough? Either path is a strong option, but you should know which one is best for you based on who you are as a person. This quiz helps with that, check it out now.

96. What’s Your Creative Style?

We’re all creative in our own ways. You can use your style to become much more of an inventor than you ever thought, but the first step is knowing your style

97. What Type of Entrepreneur are You?

As an innovator it’s incredibly important to know your style because so much of your time is spent working on your own projects, and knowing your style will ensure that you spend time on the right tasks to make the most of your time. Take the quiz to find your style now


98. Are you jealous?

99. How good of a listener are you?

Do you really pay attention when other people are talking? Sort of kidding, but not really. Take this quiz to see if you’re really the listener you were always meant to be

100. How good is your memory?

Good question, right? I can’t be the only one who has always wanted to know if I forget things more than other people (because let’s be real, how many times do you lose track of your thought mid-sentence? probably a lot, right?)

101. What Type of Organizer are You?

Color coordinated? By category? Just not organized? any way you cut it, we all have our own style of keeping things in order. It’s like that old saying “everything’s in its place and there’s a place for everything”

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