3 Examples of Non-Profits Generating Leads and Making Sales Using Quizzes

Check out these 3 examples of non-profits generating leads and making sales through quizzes! Find out how you can use quizzes for your non-profit, too!

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The life of a non-profit marketer is a hard one. It’s not like you can just have a great cause and people will automatically buy what you have or opt-in to receive your newsletter, you still have to do really excellent marketing, and there’s usually not a great budget to work with! It’s not easy.

non-profit quiz examples

We’ve been fortunate to work together with some of the world’s premiere non-profit organizations and been able to put together some truly impressive campaigns for lead generation and actual product sales. (interact offers a 25% discount to all non-profits).

Today I want to highlight three campaigns that really stood out as stellar because of the strategy and execution (not to mention cold-hard results). Let’s follow the journey of these non-profits from ideation to delivery of excellent quizzes.

1. The American Red Cross: Use a quiz to boost donations

Sometimes it just takes some personalization to get people to pony up and donate to truly good causes like The Red Cross. Recently The Red Cross has put a large focus on fire safety and providing relief for victims of fires.

Short aside here, just after The Red Cross released their fire safety quiz we are about to look at there was an explosion and fire at an apartment right next to mine and I realized just how awesome this organization is!

Back to our marketing lesson, lol.

The problem The American Red Cross had to solve is how they would drive traffic, specifically from social media, to a campaign about fire safety. In our society where we don’t worry about bad things until after they happen, fire safety is just not that popular.

However, when you turn the campaign into a quiz format where it says “Find out how you would handle a home fire!” that becomes a whole different issue. Now it’s personal, now I’m involved, now it is urgent.

non-profit donation quiz

At the end of the quiz, there is an assessment of how you scored (of course), along with a link out to donate and educate others as well as help people who suffered home fires already.

non profit quiz results

This link points to a donation page where there is a powerful picture of a pair of shoes. This is an excellent landing page that was designed specifically for the fire campaign.

red cross quiz landing page

How do you use this strategy?

What The Red Cross did was make an important but not very share-able topic into one that excelled on social media by formatting the content into a quiz which is a very personal medium. The same thing can work in a lot of scenarios. We’ve seen “How much do you know about Iran?” for an Iranian social entrepreneurship organization, “Could you survive on a dollar a day?” by Oxfam International, and “Could you make it as a farmer?” by Oxfam as well.

All these quizzes follow the Red Cross format of taking an issue and turning it into a challenge that personally applies to every person who sees it on social media.

2. The World Wildlife Fund: Grow your email list

Everyone says an email list is super valuable and you should always focus on growing your email list. I didn’t really “get” why that was until a few months ago when The World Wildlife Fund put together one of the best quizzes I’ve ever seen and used it to capture leads that were put on an autoresponder that I still look forward to being on today.

It was a couple of weeks before Valentine’s day, and we had several companies setting up campaigns for the holiday. One of the organizations that reached out to formulate a quiz was WWF, and they absolutely nailed it.

valentines's day quiz

The quiz tells you Which animal would be your valentine’s day soulmate, but only after you put in your name and email address (okay, you don’t have to put in your info, it’s optional). This form achieved a 46% conversion rate, and brought in 1,043 new email subscribers. However, that part is not what I find impressive about this quiz.

personality quiz lead capture

What I think is amazing is the way in which WWF builds a relationship with each quiz taker after they’ve left and forgot about it. The first thing they do is send a welcome email that references the quiz itself, and has pictures of animals, and includes a big link to check out more content like the quiz I took.

quiz drip campaign

Then after they send me some more awesome pictures of animals, and information about the species that were in the quiz I took, they send me an offer to get involved by adopting an animal, an animal like my soulmate! Genius. When you’re talking about drip campaigns, this is what you want to do. WWF not only referenced how they got my contact info, but they call me by name, send me entertaining content, and tie the eventual call to action into what I originally subscribed to.

non-profit drip campaign

How to use this method:

WWF used an internal email program to set up their drip campaign, but Interact integrates with most autoresponders so you can collect information and set up campaigns with whatever system you are comfortable with.

3. Girl Scouts of America: Sell Cookies!

It’s often a bit difficult to convey to people exactly what Interact does. However, when I share this Girl Scouts example, something clicks in people’s minds and they instantly “get” it. There’s something about a Girl Scout Cookie quiz that just makes a ton of sense I guess.

girl scout cookie quiz

At the end of the quiz you are told what kind of cookie you are and get a chance to share your result. Not gonna lie, I’m a bit mad that I didn’t get thin mints as my result, but that’s okay, I still have a special place in my heart for Girl Scout Cookies.

girl scout cookies quiz result

How to replicated the Girl Scout Cookies Method:

This kind of personality quiz works for any sort of organization that works with distinct entities. That was an overly fancy way of saying that you need personalities to start with. Amnesty International did “Which Human Rights Activist are You?” which is another adaptation of the same quiz concept.

To wrap things up.

It’s a hard-knock life for the non-profit marketer. Resources are limited and expectations are high. Finding innovative ways to promote your cause is part of your daily life, and quizzes can help.

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