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Quizzes in their own right are pretty useless. All the traffic in the world might make you some quick cash by selling ads, but won’t even begin to build you a sustainable business. Thankfully, we are constantly being impressed by the downright amazing ways in which Interact customers are using quizzes to build up their businesses. Let’s dive right in and look at how you can ensure ROI from your quiz.

1. Personalize your blog content. If you blog regularly, you know just how quickly content gets lost. Once that post falls off the home page, it’s pretty much gone forever unless it ranks well for obscure search terms. However, if you are anything like me, each blog post requires hours of work and a huge time investment, it’s a shame to let that go to waste, especially if those posts are nicely set up for lead generation and feed right into your funnel., one of the most delectable food blogs on the whole internet, came up with a clever way to resurrect excellent posts. They run fun quizzes like “What after school snack are you?” where the results include Fudgsicles. This seems like just another goofy quiz, but in reality, the quizzes are designed to highlight blog posts that include recipes for each result – genius.

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2. Delight your own employees. We spend so much time creating content for prospective customers we’ve never met, but how much time do we put into creating content that is meant to simply bring joy to our own employees? Ericcson, a giant telecommunications company that knows the value of excellent employees, decided to run an entire campaign directed at its own talent.

Titled “Which strategy hero are you?” the quiz highlights internal wellness programs by helping people find their strengths and then providing opportunities to grow in those areas using company-sponsored workshops – genius.

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3. To comment on trending topics. An unknown source created a quiz about a political scandal, and found themselves getting retweets from a slew of journalists, including Rachel Maddow.

rachel maddow


The quiz itself racked up 3500 views in a day and built up links from the Washington Post, The Times Herald, and several other top-tier news outlets. Now I commented in the start of this article on how I wanted to point out examples of quizzes being used in non-fleeting ways, and this example seems to contradict that. However, there are always current events, so creating quizzes about them is a repeatable use-case…genius.

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