3 Small Changes for a 100% Increase in Conversions

Looking for an increase in conversions for your business? Check out these 3 small changes you can make afor 100% increase in conversions!

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This week I had the privilege of working with a nationally recognized car service brand on a quiz to grow their email list and drive traffic into physical stores. (I’ve greyed out the name for respect to privacy). The quiz was “Which Classic Car are You?” and it’s being promoted solely through Facebook advertising.

We went through three revisions this week, taking the overall conversion rate (views to new leads) from 11.4% to 22.9%. That’s over a 100% increase in conversions. This was a three-step process, let’s break it down.

#1: Removing the “skip”

The first thing we tried was removing the “skip” option from the quiz. Since this quiz is meant to grow the company’s email list, and there’s not a lot of value to having more people complete the quiz, it made sense to make this jump. This immediately spiked the conversion rate by 40%.


#2: Creating a sense of urgency

The second test was to try and create a sense of urgency. Instead of saying “Enter your information to see your results,” we switched it to “Calculating your results…Enter your email to instantly learn which classic car you are” which makes it feel much more immediate and necessary than just an option.

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#3: Addressing the person directly

The final thing we did was change the submit button from saying “See Your Results” to “Show Me Which Classic Car I Am.” This change made it so that the button actually reflects the subject of the quiz instead of just being general. This personalized CTA increased conversions by almost 20%.



In Conclusion:

It doesn’t take much to increase a conversion rate, and although half of this increase did come from eliminating the “skip” option, we still made a ton of headway after that by editing the text on the form. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these findings, and hopefully you can apply them to your own forms.

Make a Quiz for Conversions for Free