3 Types of Quizzes You Can Make for Your Book Using ChatGPT

A lead-generating quiz is a fantastic introduction to your book, whether it’s brand new or it has been out for a while. The toughest decision lies in choosing the right quiz type. Let’s discuss three different quizzes you can make for your book and how to brainstorm ideas using ChatGPT.  

Before InteractAI, we’d advise you to set a twenty-minute timer and brainstorm a collection of quiz ideas to generate leads for your book. Now, with ChatGPT, you can cut that time down to one minute! Once you have quiz ideas, you can create alternate versions and ultimately end with your new quiz title.

Imagine what you could do with all that extra time! Let’s get to brainstorming.

Benefits of Generating Leads for Your Book

First, understand why you want to generate leads for your book (even if it’s been published for some time now). Like other parts of marketing in online business, you’ll learn more about your audience while promoting your book at scale. Generating leads will help you:

  1. Grow your email list
  2. Increase engagement and interaction with your brand
  3. Segment your leads for future releases

Understanding how your audience connects with your book is important for marketing it. You can personalize your messaging with specific attributes/characters, story/plot lines, and the quiz-taker’s knowledge of your world. 

For example, take the Harry Potter series. “Which Hogwarts House are you?” is a timeless and age-old quiz to market mass merchandise and apply the story to an entire generation’s personalities and lifestyles (I’m a Slytherin!). 

Alternatively, Jenna Kutcher used her quiz, “Who are you, really?” to flow with the messaging of her new book release, How are you, really? 

Jenna’s quiz is powerful for people who have read the book. Plus, it helps people who haven’t read it yet connect to its messaging. Each unique quiz result incorporates specific excerpts from her book and encourages her audience to get their own copy or select it for a book club.

3 Types of Quizzes You Can Make for Your Book

Choosing the right quiz type depends on your goals. Start by considering why you’re generating leads and what value your quiz will offer your audience. 

You can make three types of quizzes for your book: 

  1. Personality quiz 
  2. eCommerce quiz 
  3. Trivia quiz

Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes are the most common for all industries because it’s easier for customers to connect when it feels personal. Like Harry Potter and Jenna Kutcher’s quizzes, this style attaches a persona or character to quiz-takers. 

For example, classifying as a Slytherin means someone is ambitious, resourceful, determined, and clever. These are attributes I might already know about myself; however, now, I’ve connected to this brand because they’ve also recognized me through a quiz.

Quiz Idea: Which [book title] character are you? 

Product Recommendation (eCommerce) Quiz

Product Recommendation quizzes are similar to personality quizzes in that you can use personas to classify your audience. The difference is where you lead them next.

For example, a personality quiz might lead your audience to the same goal: book sales. Product recommendation quizzes work well if you have multiple books, merchandise, live events, etc. Use a production recommendation quiz to lead your customers to different calls to action. 

Quiz Ideas: Which [insert products] is best for you? What [insert products] do you need to transform?

Trivia Quiz

Trivia quizzes are a wonderful way to engage your audience by tapping into their knowledge about your book—especially if they’re die-hard fans! This works well for both storytelling books and coaching books. The tricky part is what the trivia is about.

An inspirational mindset book should focus on the topic or transformation, and a fiction book should focus on the plot or characters. For example, I’m currently reading Atomic Habits. A great quiz topic for this book would be “How much do you know about breaking habits?” or “How much do you know about building good habits?” rather than “How much do you know about Atomic Habits?”

Alternatively, a Hunger Games quiz title might look like, “How much do you know about surviving the Hunger Games?” or switch it up with, “Would you survive the Hunger Games? Test your survival knowledge.”

Quiz Ideas: How much do you know about [book topic]? How much do you know about [book character]? How much do you know about [book title/plot]?

Brainstorm Quiz Ideas Using ChatGPT

Now that we know the three quiz types you can make for your book, let’s jump into ChatGPT and brainstorm ideas. The ChatGPT prompt will work best if you have supporting text from your book included when you run it. This requires one of these things: actual text from your book, at least one chapter that highlights key takeaways, your book introduction, or a summary.

However, there is a catch! ChatGPT allows about twenty thousand characters at a time. Therefore, use ChatGPT to summarize text from your book to keep the prompt at or below twenty thousand characters.

Finally, run the following prompt to brainstorm ideas for your book!

Read this text.

[insert text from book, i.e. chapter of book highlighting key takeaways, book intro, or book summary] 

First, identify a few primary themes of the text and remember it, but don’t print it out. The themes are not the title of the text but what it’s actually talking about. 

Then, propose quiz titles that would fit the primary themes of the text. Provide three options for quiz titles from the “Personality Title Options” titles and three options for quiz titles from the “Assessment Title Options” titles. Follow the output format below. 

Output format. (do not print anything else)

Quiz title options:

1. [Title]
2. [Title]
3. [Title]
4. [Title]
5. [Title]
6. [Title]

Personality Title Options

What type of a (topic) are you?
What is your (topic) personality?
What is causing you to (topic)?
What is holding you back from (topic)?
What is blocking you from (blank)?
How (blank) are you?
Do you have what it takes to (blank)?
What’s your (blank) formula?
What kind of (topic) should you be?

Assessment Title Options

How (behavioral attribute related to topic) are you?
Are you a (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
What’s your level of (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
Do you have (behavioral attribute related to topic)?
Are your (effect of topic on individual) playing a role in (aspect of life)?
Are you ready to (behavior change related to attribute)?

Once you have a solid quiz topic and title, run a prompt to make a quiz with ChatGPT so you can effortlessly copy and paste the copy into Interact’s quiz builder. Or request an InteractAI quiz and let us do the heavy building for you!

Wrap-Up on 3 Types of Quizzes You Can Make for Your Book Using ChatGPT

A lead-generating quiz is a fantastic introduction to your book, but choosing the right quiz type is the toughest decision. You can make three types of quizzes for your book using ChatGPT: a personality quiz, a product recommendation quiz, or a trivia quiz.

Then, use ChatGPT to generate quiz ideas and help you brainstorm within a minute. First, summarize long text from your book to fit the character limit. Lastly, run the prompt we created to generate new quiz ideas!

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