3 Ways to Share Your Quiz Results

Let’s discuss the various ways to share quiz results with your leads and the benefits of each method. Whether you prefer sharing your results immediately or via email, we’ve got you covered. 

Find out which method works best for you and boost engagement with high-quality leads!

The 3 ways to share your quiz results 

There are three options when it comes to sharing quiz results with your quiz-takers: 

  1. Immediate display 
  2. Email 
  3. Combination of both

There’s no right or wrong answer on how you should share your quiz results with your leads. We suggest going with your gut—you can always change your mind later. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of sending your results via email!

Benefits of sending quiz results via email

There are two potential benefits of using email:

  1. Your audience will have the information and value you’re sending them in their inbox, which they can refer to anytime.
Refer back to their result anytime
  1. Your leads will need to check their email and make sure that you’re not showing up in their spam—a great way to teach your leads to start opening your emails. 
Get out of their spam

Important side note: While there are great benefits to sending results via email, customers can feel tricked into giving up their email address if you don’t show them their results right away. 

Benefits of displaying results immediately

There are two potential benefits of showing your quiz results right away: 

  1. Your leads get to know, like, and trust you much faster. If they like what they see from your quiz results, they will likely stick around and engage with you to get more great content, advice, and offerings.
They'll know, like, and trust you
  1. You’re giving your leads a choice to be on your list. This will usually result in higher-quality leads who subscribe. 
Higher-quality leads

Once you decide how you’ll show your quiz-takers their results, it’s time to set up your quiz result pages in Interact.

Creating results that quiz-takers will see right away

To show your quiz-takers their quiz results right away, you’ll need to create quiz result pages

Here’s where you want to wow your quiz-takers with the valuable information they seek. 

This could include what their result means, why they got their result, what they should do next, and resources to support them. 

First, create your quiz results in your Interact account.  

Next, turn on lead generation to start collecting emails from your quiz-takers: 

Interact quiz builder navigation menu pointing to "Lead generation"

This will allow someone to subscribe to your quiz after they’ve answered your quiz questions. 

Here is an image of what a possible result could look like: 

Example of a results page with Result title, image, and description

Once you’ve connected your email marketing system, go ahead and publish your quiz to start sharing it with your audience. 

Final screen before quiz goes live, pointing to "publish changes" button

If you need help making a quiz, head over to ai.tryinteract.com, and we will build a quiz for you.

That’s it! Once you publish your quiz, quiz-takers will answer your questions and see the result that makes the most sense for them. This is how you can immediately share valuable information and insights with your quiz leads. 

So, what if you want to send those results via email? 

Send quiz results via email 

The last of the 3 ways to share your quiz results is when you prefer to email your quiz-takers their results. To do so, you’ll want to add a thank you or preview message instead of including all of the information on the quiz result pages. 

Example of thank you page as the result shown to quiz takers

This will let them know to check their inbox to get their result. 

Pro tip: If you want to show quiz-takers their result immediately and email them the full report, create quiz result pages and let them know you’ve also emailed a full copy to their inbox. 

Information on next steps for thank you page example

To capture your quiz-takers’ emails, turn on Lead Generation. Make sure you are tagging people or segmenting them based on their result so you can send them the correct email. 

Once you publish your quiz, someone will answer your questions and immediately see the result. Remember, the quiz result page will tell them to check their email. 

In the backend, Interact sends your quiz lead to your email marketing system, which sends the full quiz result email (or sequence). This is how you send their result via email. 

Technical setup in your email marketing system

Once you decide how to deliver results to your quiz leads, you’ll need to build out your result pages or emails that include the quiz result information. 

When that’s ready, connect your Interact account to your email marketing system. If you’re sending an email with the quiz result, make sure you’re tagging your quiz leads with the result they got so you can send the proper email. 

You can use that tag to automatically send the quiz result email to your lead right after they finish the quiz! 

Here’s the step-by-step process for our most popular email systems: 

Integration screen in Interact quiz builder

Direct integrations:

Zapier integrations:

If you’re using a different email system, choose your provider from this list and follow the integration instructions. 


Remember, there is no right or wrong way to send your quiz-takers their results. In the 3 ways to share your quiz results, you can send quiz results right away to establish a connection that keeps your quiz lead engaged while sending quiz results via email gives the quiz lead something to review and return to over time. Sending results via email also helps ensure your emails don’t show up in your lead’s spam folders. 

Either way, you can always change your setup later. It’s essential you launch your quiz and make it visible to your ideal customers, so I recommend choosing the easiest option right now and optimizing your setup as you test out your quiz. Try out a quiz for yourself at ai.tryinteract.com, and we will build a quiz for you!

Editor’s note: This article was originally a transcript reworked by Sophia Stone, Interact Marketing Intern

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