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The ever-elusive lead, chased by all web marketers with varying ranges of success. When the old methods get tired, here are a few more to try.

1. Quizzes: Have a 50% conversion rate and are fun for the visitor


excel quiz


2. Slideshare: Allows lead gen through paid plans



3. Industry Reports: Purchase from Forrester or IBIS and set up a paywall

industry report

4. Educational Email Series: Weekly emails that go in-depth on a tough subject to master

saas marketing bundle

5. A Downloadable Kit: The physical lead-gen product

draft kit

6. Free Consultation: Make yourself the product


7. Free Samples: Trader Joe’s does it, so can your website

free sample

8. Produce a Video Series: Like a TV show for your website

video marketing series

9. Host a Webinar: Obama’s doing it so why shouldn’t you?

obama hanougt

10. Free Guide: Make a complicated task simple and get leads in return

free guide

11. Give away your time: Collect leads through meetings


12. Performance Guide/Website Analyzer: Run a scan in return for a lead

performance guide

13. Contests: Give things away

contest domination

14. Twitter Cards: Still somewhat unknown, twitter has a lead generation option

twitter lead capture

15. HelloBar: A neat plugin that interrupts in an ever-so-subtle way


16. Drip: A popup that’s not super annoying


17. Gated Video: Create premium video content


18. Free Tool: Something simple but effective will do

free tool   19. Custom Landing Pages: Set up multiple to test them against each other Time to implement: 30 minutes Effectiveness: 6/10 Recommended tool: Unbounce unbounce

20. Coupons: Yes they have been around forever, and yes they still work

21. Scarcity: There’s only one left, and you have to opt-in to get it!

22. Static Positioning: Make the signup form follow the user, not difficult, but it works.



23. Use Unbounce: Seriously, they just keep getting better and better at generating leads

unbounce (1)


24. Social Hub CTA’s: Honestly haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks pretty sweet! From uberflip


25. Make a target: Literally come up with a person who is an ideal customer

ideal target

26. Use Triggers in Calls-To-Action

Here’s a guide on how that works.

trigger marketing


27. Photo Testimonials are Still Very Effective

Old school is good sometimes. Faces with glowing reviews still work.



28. Ask for less things

Why do you need a button for every social network that has ever existed?

less things

29. Talk directly to visitors

Not like those terrible walk-onto-the-screen cutouts that are super annoying, but videos speaking direct.

wine library

30. Use relevant trust seals

RELEVANT – flashing a techcrunch logo on a sales page for enterprise security software doesn’t do much more most people.

trust seals


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