4 Easy Ways To Get Your Quiz in Front of More People

Quizzes are a great way to engage your audience, so here are four ways to get your quiz in front of more people!

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One of the biggest questions I try to answer when I am creating a quiz is first how do I get it in front of people then how do I get it in front of more people. Why is this important? Well, the reason it is important may be obvious, but the more people who take the quiz, the more data you have to understand your users, and also the more people that take the quiz, the more email subscribers that you have and can share the content.

Before I dive into how to get your quiz in front of more users, I want to go back to emphasize that one should consider whether there quiz is fully optimized by reading this series and they should also make sure that there articles are mistake free by reading this. The worst thing that can happen is that you create a quiz that creates biased data or you create a quiz that is fundamentally broken, so you cannot actually gain any users from it.

Let’s jump into 5 easy ways to get your quiz in front of more people.

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 Free Social Media

Most individuals know about promoting their quiz to existing users, but how do you uncap the market for non-existing users without paying. Here’s where I have had the most success:

  1. Facebook Groups: Firstly, it’s important to understand who you are targeting. Once you’ve done so, find affinity groups that meet those criteria. I would not promote starting by sending out your quiz, but start by building relationships and getting to know the folks on the group. You can do this by answering questions and building a reputation by showing you care about the affinity and also about helping the individuals in the group. Once you’ve done started this process, you can introduce your quiz and what you are about. You do not have to build a relationship with everyone in the group, but active users will see you contributing and know that you are not just there to post your quiz and get email subscribers.

  2. Targeted Hashtags: Utilizing hashtags to promote information can be essential to help build a following. The key before doing any of this is to make sure that you have great and original content you are sharing. If you are sharing something on Instagram, make sure the picture is high quality and the blurb is adding value to someone’s life instead of just being about promoting your quiz. You’d be surprised by how many followers you can have by creating great content.

  3. Forums: Answering questions and becoming an expert in such places as Quora or Reddit can help people realize you are an expert in a specific field.  To do this, I would find the most pressing questions that people are asking and answer those questions. Many other folks will have that same question, and you can get a lot of readers and visitors to those answered questions. On Quora for example, you can see how many people requested a question to be answered. Focus on quality over quantity, and I would advise not to answer a question that already has a stellar answer.  For example, in just the last year, I received over 1100 views on Quora from a few answers that took around 1-2 hours of my time in total.

statistics from Quora answer

Paid Social Media:

Before you go through any paid advertising, you should understand what monetary value you gain from a user and then understand what your budget is for acquiring users on paid. You must also realize that paid users could act differently than free users, so that is an important consideration as you may actually get more email subscribers from one version to another.

The key for paid social media is to really understand who your target market is because you can end up spend endless amount of money targeting the wrong user. To understanding this information, I would look at your current user base demographics and also look at the demographics of other folks in affinity groups that you are targeting.

Free Search:

Free search can be challenging, depending on which search terms you are going after. Before you do this, I would highly recommend to find a product that allows you to really dig into the data such as ahrefs.com. This site is powerful to help you understand how difficult it is to rank for a specific search term. It will also provide alternatives that will be helpful.

Also, it’s extremely important to get linked up with Google Search Console or a similar program to see how many organic clicks you are getting and for what search terms.

Below is a screenshot that shows our organic search volume over the last 6 months:

line graph showing organic growth over time

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 Paid Search

Paid search can be an extremely effective means to produce high quality results at a low cost. That said, handle paid search with care. You can spend far too much money and not get good or relevant results, meaning that it’s easy to brush off or not consider it as a good option. I would also recommend to start small and then work your way up once you are starting to see relevancy results.

What I would suggest if you are looking at paid search is to test a marketing solution such as Ahrefs, or Moz, or something similar and find the search terms of other companies in your space that are relevant for you.

From there, try to understand how many clicks you will have to pay until you receive new email subscribers from you quiz. Make sure you understand what the email subscriber is worth to you, and set a limit for that amount.

Once you begin using paid search, you will get stats that look similar to the following:

chart showing paid search results

A couple important points to note:

  1. Click through rate is important because it shows how relevant your ad is to your audience. We have ranges for terms, but the higher the better.

  2. The conversion rate is obviously important, and it will be a little time to get that setup, but you need it because you can then measure how much you are paying for each individual who takes your quiz and signs up for your newsletter.


There are many different ways to get your quiz in front of more people. The greatest success that we have had through reaching our ideal audience is through free social media, paid social media, free search, and paid search. Each has its own pros and cons, and hopefully this article provides some insights that are helpful to move you in the right direction.

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