4 Spectacular Lead Capture Quizzes

Check out these fabulous examples of lead capture quizzes people have built with Interact. Then make a quiz for yourself!

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1. Which Powerful Woman are You? by BOOM! by Cindy Joseph.

What makes this quiz so special is the relevant use of celebrity to make something really intriguing. Everyone, woman or man, would of course like to know which Powerful Woman they are, so this is a quiz that stands out on social media, even when put up against cat pictures 🙂

It’s connected up to marketing automation and collects email addresses.

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2. Artist, Manager, or Entrepreneur? by Tony Robbins.

I like this one because it shows Tony Robbins is thinking about real problems his target audience is facing. What I mean is that business owners are often faced with the difficult question of how to spend their time, and a quiz like this helps you identify your biggest area of strength so you can focus on it.

It’s connected up to marketing automation and collects names and email addresses.

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3. What Would You Do If You Were a Refugee? by The United Nations Refugee Agency

I’ve been pulling for this quiz to be built for a long time, and am so happy it got made. Refugees face such a messed up situation after escaping horrific situations, and this quiz helps the general population understand the plight faced by these people as they search for a new life.

The quiz is connected up to a CRM and collects names, emails, and phone numbers.

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4. Test Your Knowledge About Plastic Pollution. by The Plastic Pollution Coalition

This is a classic example of creating an assessment based on a controversial issue. This works well because controversy is highly share-able and very engaging through social. It’s a great way to get people engaged with your mission (in this case reducing plastic pollution).

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