4 Types of Welcome Emails Every Ecommerce Store Should Send

Wanting to reach potential customers for your business? Check out 4 types of welcome emails every e-commerce store should send!

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Note: This post is written by our friends over at Klaviyo. They’re part of the next wave of intelligent email automation systems and have some excellent insights, read on!

Once you collect a new lead, welcome emails are the first point of contact. As such, they are a key component of any email marketing strategy. You want to put your best foot forward, after all, and introducing subscribers to your brand is the first step after getting them to sign up. Welcome emails are especially important for ecommerce stores, since they increase brand awareness and act as your first opportunity to display your product catalog. They also have an average open rate of around 50%, which is nearly double that of typical campaigns. Needless to say, they present a key marketing opportunity. Below, I’ll outline the four emails that every ecommerce store should send.

1. Short Intro with Key Points

TS Welcome Email.png

The main objective of a short intro email is to include as much necessary information as possible in a concise a way as possible. Use a short introductory email if you have a very clear idea of the action you would like your new subscribers to take once they open it. These emails should be hyper-focused, so they work best if you have one prominent call to action, like Taylor Stitch has. New subscribers shouldn’t have to look at the email for more than a few seconds to understand your message.

With your call to action, include a link that leads to the page you’re trying to direct new subscribers to. This may be a product page, your website’s homepage, a login page, or anything else. Make sure you set your call to action apart visually by making it a button or image.

2. Bestselling or Trending Products

mvmt welcome email.png

Think of the products you display in your welcome email as the front window of your ecommerce shop. Like retail stores, display either your newest or your most popular products to try to draw potential customers inside. MVMT does this by making their products prominent in their welcome email. Since you won’t have any prior purchase data on new subscribers, maximize the chance that they’ll see something they like by featuring trending or bestselling products in your welcome emails.

To add to the social proof of your products, include product reviews, testimonials, or influencer endorsements. Introduce new subscribers to your company by showing them positive feedback from existing customers. Then, they will be more likely to trust the quality of your products. Also include links to your social media so new subscribers can follow you and see what others are saying about your company.

3. Product Gallery

BucketFeet Welcome Email.png

A gallery email is similar to a bestselling products email, since its primary focus is to display your most compelling products. That said, a gallery email should contain more products — between six and nine — and give a more comprehensive view of your company’s product catalog. If you sell men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, for instance, display new or popular items from each category, like BucketFeet did.

It’s important to show your new subscribers fresh content in your welcome series, so If you send a gallery email in addition to a bestselling products email, make sure there isn’t any overlap in the products you show.

4. “Getting Started”

Huckberry Welcome Email.png

A “Getting Started” email should contain all the necessary tools that a new subscriber needs to become better acquainted with your brand. For this reason, these emails work well when they are laid out in a step-by-step list or other linear format. This makes it easy for new subscribers to follow along and process the information you give them.

The above email from Huckberry is a great example of a “Getting Started” email done right. They lay out each step they would like their new subscribers to take and make it incredibly easy to do each one.


Sending a welcome series is the first, critical step after you collect a new email address, so make sure you use an email marketing platform like Klaviyo that can send a welcome series automatically. If you don’t take advantage of this initial opportunity, you’re leaving money on the table. Use Klaviyo with a software like Interact, which will allow you to segment your new subscribers right off the bat. The more data you can collect the better, and Interact will allow you to gather a ton of information on your new subscribers. This way, you can deliver highly relevant emails to everyone who signs up to hear from you. To learn more about welcome series emails or how to use Klaviyo, visit our blog at www.klaviyo.com/blog.

Free Live Training! How to Generate Leads Using Quizzes. Click here to claim your spot

Make a Quiz for Your E-Commerce Store

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