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Creating awesome content for Ecommerce sites can be difficult. If you just talk about the products all the time, that’s super boring, but if you don’t, then your content won’t deliver the results that it should. One solution that bridges the gap – meaning that it is good content but also talks about the products, is an Ecommerce quiz. Check out these four companies that used quizzes effectively on their sites.

1. Which Hookah are You? From Hookah and Shisha. This massive online store is the Amazon of Hookah, they have hundreds of different products. I’ll admit I don’t know much about Hookah, but their quiz is pretty convincing. At the end I’m told which kind of Hookah I am along with a link to buy the product.

How it drives sales: With so many products in the arsenal, and an audience that doesn’t know a lot about Hookah, it’s difficult for Hookah and Shisha to provide relevant product suggestions without some kind of tool like a quiz. Using the quiz, Hookah and Shisha can now offer up personalized product recommendations to every website visitor.



2. What’s Your Skin Type? From Besskincare: Do you have oily or dry skin? A good question that a lot of people want the answer to. Using quasi-scientific methods, Beskincare created a quiz to find out what skin type you are. It’s simple enough, with ten questions that ask about your habits and condition, resulting in your skin type answer.

How it generates sales: At the end of the quiz, each quiz taker is presented with a skin type and a matching product recommendation that can help with their condition. For dry skin there is a moisturizing blend, for oily skin, a drying blend. These product links go to pages where the personalized product recommendation can be purchased.

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Free Live Training! How to Generate Leads Using Quizzes. Click here to claim your spot

3. Which Protein Powder are You? From Fuelplus With ten kinds of protein powder and an uneducated audience, there was a natural opportunity for FuelPlus to create fun content that’s educational and generates revenue. Their Protein powder quiz is great fun, I mean, who doesn’t want to find out if they are berry flavored or cookies and cream?

How it makes money: Fuelplus not only provides a link to buy the protein powder you are most like, but they also offer a 30% discount to try it out.


4. How Much do You know About Wire? From Clark Wire and Cable. This is my favorite example on this list simply for its originality. Clark Wire and Cable is an old business that does great work wiring houses for speakers and such. It’s not exactly riveting stuff. They created an awesome quiz testing people on their knowledge of wire and cable, which sounds a bit elementary but is actually quite fun.

How it makes money: The quiz gives people a score of how well they did (how much they know about wire) and then promotes the Clark Wire and Cable products available for home projects. These products can be bought directly through a link.


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