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By publisher I mean really anyone who is creating and distributing content. I know that’s not a very precise definition of publisher, but it serves a purpose here. I want to throw some ideas out there on ways to use quizzes in your line of work. The reason being that I get a lot of inquiries about what kinds of quizzes content producers should be making and I want to provide some resources.

1. Create a quiz for your book. Author Coreene Callahan has written quite a few books, and she uses quizzes to promote them in places like the USA Today. Books and movies are the perfect candidates for personality quizzes because the characters in the stories serve as your personality types. All you really have to do is correlate some questions to the personalities and you’re done.

usa today

2. Forbes college quiz. At this point college quizzes are a bit cliche, but that must mean they’re still effective. Forbes put together this awesome quiz that helps you pick a region and type of school you should attend, and then links the quiz out to their college adviser tool, which has been a staple on their site for a long time running. This example, like the book one above, is a method of promoting a product with a quiz.

ideal campus

3. ABC15 Arizona Quiz News site ABC 15 Phoenix decided to have a little fun with their audience by determining which city people should live in. ABC 15 is constantly reporting on different cities throughout the state and using a quiz to guide people to one is an excellent use of material.

The method they used is guiding people to a specific area. I’ve seen this method used for tourism a lot, as well as for hotel and hostel websites.

4. Kansas City Public Library Slow clap for a public library embracing technology… Really though we love that a public institution is using the fun value of quizzes to promote reading. Their quiz helps people determine which genre of literature they belong in and then links to pages on the KCKPL website where people can learn more and order books.


It’s honestly a great idea and the quiz itself is excellently executed (lots of images and fun wording). They used a simple method which is to find various categories within your product offering and build a quiz to help people find one that’s right for them (in this case genres of books).

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