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We always love seeing the new and creative ways people find to use interactive content on their sites. Driving engagement is hard to do, and it takes creativity to get it right. We’ve highlighted five of our favorites when it comes to interactive content spicing up a site.

1. Using it as a landing page: MarkHarai.com used a quiz to draw readers in right from the beginning. Landing pages are a hard thing, get it right and the results are great, but get it wrong and the negatives can go just as far the other way. Using a quiz right up front is a bold move, but so far it’s working out well.


on home page


2. After a post: One of the most difficult things to do on a blog is get people to read more than one post. The average number of pageviews across all blogs is somewhere around 1.5, meaning that not many people really dig around sites. Adding a quiz to the end of a post creates a natural transition into the next piece of content.


after post


3. As a way to spice up the sidebar: The blog sidebar is a tough piece of real estate to get right. Too many distractions, and it degrades from your content, not enough, and your engagement falls. A quiz is a happy medium because it opens in a lightbox and doesn’t actually cause a visitor to leave whatever page they are on.


organized quiz

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