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Take a look at these two titles.

1. “Test your color skills”

2. “How much do you actually know about color?”

Which would you be more likely to click on if it showed up on your facebook feed? I’d go with the second, and so would a lot of other people. You see, the “actually” title is one of our top ten best performing quiz title templates and is a sure-fire way to make sure you don’t go creating a mediocre quiz.

Based on research done on Interact quizzes which have received over 2 million views, we’ve come up with the top five quiz titles that work every time, here they are.

1. The comparison title. “Who said it, ISIS or Hamas?” a quiz created in response to middle east conflict, has garnered more than 11,000 views and prompted tweets from the Israel embassy in New York and generals commanding troops in that region.

In the quiz a statement is presented and then quiz takers are asked to identify which group it comes from.

who said it

“Can you tell which diet is real?” is a quiz created to help raise nutrition awareness. In the quiz a diet is described in detail and the quiz takers are asked to identify if the diet is real or a spoof. It’s surprisingly difficult, and people enjoyed sharing their scores on Facebook and twitter along with their amusing responses to the ridiculous diets that actually do exist.

2. Which (blank) are you? “Which birthday cake are you?” is one of several quizzes created by the site Food52, and they have yet to get any less than 10,000 visits per quiz. They always create some variation of the “Which (blank) are you?” title and have had great success with it.


This title template is the most versatile of any, you can take virtually any set of products (like cake recipes) or people (like famous human rights activists) and create a quiz to find out which one you are most like. You’ll want to start with the personality quiz template to make this happen and build the “personalities” as whatever you choose to put in there.

3. The celebrity title

Like it or not, you have heard of celebrities. They inundate our very lives and are a constant presence, reminding us that there are people in the world who are much more rich and famous than we could ever realistically be. What that means is that we project ourselves onto celebrities, we identify with them and see a reflection of our own personality in famous people.

which celebrity

That’s why celebrity comparison quizzes work so well. Take for example “Which celebrity should play you in a movie version of your life?” this is a goofy quiz, but it works very well.

You can apply celebrities to virtually anything, “Which celebrity hairstyle should you have?” “Which celebrity coffee drink should you have?” celebrity quizzes boil down to personality quizzes with famous people inserted.

4. The “actually title”

“Which American City Should You Actually Live In?” is a quiz that in one version or another has gone viral many times over. The concept is simple, start with a personality quiz or a multiple choice quiz and add the word “actually.” It sounds stupid to create an entire template based off of adding one word, but when you think about the concept, it makes sense.


Adding actually turns your quiz into a challenge instead of just a normal personality or knowledge quiz. You are making your content more abrasive, which is what entertainment is all about.

5. Can we guess your? title

“Is your diet too restrictive?” is a quiz that exploded in popularity because it makes a prediction about the quiz taker. We all are a bit narcissistic and want to learn more about ourselves, so making a quiz that “reads” people is an awesome play.

You have to be careful with this type of quiz, making false predictions about people can backfire if your predictions are mean or negative. Try to remain honest, but don’t by any means be negative.



That’s it, these five kinds of titles account for a majority of all traffic going to Interact quizzes. Get started by making a quiz or visit our learning center for more information on quiz building.

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