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The quiz is the new list post. Quizzes are taking the web by storm and driving hundreds of millions of visits each month. We love quizzes because they are addicting, but there are reasons to never put one on your site.

  1. You don’t want to connect with visitors: Maybe you just aren’t that into your website visitors. You don’t want to go beyond the most basic of interactions that occur when they come and read your articles and buy your products. The idea of a conversation lasting longer than a few minutes is actually one of your biggest fears. When strangers come up to you at conferences, you have panic attacks and your worst nightmare is a world in which everyone is friendly and you get an opportunity to create a connection with your neighbors.
  2. Growing your email list is not important: You’re content with the subscribers you already have. Sure, you could get more and make more money and be more successful, but why would you want that? When collecting leads in a quiz, 50% of quiz takers will opt-in to your list. However, why would you want people to be on your list? That means more obligations to stay in touch with those people, develop long-term relationships, and potentially have them become your customers.
  3. The idea of “fun” kind of makes you sick: The internet was made for the sharing of knowledge, not some stupid quiz. Every post or article on your site has a distinct and scientific reason for being there, and quizzes would just ruin that. You are old school and set in your ways. If your writing is understandable to anyone with less than a college education, something is wrong.
  4. You don’t like your posts being shared: You are a private person, that’s why you are publicly sharing your knowledge online… Twitter and Facebook are ruining the world, people should just mind their own business. You like the way things are and would never want more people to find your website.
  5. You like to avoid traffic on your site: Going back to the previous point, you are a private person. The more traffic on your site the more people who could potentially bother you and want to give you their money. Last year, the most viewed articles on both the New York Times and Time Magazine was some kind of quiz, and that just isn’t for you.

In the off-chance you aren’t convinced by this post, create a quiz here.

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