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At Interact we really enjoy working with non-profits. We go so far as to offer a 50% discount to any non-profit organization who works with us. Specifically in the social justice arena, there is so much that non-profit organizations do that is simply irreplaceable, and any day we can help further their missions is a good day.

Today I’ve put together a list of our favorite non-profit quiz implementations, with a specific focus on which quizzes performed best on Facebook (the top traffic referrer for quizzes). Let’s dive in and see what we can learn – all the quizzes are embedded in this post so you can check them out.

1. United Nations World Health Organization

This quiz has an amazing mission. The United Nations works hard to make people’s lives better around the world, and one of their initiatives through the World Health Organization is to promote breastfeeding as a healthy option for newborns. Obviously this is a polarizing subject, so what better way to break the ice than with a fun quiz?

Titled “How much do you know about breastfeeding?” this quiz is a non-confrontational way to get people talking about breastfeeding and I think they did an excellent job of it.

Quiz stats:

Facebook interactions (likes + shares + comments): 2,300

Views: 7,000


2. American Red Cross

This particular quiz actually has a very strong personal impact on me. You see, this quiz was released just a few days before an apartment right next to the one where I live exploded from a drug lab disaster, which resulted in a fire and huge damage to property. The Red Cross was on the scene within an hour, offering housing and food to displaced families, and it was truly beautiful.

The American Red Cross does amazing work, and they rely on donations for their primary source of funding, just like most non-profits, and if quizzes can help spread the word, then I am 100% percent behind it.

This is one of a series of quizzes the organization has done, and each one highlights a critical issue – “Are you prepared for a home fire?” “Do you really know how to swim?” just to name a few. These quizzes perform very well on social media, as they have a fun/challenging aspect to them in addition to the obvious important message.

Quiz stats:

Facebook interactions: 950

Views: 6,500

3. Oxfam International

Another quiz that really makes you think “Could you make it as a farmer?.” With the globalization of farming, many family-owned farms are left with few options when it comes to making a living wage, and this quiz highlights just how crucial that issue is. Because of the shock it provides for many people, the quiz ended up getting shared a lot and people voiced their opinions in the Facebook comments.

Quiz stats:

Facebook interactions: 1,744

Views: 11,000

4. Amnesty International

This group does so much good work around the world that it’s difficult to narrow down just one area to really focus on and feel a connection to as a person who is looking to potentially donate. One way Amnesty is negating that issue is by creating quizzes such as “Which social justice advocate are you?” Just like the popular Facebook personality quizzes that ask which Taylor Swift song you are, this quiz has the appeal and share-ability that quizzes can offer, but it also has a very strong message attached to it.

Quiz stats:

Facebook interactions: 2,789

Views: 22,000

5. World Vision

I saved the best for last. I’ve known about and supported World Vision in some capacity for my entire life, and was overjoyed when they created a few quizzes to help bring awareness to their cause. World Vision took a similar strategy to Amnesty International, helping people get plugged in by making a quiz that pairs them with a particular social justice advocate somewhere in the world.

Quiz stats:

Facebook interactions: 600

Views: 3,000

To make a quiz for your non-profit, head to

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