5 Things That Make a Great Quiz

Want to make a great quiz for your business or for fun? Find out the 5 things that your quiz needs to include to be great!

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We recently crossed the 1.7 million mark for leads generated across all quizzes created at Interact. Along the way we’ve done a lot of tracking along the lines of what works and what doesn’t, which led to the recent release of our quiz templates. However, there are some less quantifiable aspects of great quizzes I’ve noticed that I’d like to share.

  1. Great quizzes are entertaining while staying closely related to the company. For example, we’ve had a lot of success with retail quizzes like “What’s Your Style Personality?” because these quizzes are naturally engaging (Who doesn’t want to know more about their style?), but they’re also easily connected back to the host company (you can put products in the results and send emails with personalized product recommendations). On the other side of the equation, you have scenarios where the quizzes are fun but not at all related to your product (like “What Color are You?”) and quizzes that are related to the product, but no one gives a shit about (like “How much do you know about social media marketing?”).
  2. The best quizzes are about you. If I had to give one reason why quizzes are and always will be popular, it’s that they tell you something of value about yourself. Sometimes that information is truly practical “What’s Your Biggest Strength?” and sometimes it’s not practical “Which Puppy are You?” – but irregardless, the truly impactful thing is that you get to learn a bit more about who you are, which everyone is interested in.
  3. A Quiz is only as good as its (marketing) surroundings. Quizzes live at the very top of your marketing funnel, and they won’t do you any good if the rest of the pieces are weak. I still remember working with a client in the early days at Interact who generated 400 leads with a quiz and had no idea what to do with them. It was shocking when put in juxtaposition to a another brand who had Marketo fully set up to do automatic follow-ups and was driving value from 20-30 leads a month. We now actively screen our customers to make sure they have the elements in place before starting with us, because it’s a massive waste of time to put together a strong quiz only to have nothing come after that.
  4. It has to be entertaining. Quizzes live and die by their ability to attract attention in a primarily social internet world. Your quiz has to compete with cat pictures, baby pictures, and Kim Kardashian, if it’s not fun, you won’t get clicks. Again, the quiz lives at the top of the funnel so it’s not like you need the quiz to be a hard-hitting fact sheet.
  5. For quizzes, creativity is both over-rated and under-rated. The same exact quizzes have been popular since the 1920’s. They used to be printed in magazines, now they’re shared on Facebook, with literally no difference in the questions/personalities. That means you shouldn’t try to come up with a completely unique idea, rather you should choose an idea in your vertical that’s already popular – that’s the “creativity is over-rated” part. Now, once you decide what kind of quiz you want, you should get creative with the graphics/images and wording you use. I’ve consistently seen high-performing quizzes get a full graphics job as well as a very fun-loving copywriting setup.

Those are some thoughts on quizzes, head over to tryinteract.com to build one now.

Create a Great Quiz for Free

Josh Haynam

Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a place for creating beautiful and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. Outside of Interact Josh is an outdoor enthusiast, is very into health/fitness, and enjoys spending time with his community in San Francisco.

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