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Make your own quiz using Interact Quiz Builder

So there’s this super awesome tool called Interact where you can make quizzes of all types. You’ve signed up, and now you can make all kinds of quizzes of your own, but now what? What quizzes should I make? To help answer that question, here are some great ideas and examples of how they were used effectively.

1. Offer your assessment. There are a lot of pressing questions in life “What Kind of Coffee Should I Drink?” “What Kind of Tea Should I Drink?” (if you hadn’t noticed, I need caffeine right now). But seriously, there are questions that you can answer as an expert in your field and a quiz is the perfect medium to answer those questions. Create a short assessment that check knowledge of your area of expertise and offer some sort of follow-up at the end to build a longer lasting relationship.

death wish

2. Current event challenge. The world cup is just a few days away, and VotoLatino created this super awesome quiz to see how much you know about it. The beauty with current event quizzes is that there are always more current events. Other good examples I’ve seen have involved Crimea when that whole ordeal was going down and the Olympics last winter.

world cup

3. Industry-specific personality quiz. I love this example from FuelPlus, they created a quiz “Which Protein Shake are You?” which is not only hilarious, but also an awesome idea. The personality quiz has been around forever, and it’s super addicting, but when you go and apply a personality quiz to your own industry, that’s pure genius.

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4. Practice Test. The quiz that exemplifies this best is one that recently got amazingly popular “Could You Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?” which, sadly a lot of Americans couldn’t. Notre Dame recently created a quiz testing people on their knowledge of Catholicism (fitting for a catholic school). When done right, tests like these are a challenge – if I go to Notre Dame and feel like I should probably be able to do well on the quiz I might be surprised by my result.


5. Book/movie/event trivia. There’s always hype around the release of new movies and events – the promoters spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure of that. Some of the best ones we’ve seen have centered around large events – testing knowledge of acts and such. In the days and weeks leading up to the release of a big entertainment form, people are looking for information on the event and will be overjoyed to have a quiz to pass the time.

6. Introspection quiz. Let’s get deep for a minute… The inward-looking quiz can get super popular and help you learn a lot about your website visitors. One of the most popular consistently, which is available as a template here, is the “How Intuitive are You?” quiz. Something about quizzes like these really gets to us, probably because we are all secret narcissists.


7.  The overly-goofy-but-for-a-serious-company quiz. Unless your business is a morgue or a hospital, you can take the reigns and have some fun with your quizzes. I love this one from Service Max. They sell high-priced, high-powered software, but didn’t take themselves too seriously to build a fun quiz with potential and current customers. The key here is to tie the quiz back into your business somehow, Service Max makes service software, so this quiz fits the bill.

how would you keep our world running


To jump in and build your own quiz, head to Quizzes are great fun, and you never want to run out of solid ideas for new ones, especially when you’re a content marketer on a strict timeline for creating new pieces. Hopefully these help, and feel free to contact us if you want some specific ideas for your industry!

Make your own quiz using Interact Quiz Builder

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