72 Blog Post Ideas to Energize Your Content

Face it, sometimes it gets boring to keep producing blog posts day in and day out. Sometimes you just want to break the cycle and get a little crazy, here are 72 ideas to spice up your blog content. 1. Buzzfeed Style Quiz: Quizzes are downright fun, and now you can make your very own […]

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Face it, sometimes it gets boring to keep producing blog posts day in and day out. Sometimes you just want to break the cycle and get a little crazy, here are 72 ideas to spice up your blog content.

1. Buzzfeed Style Quiz:

Quizzes are downright fun, and now you can make your very own Buzzfeed style quiz. Learn how here.

2. Slideshare:

Create and embed a slideshow. Bonus points for getting extra views from Slideshare.net! slideshare

3. Interview Someone Important

Schedule a quick chat with an influencer in your industry. Everyone loves to hear a good success story and tips from an expert.


4. Visual Assets:

Take a valuable data set that would be boring in text and make it visual. We’re not talking full-blown infographic, but just a nice visual of some data that can be done in an hour or so.

visual assets

5. Case Study

Why was that company successful? There’s lots to learn from previous growth stories.


6. Growth Analysis

Different from a case study, a growth analysis post looks at how you were able to achieve growth. This post is easy to make personal, which connects with your audience.

growth analysis

7. Record Yourself:

For a personal connection to your audience, get in front of the camera with your information. video

8. The Complete Guide:

Explain a complicated subject in its entirety. Make it exhaustive and don’t leave anything out.

complete guide

9. The “Anti-Post”

If there’s a new trend in your industry, take the opposite position and defend your argument with research.

 anti post

10. The Prediction Post

What will happen in the future is always intriguing, especially when it’s highly controversial.

future trends

11. Comprehensive Reviews

Sometimes the most helpful thing you can do for your readers is inform them how good a product they are interested in is.


12. Screencast

Similar to a review, but with an added element of personality. Both your readers and the company you are showing will appreciate this one.


13. Infographic

The subject of much controversy lately. The bottom line is, if you create the infographic to display data in a visual way and inform readers – not to get links – infographics are a great medium of communication.


14. Create a Template

Make a seemingly complicated task easy with a template. This will save people time and provide a valuable resource all at once.


15. Make a Quiz

We are partial to this one… But really a quiz can be a great way to engage with users and generate new leads.

marketing quiz

16. Share A Company Secret

It doesn’t have to really be a secret, but share something you do that is unusual or unique, it will connect your brand to customers in a personal way.

trade secret

17. Q&A

One sure-fire to create an article you know readers want is to answer their questions. Sometimes a question is complex enough that it warrants an entire post. Otherwise, compile some of the most frequently asked questions over email and put them into a post.


18. Tell a Customer Story

A powerful marketing technique is telling the story of a customer who used your product or service and had great results. content of the week

19. What You Need to Know

Create a sense of urgency with the “You Need to Know” post. what you need to know

20. The Gif Post

Because who wouldn’t want fun, moving pictures in a list?

gif post

21. The Comparison Post

Find two competing, popular products in your industry and create a comprehensive analysis of each to compare them.

comparison post

22. The Book Review

Face it, most people don’t take the time to read books. If you did, and it was good, write a review about it highlighting the key learning.

book review

23. Highlight the Best New Products

Are there a bunch of new products in your industry? Do some research on each one and highlight the best finds.

best new products

24. Great Quotes

Find inspirational, funny, or genuinely helpful quotes from famous people that apply to your market and put them in a list. It’s tons of fun!


25. Do a Series

This is cheating because it’s not just one post, but doing a series of posts is a great way to increase long-term engagement.

series post

26. List of Free EBooks

Find the best free offers for ebooks that your readers might take an interest in. Everyone loves free stuff!

free ebooks

27. The History of…

Tell the story of how a successful company in your industry got started, grew, and maintains its market share today.

history post

28. Highlight Common Misconceptions

In highly complex industries, there are tons of common mistakes or misconceptions people have. Pick some out and clear the air.

common misconceptions

29. Make an Extended Analogy

Compare your work to a process that people understand. Point out similarities and use them to explain complexities of your industry.


30. 10 Commandments of Your Industry

Pick a topic in your field and write the 10 commandments for it. (no blasphemy implied)

10 commandments

31. What You Would do With $1000

If you had an extra grand lying around, what would you do with it to grow your business? Many of your readers are probably just starting out and this can be very helpful to them.


32. Respond to a Comment

If a particular comment was especially mean (or nice) write post in response to it. This will encourage more comments!

comment post

33. Give Something Away

Please, please, make it relevant! And don’t ask for too much in return for whatever you’re giving away. Giveaways are far too over-used but if the offer fits your audience and is useful, they can be great.


34. Post an Open Letter

Sometimes otherwise known as a rant… this is a fun way to complain, or give praise to, a company or product

open letter

35. Get Someone Else to Write

When in doubt, make someone else do it. No but seriously, having guest authors is a really great thing to do for networking and exposure.

guest post

36. Write a Short Story

Use a story to illustrate an important point. Like aesop’s fables, the best way to get a point across can sometimes be in story form.

short story

37. Create a Meme

Memes are fun and light. Lighten things up with some laughter.

marketing meme

38. A-Z product description

Go in-depth on your product and come up with a description for every letter of the alphabet, this can help bot your readers and you get a clearer idea of what you do.

39. Sneak Preview of New Features

Give readers a peak into the future of your product or service. They’ll feel more connected to you and give invaluable tips for how to craft the future.

product sneak peek

40. Beginner’s Guide/Advanced Guide

Some things need a beginner’s guide AND an advanced guide. Reach more people by creating a set of rules for both.

beginner advanced

41. Pick a Movie that’s Good for Your Niche

Movies are fun, and a great way to spruce up a ‘boring’ topic.

movies for marketers

42. Share Your Challenges

Be open about the things that are difficult for your business. You might just get some help in the comments!

challenge of seo

43. Answer a Quora Question

Quora has blown up to be a prominent Q&A platform, find a question that was very popular and write post in response.


44. Customer Spotlight

Share a customer success story using your product or service. They’ll love to be in the limelight!

customer story

45. TV Show Analysis

Compare your industry to a popular TV show. Pull out the ways the characters connect to what your businesses do.

tv show

46. Explain your Industry’s Jargon

Talk about the jargon everyone in your market uses.


47. Review a Website

Pick a popular website in your field and decipher their success through a website audit.

crazy egg review

48. Share the Tools You Use

Put together a list of the tools you use and how they help with various efforts.

marketing tools

49. Follow Google Hot Trends

Pick up on the latest trends people are searching for and create an article around one.

hot trends

50. Share a Conversation

Share an example conversation you have had with a customer or partner business. Point out your mistakes and what you did correctly.

conversation techniques

51. Do a Mind Map

Show how a complicated topic plays out by creating a mind map for it.

mind map

52. Use Portent’s Idea Generator

A fun way to get article headlines and ideas.

content generator

53. Concept Vizualization

Take a complex concept and put it into a graphic that can be easily consumed.

viral marketing

54. Share Interesting Statistics

Put together a list of stats around your industry that are shocking or just fun.

email marketing stats

55. Share Your Manifesto

Don’t have one? Make one. A manifesto emobodies a company’s beliefs and goals in one small document.

mozilla manifesto

56. New Way to use a Tool

Find a hidden benefit or angle to using a tool that is already widely popular and share the finding.

slideshare lead gen

57. “Where are They Now?”

Follow a company that rose out of the ashes to become strong. Perhaps there’s one that was in the press a lot recently but hasn’t been heard from since?

where are they now

58. The Celebrity Post

Like it or not, celebrities are popular (what a concept). Share a story or learnings from a celebrity that can be applied to your business.

celebrity post

59. “How People Use Your Product” Graphic

Create a visual guide to how customers are really using your product. It will help potential customers realize the possibilities and help your team work on the features that matter most.

product graphic

60. Do a Holiday Post

Give tips on how to get ready for or benefit from an upcoming holiday. Include lots of fun pictures!

st patricks day

61. Create a Checklist

Put together an itemized list of things that need to be done. Turn it into a downloadable or checkable document that people can use to keep track of things.


62. An Expert Panel Post

Take a burning question and ask a few experts to weigh in on it. For added fun, try to find experts who have differing opinions.

experts panel

63. The Psychology of…

There are underlying psychological trends in most industries. Point one out and help readers understand and benefit from it.

psychology of color

64. Use Layman’s Terms to Describe Something

Simple topics get overly complicated for most people when we start using acronyms and abbreviations specific to our own industry. Be kind and explain a topic in basic, short-worded terms.

laymans terms

65. Track the history of your product

It’s fun to look behind the scenes as a company grows. This can help establish and emotional connection to your customers.

guinness story

66. The “Thank You” Post

Thank your customers for sticking around and supporting your business. As businesses, we don’t say ‘Thank You’ very much, why?

thank you

67. Compare to a Band

Live like a rockstar…or at least learn how to use the tactics of their success to your business.


68. Decipher a Study

Academic studies are awesome, and often uncover great insights; however, the people who write them are on a mission to put the world to sleep. Take the key lessons from a study and display them in a non-boring fashion.

 69. Do Your Own Research

Sometimes there’s just not a good study on a prominent topic in your industry, so do your own. Make sure to follow a scientific method and be statistically significant.

marketing benchmarks

70. Create a Cartoon

Commission an artist on fiverr or a similar service to make a cartoon. It’s way more interesting than your typical weekly article roundup!


71. A “What NOT to Do” Post

Point out things people do that just aren’t right.

what not to do

72. Analyze a Process

Create an outline of how a successful company completes a process. Check out useronboarding, they do an awesome job.


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