9 Of Our Favorite Quizzes and How They’re Used

Need examples of great quizzes? Check out 9 of our favorite quizzes here at Interact and exactly how our clients use them for quiz success!

May Your Own Great Quiz Now!

We’ve had tens of thousands of quizzes made with our platform, and we’ve had plenty of great success stories of companies using quizzes as a marketing tool.

In this post we’re going to talk about some of our favorite quizzes, why they’re our favorites, and why the companies who used them were able to do so successfully. Each of the companies below were able to create a quiz that got them tens of thousands of views, were able to be shared many times on social media and some collected an immense amount of emails through the quizzes.

So let’s get to it!

Red Lobster – What Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Are You?

This quiz was able to gain hundreds of thousands of views and get well over a hundred thousand ‘likes’ on Facebook. We attribute this quiz to being one of our most successful quizzes ever built.  This quiz is inviting, fun, and features a product at their restaurant.  It’s a perfect example of an engaging quiz that interacts with its users, and advertises a featured product. This turned out to be a great way to do some transparent advertising, and it more than paid off Red Lobster considering their engagement rates.

What Type of Real Estate Agent Are You?

I picked this quiz because it chooses a certain type of people that should take it – presumably real agents agents or at the least aspiring ones and gives them a personality based on how they answer the questions. Even with this quiz being for such a specific set of people, they still got over 15,000 views. It asks funny questions about your personality and how you would respond to certain situations within the real estate business, and gives you an answer based on that. It’s fun, engaging, and hard not to finish once you start.

What Monster Are You?

I picked this quiz as an example of taking advantage of a time of year or a trending subject. This quiz was made in October before the Halloween holiday, and Cadbury took the general trend of monsters and other objects that are associated with Halloween, and tied those items to the quiz. When users stated what monster they were in the comments section, they had a chance to win a hamper worth of Cadbury chocolate treats! This is a great example of a quiz that created engagement through a giveaway. We’ve had a few examples like this that use incentives to have users complete a quiz, and they all seem to do very well.

What Car Brand Are You?

This quiz was used simply as a sharing device to create more viewership and interest in their brand. It was able to reach almost 25,000 views and it was shared many times across social media outlets as well. This is a simple quiz that just created interaction and engagement within the company and their consumers. Quizzes can be a great avenue to get people talking, sharing, and posting about a certain product that you have put out. 

Forbes – Find Your Perfect Match

Forbes released this quiz to gain interaction with younger want-to-be university students so they could find out which campuses matched their personality. This was a pretty accurate quiz too; I got UCLA when I took it myself! This quiz was meant to be a quick tool for students who might be on the hunt for a school, and it was obviously very successful with over 125,000 views.

Food52 – Which Cake Are You?

Sometimes are customers are looking for content for their users to interact with, and this quiz is a great example of that. This creates fun engagement within potential consumers and the product they might want to purchase. It was a 7-question quiz with questions that could be answered quickly, and gave you a fun product that they thought you related to with their answers. This again is another great avenue for creating engagement somewhere that you wouldn’t have it before without a quiz.

SkilledUp – Test Your Excel Skills

This quiz boasts a tremendous viewership of over 700,000 hits. It was shared many times across different social media outlets and the key to the success of this quiz is that it was challenging. The users who took it would be able to talk about themselves and their skills for getting the score that they received on this quiz. This is one of the best examples of a multiple-choice quiz that we have, which means every question has a correct and incorrect answer. Since this quiz is testing the people who are taking it, there tends to be a higher share rate for the quiz.

Huffington Post – How Unaware Are You?

This quiz again was about you, which is demonstrated well in the title, so the share rate for this quiz was quite high given it had about 20,000 views. Some companies make quizzes with the purpose of them being shared many times, and quizzes that are testing the consumer are the best to create if you are going for shares. It sparks interest within the user since they can take a challenge to see how good or bad they are, and then potentially be able to post about it to the world via social media depending on how well they did on your quiz.

Studio C – Which Studio C Character Are You?

I personally am always very entertained by a lot of the Studio C video bits that they release, and this quiz was very successful for them. Takers of the quiz could be compared to some of their favorite characters from Studio C’s videos. They were able to rack up over 65,000 views and tons of social media shares based on the fact that they were able to match the personality of a lot of their characters with real life qualities that you might match up with. This quiz is very engaging and fun, and by the time the 10th question rolled around I found it impossible that I had even answered that many questions. The reaction comments to this quiz are also great, as the users get excited that they’re matched with characters that might be their favorite and are more apt to share their results because of it.

All of these quizzes are unique in their own way – and fit a certain niche to gain tens of thousands of views along with many social shares. These companies know their audience and what content will be most viewed and best interacted with. When we watch quizzes get built and shared on Interact we’re always impressed with what the marketing teams will come up with in order to create new and interesting content. In the modern marketing world, it really does seem that the best content shared is one that’s fun, engaging, and really creates a desire for one person to share it with another person.

That desire right there causes these quizzes to do so well, because after you take a quiz and get the result at the end, you have an urge to share it with those around you. So with that, keep building those quizzes and creating success stories that are talked about above! Feel free to head to tryinteract.com for a free trial on our quiz builder.

May Your Own Great Quiz Now!