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This week billboards went up around the city of Denver, Colorado, promoting a quiz created using the Interact platform. I can honestly say this is the first time that’s happened, and it’s pretty cool. I love the use of physical advertising to promote an online quiz, and especially on such a hot topic.

I am going to do a spoiler alert here and jump to the results before stepping back to look at why this strategy ended up a success.

When the “dust cleared” three days after the launch of the pot quiz, over 350 major news sites had covered the combination billboard/quiz setup, including Vice News and The USA Today.


So why did this work?

1. The timing was right

Marijuana was only recently legalized in Colorado, and no one is really sure what to think about it. In some sense it represents progressive culture, and in other ways it can be seen as a negative reflection on our society. In the middle of all that you have Halloween, where you have kids eating candy that may or may not have pot in it- all good reasons why this worked.

2. It has shock value

Check out this picture below, it’s two pieces of candy, which may or may not be infused with Marijuana. That’s pretty crazy by itself, but when you think about how many kids will blindly be eating candy this Halloween, you have an “oh crap” moment and wonder how it’s even possible to put marijuana in candy and why anyone would want to do it.


3. The transition is fluid

I see the billboard on the street, look up the site on my phone, and take the quiz while I’m walking or riding in a car. The whole process from offline to online is pretty seamless and really doesn’t take much effort. This is possible because pretty much everyone has a smartphone capable of rendering websites and Interact quizzes are available on every device.

4. There is a follow up

At the end of the Smart Colorado quiz, there is a signup form to learn more about Marijuana issues through a newsletter. With the investment into physical advertising(the billboards), you need a way to prove the ROI of this campaign, and email subscribers is a great way to do that. With some simple stats, you can find out how much a subscriber is worth (# of subscribers vs. how much you make with each newsletter or something like that).

smartco leads

5. It’s all in fun

Yes, this quiz covers a serious topic, but it’s still fun. How often do you get to look at pictures of food and try to figure out if they have pot in them? It’s goofy and serious, and all fun.

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