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Check out how adding a quiz to your website is like having a receptionist meet people at the door!

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If you’re anything like me, when you walk into a store and a worker immediately starts asking you questions about what you’re trying to find, and then follows up with actual helpful suggestions it feels so much better than walking in and stumbling around trying to find what you want.

I’m much more likely to make a purchase if someone takes the time to get to know me before providing helpful suggestions tailored to why I came to the store in the first place.

On the internet, we don’t really do a great job with this. Most websites are like stores with no workers, you can come in and browse but if you want to find things you have to search for them, and the reality is that most people don’t. 55% of your website visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on your website according to a study from HubSpot – which means most people give up and leave without finding what they want.

Okay, so what would it look like for there to be a receptionist on your website that can ask good questions and help you find the right solution to what you are looking for? For it to be effective you’d need to ask relevant questions and then actually provide useful and personalized assistance to the person who is on your site, just like a receptionist would do in a store.

Let’s walk through how a quiz can do this.

The site below is https://www.kayeputnam.com/. Kaye is a branding consultant who helps companies find their unique advantage and use it to grow revenue. The home page of her site features Kay herself as the main photo and a button to take a brand personality quiz. When someone comes to a website for a branding consultation, the biggest question is around what your brand represents, because once you have that everything else falls into place.

By setting up her site with a picture of herself and then the button to take the quiz, it is the receptionist to the site.


Once you click the button to take the quiz it takes you to a page where the quiz itself sits.

brand advantage


The quiz asks questions to get to know you, the exact same way that someone in a store would. If you imagine Kaye’s website to be an actual place, and she is there asking you questions, she would ask things like the question below.


She mixes it up with a variety of text and image questions to keep things fresh. She uses analogies and relates things back to real life in a lot of ways to keep things fun and engaging. In total there are 16 questions, which is enough to really get to know someone.

imageAfter the 16 questions there is an opportunity to leave your email address to receive your archetype’s inspiration kit. There is also a skip option if you don’t want to get the kit and just want to see your result right away. This goes at the end because you’ve had enough time to actually understand the person who is taking the quiz by this point.

Side note: This part reminds me of my sister, who used to work at Kohl’s department store. She would get a bonus for getting people on an email list for Kohl’s, and she used to absolutely kill it, making more in bonuses than actual wages. The way she did it was by getting to know people and making recommendations for them in the store, and then only after they were super happy would she ask for the email signup, and of course every single person would do it.



Once you opt in, or choose to just move on without opting in, you are shown a breakdown of your top archetypes. This gives me context into my top matches and I can click on each option to see it in more detail.



Under each detail page there is a full description of the archetype along with a button to learn more about it.


If I click the button I’m taken to a page on the site that is specific to each archetype, specific to me, which is exactly what we set out to do in the first place.

full page


And just like that we end up with a receptionist on the website. Instead of static pages where 55% of people will leave without finding what they are looking for, we now have a setup where every single person is being show exactly the right thing for what they want and we’re even getting email addresses from people so we can follow up and have a further conversation.

If you want to set up a quiz like the one shown here you can use interact quiz maker

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