Best Practices for Creating Lead Generation Quizzes

Hi and welcome to our quiz building best practices. The recommendations below come from looking at 40,000 quizzes created with interact that have helped companies get more than 5 million leads. Note that these best practices in this article are very brief, for a full guided walk-through of making a quiz, go to our guided course. Let’s get started

Part 1: Subject and title

Quiz title

Personality: “Which (Blank) are You?”

So for example “Which Type of Blogger are You?” (where the “type of blogger” is the blank from the title template). This title works super well because it tells people which personality they have which is what people really want from a quiz.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 6.59.00 AM

Multiple choice: “How Much do You Really Know About (Some Subject)?”

So for examples “How Much do You Really Know About Healthy Eating?” If you are using quizzes as a knowledge test, frame it as a challenge, this will entice people to take the quiz and share their results.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.04.50 AM

Scored quizzes: “What’s Your (Blank)”

So for example “What’s Your Marketing IQ?” these quizzes work on a total point tally, so you’ll be able to give someone an accurate recommendation. Also, by making the quiz give you your (Blank) type it will appeal to our natural desire to know things about ourselves.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.07.53 AM

Quiz Cover Photo

The main photo on the front of your quiz should contain a picture of one person. We found that a picture of one person gets the most clicks because we naturally look at faces and one face in particular gets the most clicks.


Quiz Short Description

This is the small amount of copy that appears below the quiz cover photo but above the “Take Quiz” button. In this short description you should repeat the quiz title in a slightly different way to make the quiz more appealing. So if you quiz title is “Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?” make the short description “Take this quiz to find out if you have an Entrepreneurial Mindset!”

short description

“Take Quiz” Button”

Make the button match the other buttons on your website. We found that orange and blue buttons end up getting the most clicks

take quiz

Part 2: Questions


1. Write the questions as if you were sitting across from someone who would take your quiz and actually asking the questions

Quizzes are one-to-one method of communication. It’s you (the writer) talking to each quiz taker in a scripted way through the quiz questions. Speak like yourself. The best way to make sure your questions sound very personal is to literally imagine that you are writing the questions for one person who is sitting across from you. As an added bonus, if you are writing to a real person you can send them your quiz and ask for their opinion on it.

2. Show your expertise

Don’t forget to convey your authority on the subject at hand, this helps to build trust which is key to the lead generation portion of the quiz.

3. Write 7 Questions

This will take your quiz takers 2 minutes to complete, which is the perfect amount of time to make sure they stay interested but not so long that they’ll get bored and leave.

4. Write text questions with image answer choices

Write your questions in words and have an image for each answer choice (with words to describe the image). We process images much faster than text so if you have an image for each answer it’s easier to pick an answer that fits your choice.

image answers

5. Have either 3 or 6 answer choices

Our minds tend to think in groups of 3, so having either 3 or 6 answer choices helps the quiz taker move smoothly through your quiz

Part 3: Lead capture form

Once someone finished taking your quiz, they’ll be asked to opt-in to your list. This form integrates with your email list so you can send different follow-up emails to people based on which quiz result they get. In order to get the most opt-ins there are a few best practices to follow.

1. Tell people they’ll get to see their results right after the form

Let quiz takers know that the very next step after the opt-in form is to see their results. Personalize the text to be relevant to the actual quiz. The screenshot below is from a quiz titled “What Type of Blogger are You?” and the form text says “Enter your email to see your blogging type!” which is relevant and says clearly that you will get to see your result after the form.


2. Provide more value to subscribers that is related to the topic of the quiz

In my example about “What Type of Blogger are You?” I say “We will also send you personalized tips on how to be a better blogger based on your specific type” which is exactly what I’m going to do in my follow-up emails, which we’ll cover later in this article, and because I’m giving people this extra help it’s more incentive to opt in.


3. Only ask for what you need

Unless you need more information, only ask for first name and email. Don’t ask for information you won’t be actively using. If you never call people than don’t ask for phone numbers, if you don’t need to know location, don’t ask for a Zip Code.


4. Let people skip the form step

Let people skip the opt-in form so you don’t get people who opt-in just to see their results and will immediately unsubscribe.


Part 4: Quiz Results

1. Write a short (5 words or less) title that makes for good sharing

Quiz results are shared in the format of “I Got (Title of My Result)(Title of Quiz)” So “I got You Excel When It’s One-to-One – What’s Your Motivational Style?” so you want to write result titles that encourage sharing based on the title.

result title

2. Include an image the shows the result visually

The image should represent what the result is so that people can just glance at the result and see what they got.

result image

3. Write a 3-4 sentence result description that is positive

Every result description should be very positive, never tell people anything bad about themselves, even if the result they got is not the greatest. You should only write 3-4 sentences for each result within the quiz, because you will be elaborating more on the person’s quiz result in the emails you send them afterwards.

result description

4. Include a Call to Action button linking to a relevant page on your website

Each result can have its own button that links to your website to a blog post, page, or contact page that you want people to see based on which result they got in your quiz.

result cta

5. Add sharing buttons

Put sharing buttons in the quiz results so people can share their quiz results. You can choose various placements and I recommend at least putting them at the bottom of the quiz results.

result share

Part 5: Emails to follow up with quiz leads


Copy and paste these emails into an autoresponder for each of your quiz results. Personalize the bolded parts (like one of those mad lib things).

Email 1: Send Immediately


Your Quiz Result Is (Title of Quiz Result)


Hi (First Name),

Thanks for taking our (Title of Quiz).

Here is a brief overview of your quiz result (Copy and paste result description here)

Call to action:

Want to talk about being a (Title of Quiz Result) and how that affects you? Click here to (Schedule a consultation, view products, courses, blog posts, etc.)

Email 2: Send 3 Days after Email 1


Being a (Title of Quiz Result) Versus What You Could Have Been


Hi (First Name),

Check out how your result compares to the other results of the quiz. Sometimes quiz takers agree with their result, other times not so much, see what you think below.

Your Result: (Copy and Paste the Title and Description of Their Result)

Other Results: (Copy and paste the titles and descriptions of the other results)

Call to action: 

Interested in learning more about being a (Title of Quiz Result)? Click here to (Schedule a consultation, view products, read a blog post, etc.)

Email 3: Send 4 Days after Email 2


How to Benefit from Being a (Title of Quiz Result)


Hi (First Name),

There are unique benefits to being a (Title of Quiz Result) if you know how to make the most of those strengths you can go further than you ever thought possible. Here are the top three things that you can gain from being a (Title of Quiz Result). 

(Add top 3 benefits of this quiz result)

Call to action:

Want to learn about more benefits of being a (Title of Quiz Result)? Click here to (Schedule a consultation, read a blog post, etc.)

Email 4: Send 3 Days after Email 3


Free Recommendations for (Title of Quiz Result)


Hi (First Name),

I’ve put together my top 3 recommendations for (Title of Quiz Result) people. Check them out.

(List out 3 recommendations or product picks for this quiz result)

Call to action: 

Want more recommendations? Click here to (Schedule consultation, see products, etc.)

Part 6: Promote your quiz

Once your quiz is all set you’ll want to promote it. We recommend the following methods for promoting a quiz. These are the ways you can promote your quiz, choose at least one to use for your quiz.

As an announcement bar on your website


As a popup on your website


As a button on your homepage of your website


As a Facebook ad

Facebook Ad Marie Forleo

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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