Best Practices for Creating Personality Quiz Results

You want to create a quiz that people respond to. Check out the best practices for creating personality quiz results now!

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To begin editing personality quiz results, navigate to the Results (Personalities) section of the left sidebar and then click on the result you want to edit.

1. Result title: Should be short and descriptive. When people share their quiz results they share the format “I got (Result title)(Title of the Quiz)” So the result title should just be the name of the result.

2. Featured image: The image on quiz results should represent the result in an at-a-glance type of way. You should be able to look at the image and quickly decipher what the result is without having to read anything.

3. Result description: The result description should be 3-4 sentences and should cover a two aspects.

First, it should explain why the person got this particular result

Second, it should explain why the person is awesome because they got this particular result

4. Call to action button: After the result description, you should use the Interact call to action builder to create a button that links to an appropriate page that is personalized to the particular result. For example, this result that is “Paris” has a link to check out a Paris city guide.

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