Best Practices for Creating Personality Quizzes

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The director of digital media at a major television network told me that quizzes were the most engaging content they’ve ever created on social media. That’s powerful. Today I’m going to share with you exactly how to create a quiz just like the ones that network made.

Part 1: Creating the Quiz Content

1. Subject/title

There is only one subject or title that you really need to know is the “Which (blank) are you?” title. This can be applied to any scenario “Which (character) are you?” “Which (player on a team) are you?” “Which (character in a major event) are you?”

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personality quiz subject

2. Questions

Asking quiz questions is an art form. Here are three tips.

1. Use lots of images. We did a study and found that all 100 of the top 100 quizzes created with Interact have at least one image, that’s pretty statistically significant.

2. Speak personally. Speak like a human by using personal pronouns like “I” “We” “You” “Me” etc.

3. Only ask 6-8 questions. This amount of questions will take about two minutes to answer for your quiz takers, which is in line with our online attention spans.

Pro Tip: Need help with what questions to ask? Check out this list of quiz questions

image quiz questions

3. Results

In the results of your quiz you get the opportunity to give people their personality description and they can share their results. In order for your quiz to go viral and achieve what you want it to, it has to satisfy three requirements.

1. Be uplifting but honest. Tell people they are great, but do it in a way that is honest, no blowing smoke.

2. Have a great picture. When people share your quiz, the result image comes with it, so put in a great picture (preferably of one person)

3. Consider social sharing. the formula for social sharing goes “I got (my result)(title of the quiz),” consider that when you write the results of your quiz.

perfect quiz results


Part 2: Sharing and Embedding the quiz



1. Select a great photo that represents your quiz

2. Write a clever caption

3. Share the image and caption with a shortened link (for tracking).

Bonus: Reply to comments and interact with your customers

share quiz on Facebook


1. Share a great photo that represents your quiz

2. Write a clever caption

3. Share a shortened URL (for tracking purposes)

Bonus: stick around to reply to @ mentions

share quiz on twitter


Embed your quiz using an iframe into your website so all links/social mentions are associated with your brand.

embed quiz through iframe

That’s it, creating personality quizzes is simple, build your own at

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