A Blueprint for Universities and Schools to Generate Leads Using Quizzes

This post shares a blueprint for universities and schools to generate leads with Interact quizzes. See how it can help your school!

Make a Quiz to Get Leads for Your School Now!

We’ve been able to replicate lead generation success with Universities and Schools across the world using quizzes. Below is the EXACT method you can use to start bringing in a consistent flow of inbound leads from your website using a personality quiz.

1. Add a link to your quiz from your website

Personality quizzes will attract attention from web visitors when you add a link in your navigation from the home page of your site. The quiz DOES NOT detract from other lead capture forms on your site, and simply is an additional method for engaging with anonymous web visitors.


2. Embed the quiz on your website so that link on your home page points to another page on your website

University and school quizzes always fall into one of two templates.

1. “Which Career is Best for You?”

2. “Which Major is Best for You?”

To make a quiz like this, you’ll want to divide the majors that your institution offers into 6-8 categories that match up with the recommended careers or majors from your quiz. Then create questions to lead through to those results. At interact we have templates available to help with that.



3. Your quiz will be interactive and ask questions to identify the right career or major all while the potential student stays on your website

Your quiz will ask questions to potential students who are interacting with it. The questions all appear on the same page on your website and look exactly like the rest of your website so you don’t have to worry about confusion with branding. The questions of your quiz should ask relevant questions to find out the best major or career for the quiz taker.



4. After the quiz taker completes the questions, they will be prompted to input their contact information in order to see their quiz results

This form comes up after the quiz taker has answered all the questions and before they see their outcome. On this form, you want to be clear about what value you can add (personalized advice based on the quiz takers’ recommended career or major), and you also want to be clear about how and when you’ll be contacting the quiz taker.

email capture


5. After inputting their information, the quiz taker is immediately shown their results

In this section you want to explain why the person go the recommended career or major, and why the recommended outcome is a positive thing. You’ll also want to link out to a page where the quiz taker can learn more about the recommendation.



6. The leads you collect in your quiz are automatically added to your database or Marketing Automation system through an integration with Interact Quiz Builder

Interact uses API connections to send data directly to your database or marketing automation system. The leads are tagged by the outcome of the quiz (the recommended major or career), which is a perfect talking point for your call center to use as a conversation starter.




With an implementation like this, we see a 1% increase in on-site conversions. For example, if you have 10,000 unique visitors to your site every month, and you add a quiz to the navigation on the home page, you’ll see 100 new leads per month, every month, forever. We have customers who have gotten enough enrollments through quiz leads to pay for Interact for 100 years, will you be next?

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Make a Quiz to Get Leads for Your School Now!

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