Body Positivity Quiz Questions and Answers

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You find a new outfit that makes you feel absolutely amazing. What do you do next?
A. Take a bunch of selfies and share them online!
B. Plan a day out just to wear it and feel fabulous.
C. Keep it for a special occasion to make it feel extra special.
D. Show it off to friends and family for a mini fashion show.

Have you ever caught yourself smiling after achieving something physically challenging?
A. Yes, I feel unstoppable!
B. Occasionally, it does boost my spirits.
C. I haven’t really paid attention to that before.
D. Not really, but I’d love to experience that more.

What’s your favorite feel-good movie that celebrates being yourself?
A. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” – friendship and acceptance!
B. “Bridget Jones’s Diary” – imperfectly perfect in every way.
C. “Eat Pray Love” – finding yourself through adventure.
D. “Legally Blonde” – proving everyone wrong with a touch of pink!

When someone gives you a genuine compliment, what’s your usual response?
A. “Thank you, that made my day!”
B. “Really? I guess I never noticed, but thanks!”
C. “That’s so kind of you to say!”
D. “I appreciate it, you’re too sweet!”

Fancy a self-care day? What’s your top pick to treat yourself?
A. A relaxing spa day for some overdue pampering.
B. A quiet day reading my favorite books.
C. An energetic hike in nature, just me and the trails.
D. Crafting and creating—something hands-on.

Ever danced like no one’s watching? What song gets you moving?
A. “Uptown Funk” – can’t sit still when it’s on!
B. “Dancing Queen” – brings out my inner disco star!
C. “Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift makes me fearless.
D. “Happy” – because Pharrell just gets it.

Do you ever look back at old photos and appreciate how much you’ve grown?
A. Always, it’s great to see how far I’ve come!
B. Sometimes, it’s a real confidence booster!
C. Rarely, but it can be eye-opening when I do.
D. Not often, but maybe I should start.

How do you react when you see a new body positivity campaign online?
A. I cheer on and support it wholeheartedly!
B. I like and share to spread the positive message.
C. I appreciate the intent and read through the stories shared.
D. I’m curious and usually dive in to learn more.

Got any tips for turning a bad body image day around?
A. Focus on what your body can do, not just how it looks.
B. Dress up or do something that makes you feel good!
C. Remind yourself of all the compliments you’ve ever received.
D. Reach out to friends who lift you up.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about loving yourself?
A. “You are enough, just as you are.”
B. “Your worth isn’t measured by your appearance.”
C. “Embrace what makes you unique.”
D. “Treat yourself with the same kindness you offer others.”

When shopping for clothes, how do you feel about the variety of sizes available?
A. Frustrated by the lack of options
B. Satisfied with the choices
C. Indifferent, as I rarely find this a problem
D. Motivated to advocate for more size inclusivity

How does a compliment about your appearance make you feel?
A. Confident and happy
B. Uncomfortable and skeptical
C. Indifferent, it doesn’t affect me much
D. Appreciative, but I focus more on inner qualities

What’s your first thought when you see body-positive advertisements?
A. It’s refreshing and empowering
B. Skeptical of their intentions
C. Indifferent, advertisements don’t influence me
D. Pleased, but there’s still a long way to go

If a friend is feeling down about their body image, how do you help?
A. Offer reassurance and compliments
B. Suggest ways to improve self-love
C. Listen to them without offering advice
D. Share my own experiences and coping strategies

How often do you engage in activities that make you appreciate your body?
A. Frequently, it’s a key part of my routine
B. Occasionally, when I have time
C. Rarely, though I know I should do it more
D. This is a new concept, but I’m interested in starting

What do you think is the most effective way to spread body positivity?
A. Through education and workshops
B. By example, living confidently
C. Social media campaigns
D. Public discussions and forums

How do you deal with societal pressures about having an ‘ideal’ body?
A. I challenge them openly and advocate for change
B. I try to ignore them and focus on my feelings
C. Sometimes they affect me, but I’m learning to cope
D. I educate myself and others about body positivity

In moments of self-doubt about your body, what’s your best strategy to feel better?
A. Exercise or engage in physical activity
B. Talk to someone who understands and supports me
C. Reflect on my positive attributes unrelated to body image
D. Disconnect from social media and focus on personal growth

How do you feel about the body positivity movement’s representation in mainstream media?
A. It’s inspirational but needs more authenticity
B. It’s too commercialized now
C. It’s helping change perspectives, though gradually
D. Not sure; I don’t follow mainstream media closely

What’s your approach towards diet and fitness in the context of body positivity?
A. I focus on health and how I feel, not just appearance
B. I strive for balance and moderation in all things
C. I am still figuring out what works best for me
D. I prioritize mental health over physical ideals

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What aspect of body positivity speaks to you the most?
A. Accepting all body types
B. Challenging unrealistic beauty standards
C. Promoting self-love and care
D. Advocating for size inclusivity in fashion

What’s your go-to activity to boost your mood when you’re feeling down about your body?
A. Taking a long walk or jog
B. Watching a feel-good movie
C. Calling a supportive friend
D. Writing in my journal

How do you feel when you scroll through social media and see highly edited photos of people?
A. I feel a bit insecure sometimes
B. It doesn’t affect me much
C. I feel motivated to look my best
D. It makes me question my own self-image

If a friend points out a new trendy diet, how do you react?
A. I’m curious and might try it out
B. I dismiss it; I’m not into fads
C. I consider it cautiously and do some research
D. I encourage us to stick to healthier eating habits instead

Imagine you’re at a wellness seminar. Which workshop do you sign up for?
A. Yoga for Every Body
B. How to Thrive in a Body-Shaming Society
C. Nutrition: Eating for Joy, Not Punishment
D. Crafting Self-Love Affirmations

At a party, someone criticizes another person’s appearance. How do you respond?
A. I confront them politely about their inappropriateness
B. I ignore the comment and change the topic
C. I express support to the person who was criticized
D. I share a positive comment about everyone’s unique beauty

How involved are you in discussions about body image and beauty standards in your community?
A. Very – I often participate in or organize events
B. Somewhat – I join in discussions occasionally
C. Rarely – I listen more than I speak
D. Not at all – but I’m open to learning more

When you think about your personal journey with body positivity, what’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
A. Overcoming self-doubt and criticism
B. Navigating social pressures and expectations
C. Finding resources and supportive communities
D. Educating others around me about body positivity

What role do family and close friends play in your body positivity journey?
A. They’re my main source of support and encouragement
B. They sometimes challenge but mostly support me
C. Their views differ greatly from mine, which can be tough
D. We rarely discuss these topics; I seek support elsewhere

If you could change one thing about how society addresses body image, what would it be?
A. More inclusive and diverse representation in media
B. Stronger regulations on advertising and body shaming
C. Better education on body positivity in schools
D. More support for individuals struggling with body image issues

How confident are you in accepting your body as it is?
A. Very confident
B. Somewhat confident
C. Not very confident
D. Not confident at all

How often do you compare your body to those you see on social media?
A. All the time
B. Frequently
C. Occasionally
D. Never

What’s your first reaction when you receive a compliment about your appearance?
A. I feel happy and accept it graciously
B. I feel uncomfortable but say thank you
C. I dismiss it or negate it
D. I suspect they are not sincere

How do you usually feel about your body when looking in the mirror?
A. Proud and accepting
B. Generally satisfied
C. Sometimes critical
D. Frequently unhappy

What do you think influences your perception of beauty the most?
A. Media and celebrity culture
B. Opinions of family and friends
C. Personal health and fitness goals
D. Historical and cultural standards

Which of the following best describes your approach to physical fitness?
A. I exercise primarily to feel good about my body
B. I exercise to meet beauty standards
C. I exercise for health, irrespective of beauty standards
D. I rarely or never exercise

How do you handle negative comments about your body?
A. Ignore them completely
B. They bother me, but I try not to show it
C. Discuss it with someone I trust
D. They deeply affect me and my mood

How connected do you feel to the body positivity movement?
A. Very connected; I actively participate
B. Somewhat connected; I support the ideas
C. Not very connected; I’m familiar but not engaged
D. Not connected at all; I don’t know much about it

Do you think that societal standards of beauty affect your self-esteem?
A. Not at all, I am confident in who I am
B. Occasionally, but I try to stay positive
C. Yes, often they make me doubt myself
D. Yes, they significantly impact how I feel about myself

What strategies do you employ to maintain a positive body image?
A. Regular self-affirmation and avoiding negative media
B. Engaging in sports or activities that make me feel good
C. Seeking validation through social media
D. I struggle to maintain a positive body image

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How do you celebrate your body’s strengths and abilities?
A. I tell myself positive things about my body
B. I engage in activities that make me appreciate my body
C. I share my achievements with friends and family
D. Honestly, I find it hard to celebrate my body

What’s your go-to method for cheering yourself up when you’re feeling down about your body?
A. I treat myself to something I enjoy, like a movie or treat
B. I chat with friends who lift my spirits
C. I do some exercise or go for a walk
D. I usually don’t know what to do to feel better

Imagine you’re scrolling through Instagram. How do you feel seeing fitness influencers and models?
A. Inspired and motivated
B. Indifferent—it doesn’t affect me
C. A bit pressured to look a certain way
D. It makes me feel worse about myself

How often do you find yourself speaking positively about your body?
A. Almost always; I try to stay upbeat!
B. Sometimes, when I’m feeling good
C. Rarely, I tend to focus on flaws
D. I can’t remember the last time I did

What does “body positivity” mean to you personally?
A. Loving my body at every stage and size
B. Being okay with how I look
C. Not sure, I think it’s about not hating your looks
D. It’s just a trendy phrase; doesn’t mean much to me

When someone you care about talks negatively about their body, how do you respond?
A. I remind them of their beauty and strengths
B. I listen but don’t know what to say
C. I agree with them to make them feel valid
D. It makes me uncomfortable, so I change the topic

On a day you’re feeling good about yourself, what usually contributes to that feeling?
A. I got a good night’s sleep
B. I’m wearing an outfit I love
C. I received or gave a compliment
D. It’s rare, so I’m not sure what does it

If you had the chance, would you change anything about how body positivity is discussed online?
A. Yes, it needs to be more inclusive
B. A bit, it could be less about appearance
C. Not sure, it seems okay as is
D. No, it’s perfectly fine right now

Can you describe a moment when you felt truly at peace with your body?
A. Yes, it was during a vacation or a special event
B. Yes, when I achieved a personal goal
C. I think so, but it’s hard to remember specifics
D. I haven’t really felt that way before

How do you usually react to seeing diverse body types represented in the media?
A. I feel happy and represented
B. It’s nice to see, doesn’t affect me much
C. Surprised, because it’s not very common
D. Unsure, I haven’t noticed much diversity

When you think about your body image, which aspect are you most comfortable with?
A. My overall fitness level
B. Specific features I really like
C. How my body performs daily tasks
D. I struggle to find aspects I’m comfortable with

How does engaging with body-positive content online make you feel overall?
A. Empowered and uplifted
B. It varies – sometimes good, sometimes indifferent
C. Critical and skeptical
D. More aware of my own body issues

What kind of activities do you enjoy that help you feel more connected to your body?
A. Yoga or meditation
B. Dancing or sports
C. Walking or hiking outdoors
D. I don’t participate in activities that connect me with my body

When you receive unsolicited advice about your body or appearance, how do you usually respond?
A. I listen politely but do what feels right for me
B. It depends on who’s giving the advice
C. I feel upset or angered
D. I take it seriously and often feel compelled to change

What role do your cultural or familial beliefs play in shaping your body image?
A. A major role – they define much of how I see myself
B. Some influence, but I’ve formed my own views
C. Minimal – I largely ignore them
D. I’m not sure how they impact my body image

Who in your life do you consider a body positivity role model?
A. A close friend or family member
B. A public figure or celebrity
C. An online influencer or blogger
D. I don’t really have a body positivity role model

How do you approach conversations about body image with younger people or siblings?
A. I actively engage and promote positive self-image
B. I discuss it if they bring it up
C. I’m not comfortable discussing body image
D. I avoid the topic as much as possible

When encountering negative self-talk about your body, what’s your strategy to counter it?
A. I challenge it with positive affirmations
B. I distract myself with different activities
C. I talk about it with someone I trust
D. I often struggle to counter negative thoughts

Have you ever opted out of an activity or event because of concerns about your appearance?
A. Yes, frequently
B. Yes, occasionally
C. Rarely, almost never
D. Never, I don’t let concerns stop me

Looking forward, what’s one change you wish to implement regarding your body positivity?
A. To be kinder to myself daily
B. To disconnect from harmful media influences
C. To engage more in communities that uplift diversity
D. To educate others about body positivity and self-acceptance

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician before making any changes to your health regimen.

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