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Inbound sales is a whole world apart from outbound. These books provide a framework for becoming an inbound salesperson who can take trials and demos from inbound marketing and effectively convert them into paying customers.

1. The Sales Acceleration Formula

This is the sales book from the people who invented the term “inbound marketing.” It’s a very clear guide on how to formulate a plan for inbound selling and in my opinion, a must-read for anyone doing inbound sales.

2. Predictable Revenue

Why would I include a book about outbound? To show what outbound is like. Sometimes it takes knowing what the alternative is to really appreciate what you have. Inbound sales takes away all of the awkward and overly sales-y outbound tactics like cold calling and emailing people who really don’t want to talk to you.

That’s not the only reason for including this book though, it also provides some great insights on setting a schedule and having a strategic plan for closing sales, which is vital to any kind of sales.

3. To Sell is Human

Classic sales book, this book explains a lot of why popular sales methods have worked forever and will continue to work. It helps salespeople focus on good ideas and avoid bad ones.

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People

Given that inbound sales is highly relational, most of it is just building connections with potential and future customers. This book is probably the best guide on how to do that in a professional way that feels authentic.

5. Inbound

The partner book to “The Sales Acceleration Formula,” this book goes in-depth on how the marketing portion of inbound customer acquisition works.

6. The Psychology of Selling

Gets into a lot of what goes on in the head of a prospect as you are selling to them, very important for knowing when you should push harder for the sale and when it’s safe to let the other person mull things over.

7. The Challenger Sale

Another book focused on outbound, but with amazing lessons for inbound to learn. See, inbound sales involve a lot of education, and this book is all about how you can educate prospects in order to make sales, with very actionable insights into how that works.

8. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Inbound sales is 50% knowing how to nurture leads and 50% knowing which leads to nurture. If you focus on the wrong ones you will waste a ton of time and miss out on opportunities to really pay attention to sales ready leads. This book helps you put together a system for your own life so you’ll get better at focus.


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