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Everyone likes to watch a good movie and, in the end, there will be a character that they love more than the others, who has some personality that aligns with the viewer. It just feels good to associate yourself with the famous movie hero or a star.

There is also a psychological aspect of taking those quizzes. “People are always looking for venues for self-awareness. When we take these self-assessments, it gives us another mirror inward,” explains Steven Meyers, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL.

How to Build a Movie Character quiz on blue background with movie clapper

Such quizzes help people to dig deeper into themselves and see the new personality sides.

However, the results people get are more for entertainment rather than serious assessment, but they are still one of the popular types of quizzes.

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Think about what types of movies your audience like

When you create a movie character quiz, think about the audience that you target:

  • How old are they?

  • Do they like action, entrepreneur kind, or family movies?

  • Do you target male, female or both?

  • Etc.

That will help you to find the right movie for the quiz.

The younger generation will be more into the new movies. To engage more with the fans, Disney creates all sorts of quizzes for the films they release:

sloth in a shirt and tie and The First Thing You Do in the Morning is question

The older generation could be the fans of such movies as Star Wars and interested in Which Jedi are you? quiz.

Yoda with a green light saber and What's your favorite color question

Beano Studios focus on the families. Their quizzes oriented on the family movies for example Which Frozen Character Are You? or Which Friends Character Are You?

Friends' cast standing in empty apartment and Which person would be your best friend question

For the action type movies, a good example is Which Character from The Fast & The Furious Are You?yellow and black background with You want to know more about someone so you question

For entrepreneurs Which Wall Street movie character are you? can be the hit.

 man in sunglasses pointing to himself on a boat and which Wall Street movie character are you? quiz cover

If you want to reach only men or women, pick the movie where the main characters are male or female like in Which “Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants” Character are You? quiz.

four girls walking together and Which Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants character are you

You can also choose the whole genre for your movie character quiz. As an example, horror movies are popular among adults. Which Horror Movie Killer Are You? takes you through several films where the questions combined by the similar features of the characters.

black background and horror movie characters like Chucky and the Scream mask and which horror movie killer are you

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To make your quiz idea more attractive, when you search for the movie look for those that are or were very popular or hit the topic that your audience is interested in.

Here are the lists of the top movies of the past 30 years:

The 100 Greatest Movies of the ’90s
The best movies of the 2000s
The Top 101 Movies of the Past Decade
The 25 Best Disney Animated Movies
50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

 Search for the personalities of the characters

Once you decide what movie characters you would like to use in your quiz, write their personalities and associated results that people will get after they finish your quiz. It will be easier to come up with the questions when you have the characteristics ready.

 There are several ways to write compelling results for your movie character quiz.

If you are a big fan of the movie, you can write your perception of the character and associate it with your service or email series you plan to send people later.

 The second way, you can search for the characteristics online. Screen Rant has many lists of movie personages. The Deadliest Fast and Furious Characters list shows you the essential features of the main heroes.

man sitting in car with description of Dom Toretto from Fast and Furious

Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Lord Of The Rings Characters is more advanced as it mixes up the general personality of the movie character with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, which is one of the world’s most popular personality tools.

Hobbit holding ring from Lord of the Rings movie and a description of Bilbo Baggins

Myers-Briggs® assessment was designed to help you better understand what their unique personality is, how they relate to others, and how they can benefit from this knowledge in everyday life.

There is a lot of information that would be helpful to adjust the quiz results for people who you market to.

In our example, Bilbo Baggins has an ISTP personality type. According to the Myers-Briggs® assessment, those people like learning and perfecting their craft. They stay calm in critical situations and quickly solve the problems.

These types of people are best at:

blue head outline with strengths of ISTP personality type

Things that stress them:

upside down head outline with things that stress ISTP personality type

The Myers-Briggs® assessment results also show how different types of people perform at work.

Another option is to pick the results only based on the Myers-Briggs® assessment. Christine Galschjodt created the infographic with the Disney characters identifying just their personality types.

disney characters and their personality types

You can use these assessment results not only for the movie character quizzes but also for entrepreneurial or any kind of personality quizzes.

Here is the simplified example of the Myers-Briggs Personality Quiz. You can adjust it for your movie heroes.

macarons and coffee cup in Myers-Briggs Personality quiz cover

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Also, you can mix your description of the movie characters with some information that you found on the Internet and add Myers-Briggs® ideas.

Write the questions for the quiz

If you notice, the questions of the quizzes are not necessarily related directly to the movie itself, but more to the personality of the movie heroes or situations happen to them. When you craft your questions let people associate themselves to the character, scenes, a relationship between people, the appearance and principles of their favorite movie stars.

Which Black Panther character are you most like? quiz starts with defining people’s values. Each answer aligns with the person that has similar standards.

black panther characters and quiz question

Use the quotes from the movie to ask if people agree or disagree with the statement.

character from Black Panther movie and quote for person to agree or disagree with

Ask people to finish the sentence. It can be a quote from the movie as well as the believes or life principles of the heroes.

woman in a red dress throwing a spear and quiz question

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Make people feel like they are a part of the movie scene such as the one from “Les Miserables” movie and ask what would they do in a similar situation.

French soldier leading a prisoner and question of what you would do if sentenced to 19 years in prison

Remind them about their favorite songs.

cover of album for musical Les Miserables and favorite song question

Click here to use this template

For women quizzes, the option can be to pick a type of guy she likes. For men quizzes, you will have a list of women.

images of two guys asking person to pick their type

Another way to let people associate themselves with the characters is to let them pick their favorite outfit of the actors.

a woman wearing a red dress and a man in a fancy suit asking person to choose their style

Now, when you got the ideas of what movie character quiz you want to create and inspiration to make it interesting and engaging let’s go through each step of generating the quiz with Interact.

An easy way to build a movie character quiz

While you are in the process of generating ideas, a good start can be selecting the movie which you will use as the foundation of your quiz.

Step 1. Pick a movie

We’ll use The Great Gatsby movie characters. Interact system already has the template of the quiz Which The Great Gatsby Character is your Perfect Match? Click Use this Quiz to edit the template in your account.

quiz template with picture of characters from the Great Gatsby movieStep 2. Pick the movie characters for the quiz.

The system already has four outcomes. If you use this template as a model for another movie, then you can add more results or remove some of them.

For each quiz conclusion, there is a short description. To extend it search for more information online or add your vision of each person.

man in tuxedo with description of Jay Gatsby quiz result

Here is the comprehensive list of the characters for The Great Gatsby movie. For the Myers-Briggs® assessment notes MBTI database collects the results for many famous people and movie heroes. Here are the outcomes for The Great Gatsby.

Find the description of the personality types on and include them in your quiz conclusions.

Step 3. Come up with the questions

The next step is creating a list of questions. If you need to know the gender for showing the results to fit the female and male movie characters you may add the question Are you male or female?

quiz builder with question are you male or female

Then you will need to edit result correlations to match the right character.

quiz builder with gender correlations to Great Batsby characters

Add images to remind people of the scenes from the movies or other details.

two men and a woman walking in a party from a scene in Great Gatsby with quiz question

Correlate each answer to the results of the quiz. The answers may be associated to several outcomes.

Step 4. Write an attractive headline

For our quiz the title is Which The Great Gatsby Character is your Perfect Match? However, you can get creative and talk not only about the main characters but anything interesting from the movie. For example, this quiz offers to find out Which Fantastic Beast Would Be Your Pet?

man petting giant eagle from Fantastic Beasts movie and What would be your pet quiz cover

Beside the title of the quiz, you can add a short description to encourage people to take the quiz.


Personality quizzes were always popular even at the time when there was no Internet. People like to know more about their personalities and associate themselves with the favorite movie heroes. Follow the trends, new movie releases and search for the top movies that your audience enjoy watching to create the quizzes that people would like to take.

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