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There are hundreds of different news outlets these days, and thousands of different platforms you can receive the news on. For myself, scanning the news and different outlets has become a part of my daily routine. There are plenty of mobile applications and web platforms that keep us constantly connected to what’s going on in the world around us.

Today we’re going to make a quick quiz about some of the pressing events and happenings that are going on to test the knowledge of how well rounded we are in our news awareness.

Before we get going, take the quiz I created for this and then we’ll talk about it.

How’d you do? Hopefully well! Let’s dissect a bit into how I got to our questions and results, and how I decided to make the quiz the way it is.

My goal behind this quiz was supposed to be just a quick tester. So that’s why I made it just five questions, something that we really want our users to complete and not be daunted by a long quiz when they stumble upon it on a news page or within a story they’re reading.

First, I picked 5 major events of recent to ask questions about. I tried to not make the questions too obvious, but at the same time the goal was not for people to be stumped, but to have a simple test whether or not they’ve been paying attention to recent news. Some questions might be more obvious to the common reader than others.

The five topics that I picked out were:

Charlie Hebedo Attacks
Air Asia Flight 8501
College Football Playoff
Measles Outbreak

These five topics are currently trending to one degree or another, some being more major news than others. So how do we craft new and interesting questions about topics that are more widely talked about? Or do we go the direction with asking very direct questions with some? Let’s talk through each one and see what we come up with.

First Topic: Ebola
Question: What is the current state of Ebola in West Africa?
Correct Answer: West Africa has seen a decrease in cases.

Ebola has been a widely talked about subject for quite some time now when the disease became an epidemic in West Africa. After a few international scares, the disease is being effectively maintained in western countries, and the threat of an international spread has been talked down. But for citizens currently residing in West Africa, there has been a constant anxiety of what the disease was going to be doing, causing the shut down of some borders and travel restrictions of all kinds to the area.

If you’ve been reading the news recently, you might have seen articles talking about how Guinea and Liberia have reported the fewest new cases since August. This of course doesn’t take away from the fact that the disease is still very active and taking ahold of lives, but it is encouraging news.

Second Topic: Charlie Hebedo Attacks
Question: Who has recently claimed responsibility for the Charlie Hebedo Attacks?
Correct Answer: Al Qaeda

The tragic terrorist attack against the staff of the Charlie Hebedo magazine left many in shock, and brought together millions to march in remembrance and in a stance of free press and unity against the terrorists of the Middle East. Shifting the spotlight onto them, Al Qaeda has recently claimed responsibility for the attacks made on the Charlie Hebedo headquarters in Paris. They have claimed to donate money to one of the shooters for terrorist operations, according to US Intelligence.

The thought behind this question was not to ask a direct question about the topic that might be too easy to answer, but to create a question that directly refers to a recent update on the widely addressed attacks.

Third Topic: Air Asia Flight 8501
Question: What key part of the Air Asia Flight 8501 was found recently?
Correct Answer: The Black Box

A major highlight of news outlets these past couple of weeks was the disappearance and crash of Air Asia Flight 8501. The flight tragically fell into the Java Sea on its way from Surbaya to Singapore, killing all 165 people on board. This crash wrapped up a bad year in aviation, with this being the third major crash to claim hundreds of lives.

After any sort of crash, the most important item to find is the black box, which is a device that records all airplane activity and the voice recordings of the pilots throughout the flight. The data in this device is crucial into finding out what exactly happened to the plane and why it crashed. After a couple of days of figuring out how to pull it out of the water, divers were able to retrieve the box and send it to Jakarta to be analyzed.

Fourth Topic: College Football Playoff
Question: Who won the inaugural college football playoff?
Correct Answer: Ohio State

As much as it hurts me to write out this one being a Pac 12 fan, Ohio State defeated Oregon to win the inaugural college football playoff. Each of the three games were the three most watched cable programs in television history, which is pretty impressive (note that cable means non network channels, cable would include, espn, usa, tnt, tbs, etc.).

This has been widely talked about this year in the sports community because it is the first time there has been a playoff to decide who goes to the national championship, instead of the BCS system deciding who the two best teams in the nation are. And luckily for the CFP committee, the number 2 and 4 teams made it to the final, with the number 4 team winning. If we were still on the old system, neither of these teams would have even been in the final.

Fifth Topic: Measles Outbreak
Question: Which theme park has been linked to 30+ measles cases?
Correct Answer: Disneyland

A recent newsbreak that is being talked about is the measles cases that have been all linked back to Disneyland. This is pretty interesting news, considering the thousands of people that roll through the parks every day and measles is quite contagious. This has also sparked other debate due to a new uprising in parents not wanting their children to get immunized from diseases such as this. With both of these news items going hand in hand, the conversation about the topic has grown much wider.

So, what we have done here is taking five widely talked about topics and turned them into a simple engaging quiz to test how much people have been paying attention to the news. With simple engagement through quizzes such as this, you can increase viewership and interactivity on your website.

People are drawn to a quick challenge, and this could potentially be a quick way to increase page viewership or collect a lead at the end of a quiz. Feel free to use the quiz that I created or make your own, it’s super easy.

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