Canna Lily Quiz Questions and Answers

a close up of a bunch of red flowers
  1. How do you feel about growing Canna lilies in your garden?
    A. I love the tropical look they give!
    B. I enjoy them, but they do need some care.
    C. They’re okay, not my top choice.
    D. I haven’t tried growing them yet.
  2. How prepared are you for caring for Canna lilies during winter?
    A. I bring them indoors or cover them.
    B. I usually leave them outside and hope for the best.
    C. I haven’t figured that out yet.
    D. I live in a warm climate, so it’s not an issue.
  3. What’s your favorite aspect of Canna lily flowers?
    A. Their bright colors.
    B. Their ability to attract pollinators.
    C. Their large, exotic appearance.
    D. I haven’t paid much attention to them.
  4. What do you think you need to improve your Canna lily cultivation?
    A. Better winter storage methods.
    B. More sunlight for them in my garden.
    C. Knowledge about pest control.
    D. Nothing, I think I have it figured out.
  5. What makes you nervous about growing Cannas in the garden?
    A. The risk of pests and diseases.
    B. Properly storing them for winter.
    C. Ensuring they get enough sunlight.
    D. Finding space for them.
  6. How confident are you in identifying pests on Canna lilies?
    A. Very confident, I know what to look for.
    B. Somewhat confident, but I could use more practice.
    C. Not very confident, it can be tricky.
    D. Not confident at all, I need help identifying them.
  7. What’s your favorite memory of seeing Canna lilies?
    A. Visiting a botanical garden.
    B. Seeing them in a friend’s garden.
    C. Growing my first one successfully.
    D. I don’t have a memorable experience yet.
  8. How do you handle pests on your Canna lilies?
    A. Use organic insecticides.
    B. Hand-pick pests off the plant.
    C. Ignore them and hope they go away.
    D. Still figuring out the best approach.
  9. What keeps you up at night about maintaining a garden with Canna lilies?
    A. Ensuring they survive the winter.
    B. Preventing pest infestations.
    C. Making sure they get enough sunlight.
    D. Planning where to plant them.
  10. Tell us a little about your view on tropical plants in temperate gardens.
    A. They add an exciting element to the garden.
    B. They’re beautiful but can be challenging.
    C. I’m neutral about them.
    D. I prefer native plants.
  11. What aspect of growing Cannas excites you the most?
    A. Their rapid growth during summer.
    B. Their ability to attract hummingbirds.
    C. The variety of colors available.
    D. The challenge of growing them.
  12. Are you worried about diseases affecting your Canna lilies?
    A. Yes, I worry a lot.
    B. Sometimes, but I manage.
    C. Rarely, I haven’t had many problems.
    D. No, they’re usually quite healthy.
  13. How would you describe your relationship to tropical gardening?
    A. I’m passionate about it.
    B. I enjoy experimenting with tropicals.
    C. I dabble in it occasionally.
    D. It’s not my main interest.
  14. Which of these would you enjoy the most about having Canna lilies in your garden?
    A. The bright, vibrant flowers.
    B. Watching pollinators visit them.
    C. The tropical aesthetic they create.
    D. All of the above.
  15. What is your go-to method for winterizing Cannas?
    A. Digging up and storing rhizomes.
    B. Covering them with mulch.
    C. Leaving them as they are.
    D. I haven’t figured it out yet.
  16. How often do you inspect your Canna lilies for pests and diseases?
    A. Daily.
    B. Weekly.
    C. Monthly.
    D. Rarely.
  17. What happened in the past when you didn’t properly care for your Cannas?
    A. They didn’t survive the winter.
    B. They were damaged by pests.
    C. They didn’t bloom well.
    D. I’ve always taken good care of them.
  18. What’s the trickiest part about growing Canna lilies for you?
    A. Winter storage.
    B. Preventing pest infestations.
    C. Finding the right spot with enough sunlight.
    D. Managing their rapid growth.
  19. What’s your favorite Canna lily cultivar?
    A. ‘Tropicanna’
    B. ‘President’
    C. ‘Durban’
    D. I don’t have a favorite yet.
  20. How do you feel about the potential of using Cannas for agricultural purposes?
    A. It’s a great idea!
    B. Interesting but not for me.
    C. A bit skeptical.
    D. I need to learn more about it.
  21. What makes you most frustrated about growing Canna lilies?
    A. Their need for winter protection.
    B. Dealing with pests.
    C. Ensuring they get enough sunlight.
    D. Finding space for them.
  22. How do you handle the issue of Canna leaf rollers?
    A. Spray with insecticide.
    B. Manually remove infested leaves.
    C. Try natural predators.
    D. Haven’t had to deal with them yet.
  23. How comfortable are you with the planting and care of Canna lilies?
    A. Very comfortable, I have experience.
    B. Somewhat comfortable, still learning.
    C. Not very comfortable, it’s challenging.
    D. Not comfortable at all.
  24. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when planting Canna lilies?
    A. Vibrant flowers.
    B. High maintenance.
    C. Tropical vibes.
    D. Pollinators.
  25. How well do you manage the watering needs of Canna lilies?
    A. Very well, always consistent.
    B. Pretty well, but sometimes forget.
    C. Not great, need better habits.
    D. I’m still figuring it out.
  26. When you think about growing Canna lilies, what are you most concerned about?
    A. Their survival through winter.
    B. Pest control.
    C. Providing enough sunlight.
    D. Finding space in the garden.
  27. What’s your favorite thing about Canna lily foliage?
    A. Their large, lush leaves.
    B. The variety of leaf colors.
    C. Their tropical look.
    D. I haven’t noticed much about the foliage.
  28. What’s your favorite use of Cannas in gardening?
    A. Centerpiece in the garden.
    B. Border plants.
    C. In a planter for the patio.
    D. Growing them indoors.
  29. What is your strongest skill when it comes to gardening with Cannas?
    A. Planting and establishing them.
    B. Watering and feeding consistently.
    C. Diagnosing and treating pests.
    D. Overwintering care.
  30. What do you think is missing in your quest to grow the perfect Canna lilies?
    A. More knowledge about their care.
    B. Better pest control methods.
    C. Improved winter storage solutions.
    D. More space in the garden.
  31. In a perfect world, what would your Canna lilies look like year-round?
    A. Always blooming with vibrant flowers.
    B. Healthy and lush with no pests.
    C. Thriving in winter as well as summer.
    D. Tall and striking, the focal point of the garden.
  32. What makes you most excited about growing Cannas?
    A. Their rapid growth during the growing season.
    B. Watching pollinators visit the blooms.
    C. Their exotic appearance.
    D. Trying new varieties every year.
  33. When you were a kid, how did you view tropical plants?
    A. Exotic and fascinating.
    B. Pretty but hard to care for.
    C. I didn’t notice them much.
    D. I loved them, always wanted some.
  34. What’s your dream setup for growing Canna lilies?
    A. A sunny garden bed dedicated to Cannas.
    B. A large patio area full of potted Cannas.
    C. Tropical greenhouse full of different varieties.
    D. Incorporating them into mixed borders.
  35. What aspect of gardening with Cannas makes you the most happy?
    A. Seeing them bloom.
    B. Their ability to attract wildlife.
    C. The tropical look they provide.
    D. Experimenting with new cultivars.
  36. How often do you check the soil moisture for your Cannas?
    A. Every day.
    B. A few times a week.
    C. Once a week.
    D. Rarely.
  37. If you could choose any Canna lily trait, which one would you choose and why?
    A. Vibrant flower colors because they catch the eye.
    B. Compact growth for easier management.
    C. Pest resistance for less maintenance.
    D. Larger blooms because they’re striking.
  38. What happens if your Canna lilies get infested with a pest?
    A. I treat immediately with insecticide.
    B. I try natural remedies first.
    C. I consult gardening forums or guides.
    D. I’m not sure what to do, hoping for the best.
  39. How connected do you feel to the tropical look of Cannas in your garden?
    A. Very connected, they’re essential.
    B. Somewhat connected, they add nice variety.
    C. Not very connected, they’re just one part.
    D. Not connected at all.
  40. Which Canna lily color combination do you prefer?
    A. Red and yellow.
    B. Pure orange.
    C. Mixed colors.
    D. I like all the colors.
  41. How do you determine the best planting location for your Canna lilies?
    A. Sunniest spot in the garden.
    B. Areas with the best soil drainage.
    C. Places sheltered from wind.
    D. I just plant them wherever there’s space.
  42. What do you dream about when it comes to growing Cannas?
    A. A garden full of vibrant blooms.
    B. Winning a gardening competition.
    C. Creating a perfect tropical oasis.
    D. Sharing blooms and rhizomes with friends.
  43. You have a choice of Canna lilies or another tropical plant; which do you choose?
    A. Canna lilies, always.
    B. I might go for something different.
    C. It depends on the other plant.
    D. I like to mix them up.
  44. You have a few hours in your garden to do whatever you want, what do you do?
    A. Plant new Canna lilies.
    B. Inspect and care for existing Cannas.
    C. Plan next season’s garden layout.
    D. Relax and enjoy the view.
  45. How do you manage the winter storage of Canna rhizomes?
    A. Store them in a cool, dry place.
    B. Keep them in potting soil indoors.
    C. Leave them in the ground with mulch.
    D. I struggle with winter storage.
  46. Which of these scenarios would you enjoy the most?
    A. Seeing your Canna lilies bloom for the first time.
    B. Attracting hummingbirds to your garden.
    C. Growing a rare Canna cultivar.
    D. Successfully overwintering your Cannas.
  47. How do you handle a situation where your Canna lilies are not blooming?
    A. Check for sunlight issues.
    B. Improve soil fertility.
    C. Check for pests or diseases.
    D. I ask for advice from other gardeners.
  48. How would your friends and family describe your garden?
    A. A lush, tropical paradise.
    B. Vibrant and colorful.
    C. Well-organized and productive.
    D. In need of more plants.
  49. What is your favorite climate for growing Cannas?
    A. Warm and sunny.
    B. Mild temperate.
    C. Humid tropical.
    D. Any climate, wherever they can grow.
  50. Do you have a support system in place for overwintering Cannas?
    A. Yes, I have everything planned out.
    B. Sort of, but it could be better.
    C. Not really, I usually figure it out last minute.
    D. No, I need to develop one.
  51. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a pest on your Canna lilies?
    A. Time to get the insecticide.
    B. I should try a natural remedy.
    C. A minor setback in the garden.
    D. I hope they don’t do much damage.
  52. How would you describe your level of expertise in growing Canna lilies?
    A. Advanced, I know a lot about them.
    B. Intermediate, I’m comfortable with them.
    C. Beginner, still learning the basics.
    D. I’m new to Canna lilies.
  53. What causes you the most trouble with Canna lilies?
    A. Winter storage.
    B. Pest management.
    C. Getting them enough sunlight.
    D. Choosing the right varieties.
  54. What do you think is missing in your quest for perfect Canna lilies?
    A. More gardening space.
    B. Better knowledge of pests.
    C. More time to dedicate.
    D. Improved storage solutions.
  55. How do you feel about using Cannas in a pollinator garden?
    A. Fantastic, they’re great for it.
    B. Good, but not my main focus.
    C. Okay, but I prefer other plants.
    D. Unsure, I need to learn more.
  56. When you think about planting Cannas, what’s your biggest concern?
    A. Providing enough sunlight.
    B. Keeping pests at bay.
    C. Ensuring proper soil conditions.
    D. Overwintering the rhizomes.
  57. What’s the first thing you do to help your Cannas thrive?
    A. Ensure they’re in the sunniest spot.
    B. Regularly water and feed them.
    C. Check for pests and diseases.
    D. Make sure they’re not overcrowded.
  58. Do you have enough knowledge about the different Canna lily varieties?
    A. Yes, I know many of them.
    B. I know a handful of varieties.
    C. Not really, I know a few.
    D. Not at all, I need to learn more.
  59. How do you feel about the vibrant colors of Canna lilies in your garden?
    A. Love them, they stand out beautifully.
    B. They’re nice, but not my main preference.
    C. They’re okay, but I prefer more subtle colors.
    D. I haven’t experienced them yet.
  60. Do you have a method for dealing with Canna rust?
    A. I use fungicidal sprays.
    B. I try to improve air circulation.
    C. I remove affected leaves immediately.
    D. I haven’t had to deal with rust yet.

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