Case Study: 78% Opt-in Rate With a Quiz

Q&A With Jen and Jeff

What problem does Interact help solve for your business?  

We’d been trying to find a cool, well-integrated opt-in that felt true to our brand (and out of the typical opt-in box), aaaaand we also knew we needed to gather data on the kinds of customers that were visiting our website Tonic Site Shop, and the problems they were struggling with. (A creative business that doesn’t “do” data? SHOCKER!)  

Through what seems like a quick, fun quiz, we’ve been able to discover what kinds of businesses our potential clients are running, how long they’ve been in their field, how interested they might be in our products, what kind of Instagram content they respond to, and more… hello, data!  

Even more importantly, we’ve been able to serve our leads well and provide them very specific, helpful info to improve their brand and pique their interest in ours. We get email after email telling us how much our new quiz friends appreciated the results content (and specifically the cocktail recipes and spotify playlist we put together for each result!). And people LOVE the quiz itself, too! (I mean, don’t YOU want to know what your brand cocktail would be? You totally do.) 

How much time/money did it take to get up and running?  

Fun fact: we actually didn’t set up our quiz until about 3am the night before we decided to launch it. (We don’t recommend that.) But we went from having our quiz and results somewhat written a few days prior to a full quiz with beautiful custom results pages in a matter of hours, at no cost apart from the Interact subscription. It was, in a word, “easy.” Whew. 

Where do you use the quiz and how is it promoted?  

We have the quiz embedded on our website homepage, and there’s also a pop up that prompts visitors to take it. We haven’t run Facebook ads to it yet, but that’s the next step (and we can’t wait!)

What did it take to get the quiz implemented?  

Most importantly, we felt like we had to come up with a good idea for a quiz — something that people would WANT to take, that felt true to our area of expertise as brand and website designers, and that ultimately would resonate with our leads and our products.  

But beyond that, it took brainstorming the content (shout out to our friend Chanti who spent a day with us talking through ideas and writing drafts!) and then implementing it in Interact (which took a little over an hour), and then setting up our custom results pages ( our favorite Interact feature!) in our website platform, SHOWIT. After that, it was a matter of writing an onboarding email (since Interact works fluently with our newsletter platform) to ensure our leads had somewhere to go after the quiz experience. It was a seamless process, and we were thrilled with how foolproof Interact makes the whole shebang.  

What are the results from your quiz so far (outcomes, leads, sales)?  

Our results have been kind of amazing. In a matter of one month, with little to no direct promotion of the quiz on our parts, we generated over 1k new leads, making this easily our best opt-in ever. As a company that does almost no marketing (great word of mouth has been our friend!), we knew it was time to begin building our list, and choosing Interact has been the best decision we’ve made on that front.  

We’ve already seen a high number of leads purchase website designs from us, and there’s been a very low unsubscription rate. We can’t wait to begin directly promoting the quiz, fine tuning it to be even more accurate and beneficial. This is a foolfproof marketing tool tailor-made for creative businesses like ours.  

 There’s a reason the best in the business are using Interact; it’s one of the best things we’ve ever done for our business. If you’re looking for something to set your marketing voice apart from the crowd of noisy freebies and instant downloads, you’ve found your solution.  

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