Cat Behavior Quiz Questions and Answers

orange tabby cat on white wooden cabinet

1. How often do you find your cat vocalizing to you?

A. All the time  

B. Sometimes  

C. Rarely  

D. Never

2. What’s your favorite thing about your cat’s grooming habits?

A. The adorable way they lick their paws  

B. How meticulous they are  

C. Their fluffy clean fur  

D. I’m not a fan of their grooming habits

3. How prepared are you for handling your cat during a vet visit?

A. Fully prepared  

B. Somewhat prepared  

C. Not very prepared  

D. Not prepared at all

4. What makes you most frustrated about your cat’s playtime?

A. They get too rough  

B. They ignore the toys I buy    

C. They make a mess  

D. Nothing, I love it all

5. How often does your cat rub their face against objects?

A. Multiple times a day  

B. Once a day  

C. Occasionally  

D. Rarely or never

6. How do you feel about your cat’s hunting instincts?

A. They’re fascinating  

B. They can be a bit troubling  

C. They’re a natural part of being a cat  

D. I’m not sure

7. How do you handle your cat’s aggressive behavior towards other cats?

A. Separate them immediately  

B. Try to calm them down  

C. Let them work it out  

D. Avoid situations where they meet other cats

8. What aspect of your cat’s body language makes you most happy?

A. The high tail when they’re happy  

B. The slow blinks  

C. The kneading before sleep  

D. All of the above

9. What do you think is missing in your quest to understand your cat?

A. More knowledge on cat behavior  

B. More time observing them  

C. Tips from other cat owners  

D. Books or courses on cats

10. What keeps you up at night about your cat’s health?

A. Potential injuries from fights  

B. Signs of illness  

C. Their diet and eating habits  

D. Nothing, my cat’s health is good

11. How do you determine your cat’s needs each day?

A. Observing their behavior  

B. Following a set routine  

C. Trial and error  

D. Asking the vet for advice

12. You have a choice to get a new toy or treat for your cat, which do you choose?

A. A new toy  

B. A tasty treat  

C. Both  

D. Neither

13. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when your cat hisses?

A. They’re scared  

B. They’re angry  

C. I need to check what’s wrong  

D. Not sure

14. How often do you see your cat in a relaxed posture?

A. Always  

B. Often  

C. Sometimes  

D. Rarely

15. What happened in the past when you tried to introduce a new cat into your home?

A. They became instant friends  

B. It took a while but worked out  

C. They fought a lot  

D. Never tried it

16. How confident are you in recognizing your cat’s body language?

A. Very confident  

B. Somewhat confident  

C. Not very confident  

D. Not confident at all

17. When you think about your cat’s communication, what are you most concerned about?

A. Understanding their needs  

B. Misinterpreting their signals  

C. Lack of communication  

D. Not concerned at all

18. How comfortable are you with your cat’s independence?

A. Very comfortable  

B. Somewhat comfortable  

C. Sometimes worried  

D. Uncomfortable

19. What is your cat’s strongest personality trait?

A. Playfulness  

B. Cuddly nature  

C. Curiosity  

D. Independence

20. A specific situation arises where your cat is kneading on you, how do you react?

A. Enjoy the moment  

B. Gently move them if they’re hurting you  

C. Distract them with a toy   

D. Let them be   

21. What’s your go-to play activity for your cat?

A. Laser pointer  

B. Feather wand  

C. Puzzle feeder  

D. Playing with random items

22. Are your cats able to consistently avoid conflicts with other cats?

A. Yes, always  

B. Most of the time  

C. Sometimes  

D. Rarely

23. How do you manage the social interactions of your cat with other pets?

A. Supervised playtime 

B. Gradual introductions  

C. Keeping them separate 

D. Letting them figure it out

24. What’s your favorite memory related to your cat?

A. The first time they purred  

B. A funny playtime moment  

C. A cuddly nap together  

D. Their quirky habits

25. How well do you stick to your cat’s feeding schedule?

A. Very well  

B. Pretty well  

C. Sometimes I miss it  

D. Not well at all

26. If you could choose any trait for your cat, which one would you choose and why?

A. More affectionate  

B. Less aggressive  

C. More playful  

D. Less independent

27. What is your current biggest challenge related to your cat?

A. Addressing health issues  

B. Behavioral problems  

C. Maintaining their diet  

D. Ensuring they get enough exercise

28. Which member of the social group is your cat most similar to?

A. The leader  

B. The mediator  

C. The playful one  

D. The loner

29. How do you handle a situation where your cat urinates outside the litter box?

A. Clean it up and move the box  

B. Take them to the vet  

C. Try to determine the cause  

D. Get frustrated

30. Someone asks how you’re handling your cat’s behavior, what’s the actual answer?

A. It’s great!  

B. It’s a learning process  

C. It’s challenging  

D. I need more help

31. What do you think you need to better understand your cat’s behavior?

A. More time observing them  

B. Books or courses on cat behavior  

C. Advice from other cat owners  

D. Professional training

32. When you introduced new toys, how did your cat react?

A. Played immediately  

B. Took some time to get used to it  

C. Ignored it  

D. Was scared at first

33. How connected do you feel to your cat?

A. Very connected  

B. Somewhat connected  

C. Occasionally connected  

D. Not very connected

34. What’s your favorite form of communication with your cat?

A. Purring  

B. Eye contact  

C. Body language  

D. Vocal sounds

35. How confident are you in managing multiple cats in one household?

A. Very confident  

B. Somewhat confident  

C. Not very confident  

D. Not confident at all

36. What physical sensation do you experience most when your cat is around?

A. Comfort from their purring  

B. Gentle nudges from head rubs  

C. Softness from petting  

D. Slight pain from kneading

37. Which of these behaviors would you enjoy observing the most in your cat?

A. Hunting practice  

B. Playfulness  

C. Grooming  

D. Sleeping peacefully

38. How often do you notice your cat grooming itself?

A. Multiple times a day  

B. Once a day  

C. Occasionally  

D. Rarely

39. In a perfect world, what would your cat’s social behavior be like?

A. Friendly with everyone  

B. Balanced independence and social time  

C. Preferring more human attention  

D. Being more playful with other pets

40. How do you handle introducing your cat to visitors?

A. Let them meet freely  

B. Slowly and cautiously  

C. Keep the cat isolated  

D. Avoid visitors to reduce stress

41. What would you say are your top struggles right now with your cat?

A. Health issues  

B. Behavioral problems  

C. Social integration  

D. Dietary needs

42. What is your cat behavior goal?

A. Reducing aggression  

B. Increasing affection  

C. Better socialization  

D. Improved play time

43. How do you manage the daily feeding of your cat?

A. Scheduled mealtimes  

B. Free feeding  

C. A mix of the two  

D. Often forget

44. How often do you need to calm your cat from excitement or stress?

A. Frequently  

B. Occasionally  

C. Rarely  

D. Never

45. What’s the trickiest part about understanding your cat’s vocalizations?

A. Their varied meanings  

B. Distinguishing between similar sounds  

C. Lack of a definite pattern  

D. I understand them well

46. Do you notice your cat marking their territory often?

A. Yes, frequently  

B. Sometimes  

C. Rarely  

D. Never

47. How do you feel about the social conflicts among your cats, if you have multiple?

A. Concerned and always intervening  

B. Occasionally worried  

C. Let them sort it out  

D. Don’t have multiple cats

48. New information about cat behavior comes up, what is your first response?

A. Read it immediately  

B. Save it for later  

C. Discuss with fellow cat owners  

D. Ignore it

49. What makes you dream about the ideal cat behavior?

A. No more urine markings  

B. Perfect obedience  

C. Ultimate playfulness  

D. Constant cuddles

50. What aspect of your cat’s antics frustrates you the most?

A. Destructive behavior  

B. Ignoring commands  

C. Being overly independent  

D. Waking me up at night

51. Which of these tasks do you complete for your cat daily without fail?

A. Feeding  

B. Grooming  

C. Playtime  

D. Cleanup

52. How well do you manage your cat’s reaction to new environments?

A. Very well  

B. Pretty well  

C. It’s always stressful  

D. Haven’t tried it much

53. How do you feel about your cat’s eating patterns?

A. Very satisfied  

B. Somewhat satisfied  

C. Frequently concerned  

D. Often frustrated

54. What place in your home does your cat most want to explore?

A. The outdoors  

B. High perches or shelves  

C. Hidden corners  

D. The kitchen

55. What’s your favorite grooming tool for your cat?

A. Brush  

B. Comb  

C. Slicker brush  

D. My hands

56. When your cat purrs, what do you think they are trying to communicate?

A. Contentment  

B. Seeking comfort  

C. Hunger  

D. Playfulness

57. How nervous do you get when you notice your cat is sick?

A. Very nervous  

B. Somewhat nervous  

C. A little anxious  

D. Not nervous at all

58. As your cat ages, how do their behavior patterns change?

A. They become more relaxed  

B. They’re more irritable  

C. They play less often  

D. They change very little

59. How often does your cat exhibit anxious behavior?

A. Often  

B. Sometimes  

C. Rarely  

D. Never

60. What concept do you most want to learn about to improve your cat’s wellbeing?

A. Nutritional needs  

B. Behavior training  

C. Health care  

D. Enrichment activities

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