ChatGPT Prompt: Convert Podcast Transcript into Blog Post

Copy/paste your full podcast transcript into this prompt and generate an article based on the transcript. The article will pull quotes from the transcript and be written in the voice of the host(s). It works shockingly well. Everything is customizable, but the only thing you need to add is your podcast transcript and the title of your podcast, you can use our ChatGPT Prompt: Podcast transcript to blog post title for that

ChatGPT Settings:

Model: GPT-4 Turbo or GPT 3.5-Turbo (less reliable)

Temperature: 1

Top P: 1

Frequency Penalty: 0

Presence Penalty: 0



Paste transcript here



I am writing an article based on a podcast episode. Follow these instructions in sequential order to write the article, complete the thinking for each step before going to the next step. 

The goal here is for this article to be informative and educational, but also personal, where it almost feels like the people who are talking in the podcast episode <transcript> is derived from are talking to the reader directly.

Step 1: Identify who the likely audience for <transcript> is. Who would benefit from the content contained there? Remember that persona and use it as you write the rest of the content. 

Step 2: Identify the 3 main points from <transcript> that are relevant to the person who you identified in step 1 who would benefit most from the content. 

Step 3: Write an introduction telling people in 50 words or less introducing the hosts and guests of <transcript> in as few words as possible, speaking as the voice of the hosts(s) and letting the reader know that you are going to address the 3 main points you identified in step 2 and why that is beneficial to them as the reader. Use <style> as the writing style. 

Step 4: Create the 3 main sections, where each point has a heading that is as simple as possible, directly telling the reader what is contained in that section. Speak from the voice of the host of the <transcript> if there are multiple hosts, use “we” as the voice. If there is a guest in who is being interviewed in <transcript> use their name when they are the speaker. Then in the content for each point, give a 75 word explanation of the point as it pertains to the reader you identified in step 1. Within each sections pull a point from one of the hosts or a guest of <transcript> and introduce it as some version of “(Person) points out that” and then state what they said so the point feels more personal and like the 4th wall is not there. integrate the quotes into the main point as part of the argument rather than an abrupt shift.

Step 5: Create a conclusion that reiterates the 3 main points and how it is helpful to the reader, as well as what they can do now that they have read this article. 



Adopt the following from the <transcript> text




Word choice

Level of formality

Word length

Audience being addressed

Level of excitement

Flow of words

Pitch of words in relation to each other

Level of confidence spoken with

Speed of conveying ideas

How to open sentences

How to end sentences



Write a 600 word article titled (Title) based on the content of <transcript>. Follow <instructions> for writing the post and use <style> for the writing approach. No markup is needed on this post, only what is defined in <format>

Follow this format. Replace what is in () with the relevant piece of content, then remove the ()



(Heading point 1)

(Content Point 1)

(Heading point 2)

(Content Point 2)

(Heading point 3)

(Content Point 3)



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