Chrysanthemum Trivia Questions and Answers

white and yellow flower in black background

1: What is the common name for plants within the genus Chrysanthemum?
A: Roses
B: Lilies
C: Mums
D: Daisies
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Chrysanthemums are commonly referred to as mums.

2: From which language is the name “chrysanthemum” derived, meaning “gold flower”?
A: Latin
B: Sanskrit
C: Ancient Greek
D: Aramaic
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: The name comes from the Ancient Greek words “chrysos” (gold) and “anthemon” (flower).

3: Which country is considered the center of diversity for chrysanthemum species?
A: Japan
B: China
C: South Korea
D: India
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: China is the center of diversity for chrysanthemum species.

4: In which century were chrysanthemums first cultivated in China?
A: 5th century CE
B: 1st century BCE
C: 15th century BCE
D: 10th century CE
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BCE.

5: What is the Japanese term for chrysanthemum?
A: Sakura
B: Kiku
C: Hinoki
D: Ume
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: The Japanese term for chrysanthemum is “kiku.”

6: Which European city hosts the largest chrysanthemum festival in China?
A: Beijing
B: Shanghai
C: Kaifeng
D: Hangzhou
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Kaifeng hosts the largest chrysanthemum festival in China.

7: Chrysanthemums are the national flower of which country?
A: Japan
B: South Korea
C: China
D: Indonesia
Correct Answer: A
Explanation: The chrysanthemum is a symbol of the Emperor and the Imperial family in Japan.

8: What ancient festival in Japan is associated with chrysanthemums and celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month?
A: Hanami
B: Tanabata
C: Kiku no Sekku
D: Setsubun
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Chrysanthemum Day (Kiku no Sekku) is one of Japan’s five ancient sacred festivals.

9: How many chrysanthemum cultivars existed worldwide by 2014?
A: 5,000
B: 10,000
C: 20,000
D: 15,000
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Over 20,000 cultivars of chrysanthemums had been recognized by 2014.

10: What traditional medicinal uses do chrysanthemums have in China?
A: Treatment of cold and headache
B: Culinary seasoning
C: Pesticide
D: Skin care
Correct Answer: A
Explanation: Chrysanthemum is historically said to treat cold, headache, vertigo, and conjunctivitis.

11: Which Japanese ceremony is characterized by the use of chrysanthemums in miniature forms?
A: Bonsai
B: Ikebana
C: Bonseki
D: Dō
Correct Answer: A
Explanation: In Japan, bonsai chrysanthemum involves cultivating chrysanthemums in miniature forms.

12: Chrysanthemums are related to which pest-control substance?
A: Neem oil
B: Pyrethrin
D: Bacillus thuringiensis
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Pyrethrin, derived from chrysanthemums, is an important natural insecticide.

13: In the Victorian language of flowers, what does a red chrysanthemum symbolize?
A: Cheerfulness
B: Slighted love
C: I Love
D: Honesty
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: In the Victorian language of flowers, a red chrysanthemum stands for “I Love.”

14: Which traditional beverage uses boiled chrysanthemum flowers in East Asia?
A: Mochi
B: Kimchi
C: Chrysanthemum tea
D: Yakult
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Chrysanthemum tea is a traditional beverage in parts of East Asia.

15: What is the approximate size of pollen grains from chrysanthemum flowers?
A: 15 microns
B: 34 microns
C: 50 microns
D: 75 microns
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Pollen grains from chrysanthemums are approximately 34 microns.

16: What type of inflorescence do chrysanthemums possess?
A: Single large flower
B: Compound inflorescence
C: Spiked inflorescence
D: Cluster inflorescence
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Chrysanthemums have a compound inflorescence, consisting of multiple flower heads.

17: What is the ribbed fruit of chrysanthemum called?
A: Drupe
B: Capsule
C: Achene
D: Samara
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: The fruit of the chrysanthemum is a ribbed achene.

18: Which part of the chrysanthemum plant is commonly used for tea in East Asia?
A: Roots
B: Stems
C: Leaves
D: Flowers
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: Yellow or white chrysanthemum flowers are often used to make tea.

19: Which traditional Japanese family uses a chrysanthemum as its crest?
A: Tokugawa
B: Fujiwara
C: Minamoto
D: Imperial Family
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: The chrysanthemum crest is associated with the Imperial Family of Japan.

20: How many rows of ray florets do modern cultivated chrysanthemums typically have?
A: One
B: Two
C: Several
D: None
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Modern cultivated chrysanthemums have been bred to bear many rows of ray florets.

21: What annual event in Japan showcases chrysanthemums shaped into dolls?
A: Tanabata
B: Omizutori
C: Nihonmatsu Chrysanthemum Dolls Exhibition
D: Hina Matsuri
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: The Nihonmatsu Chrysanthemum Dolls Exhibition displays chrysanthemums shaped into dolls.

22: Which Western city recognized chrysanthemums as its official flower in 1966?
A: Philadelphia
B: Chicago
C: Los Angeles
D: New York
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: The chrysanthemum was recognized as the official flower of the city of Chicago by Mayor Richard J. Daley in 1966.

23: What is the scientific classification order of chrysanthemums?
A: Rosales
B: Asterales
C: Lamiales
D: Fabales
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Chrysanthemums belong to the order Asterales.

24: What is the cultural significance of chrysanthemums in many European countries?
A: Symbol of birthday celebrations
B: Decor at weddings
C: Symbolize death and used in funerals
D: Seasonal décor for summer
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: In many European countries, chrysanthemums symbolize death and are used for funerals and memorials.

25: Which character prominently features chrysanthemums in its 2006 Chinese movie title?
A: Curse of the Jade Scorpion
B: Curse of the Golden Flower
C: Summer Palace
D: House of Flying Daggers
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: The “golden flower” in “Curse of the Golden Flower” refers to a chrysanthemum.

26: Indoors, what benefit do chrysanthemum plants provide according to NASA?
A: Improves sleep
B: Reduces air pollution
C: Enhances mood
D: Boosts immunity
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Chrysanthemum plants have been shown to reduce indoor air pollution in the NASA Clean Air Study.

27: What is the name given to large chrysanthemums cultivated in Japan with flower diameters over 20 cm?
A: Bonsai
B: Ohana
C: Ogiku
D: Kiku
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: These large chrysanthemums are known as Ogiku.

28: Which flower herb is boiled and added to dishes like “mixian” in Chinese cuisine?
A: Basil
B: Chrysanthemum
C: Mint
D: Lavender
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Chrysanthemum flowers are commonly added to dishes like “mixian” in Chinese cuisine.

29: What insect affect chrysanthemums significantly?
A: Aphids
B: Leafminer flies
C: Thrips
D: Spider mites
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Leafminer flies are destructive pests affecting chrysanthemums.

30: What date does the Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival start each year?
A: October 1
B: October 18
C: November 9
D: December 12
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: The festival takes place from October 18 to November 18 annually.

31: Which floral arrangement style is often associated with the traditional Meiji period in Japan?
A: Ogiku
B: Nageire
C: Rikka
D: Hana
Correct Answer: A
Explanation: Ogiku style cultivars gained popularity during the Meiji period in Japan.

32: Which botanical congress ruling restored the florist’s chrysanthemums to the genus Chrysanthemum?
A: 1989
B: 1999
C: 1979
D: 2009
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: The International Botanical Congress in 1999 made this ruling.

33: What traditional Korean wine is flavored with chrysanthemum flowers?
A: Soju
B: Gukhwaju
C: Makgeolli
D: Baekseju
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Gukhwaju is a rice wine flavored with chrysanthemum flowers.

34: In Victorian times, what did the yellow chrysanthemum symbolize?
A: Slighted love
B: Adoration
C: Happiness
D: Faithfulness
Correct Answer: A
Explanation: The yellow chrysanthemum symbolized slighted love in the Victorian language of flowers.

35: Which other Asian city has held chrysanthemum exhibitions, showcasing mimicry of figures using flowers?
A: Beijing
B: Kyoto
C: Nihonmatsu
D: Seoul
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Nihonmatsu hosts exhibitions depicting characters using chrysanthemums.

36: What material is used in Japanese art to depict chrysanthemums on traditional wares like sake ewers?
A: Porcelain
B: Wood
C: Maki-e (lacquerware)
D: Bamboo
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Chrysanthemums are often depicted using maki-e, a Japanese lacquerware technique.

37: Which festival coincides with chrysanthemums blooming in Japan during autumn?
A: Tanabata
B: Chrysanthemum Day
C: Golden Week
D: Children’s Day
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Chrysanthemum Day is celebrated in autumn when the flowers bloom.

38: Which city’s chrysanthemum event began with a request by the Florists and Growers Society in the late 19th century?
A: Boston
B: Philadelphia
C: New Orleans
D: San Francisco
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Philadelphia hosted its first Chrysanthemum Show in 1883 at the request of the Florists and Growers Society.

39: Which Greek-derived term makes up part of the scientific name Chrysanthemum?
A: Roda (rose)
B: Anthos (flower)
C: Dendron (tree)
D: Keramion (potter)
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: The term “anthem” in Chrysanthemum is derived from “anthos,” the Greek word for flower.

40: In what ancient artistic format are chrysanthemums often celebrated in Chinese culture?
A: Sculpture
B: Music
C: Literature
D: Poetry
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: Chrysanthemums are a popular subject in hundreds of Chinese poems.

41: What plant part of chrysanthemums is traditionally thought to prolong life according to Han dynasty beliefs?
A: Roots
B: Leaves
C: Flowers
D: Seeds
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Drinking chrysanthemum wine made from flowers was believed to prolong life.

42: What notable event in Chinese culture uses chrysanthemums because of their longevity symbolism?
A: Moon Festival
B: Double Ninth Festival
C: Dragon Boat Festival
D: Spring Festival
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Chrysanthemums are significant during the Chinese Double Ninth Festival due to their longevity symbolism.

43: What is kugikamonshō in Japan related to?
A: Traditional music
B: Wooden carvings
C: Chrysanthemum crest
D: Pottery design
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Kugikamonshō refers to the chrysanthemum crest linked to the Japanese Imperial Family.

44: What significant cultivar event began in Meiji Japan and influenced chrysanthemum varieties worldwide?
A: Bonsai cultivation
B: Ogiku style cultivation
C: Tea ceremony
D: Ikebana festival
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Ogiku style chrysanthemums were developed in Japan during the Meiji period.

45: Outdoors, how do chrysanthemums help with environmental issues?
A: Reducing soil erosion
B: Air quality improvement
C: Medicinal soil
D: Natural pesticides
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Chrysanthemums help reduce indoor air pollution, aiding in improving air quality.

46: How many petals are featured in the design of the Emperor’s chrysanthemum crest?
A: 8
B: 16
C: 12
D: 24
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: The standard design of the Emperor’s chrysanthemum crest features 16 petals.

47: Which family of plants does the chrysanthemum belong to?
A: Rosaceae
B: Asteraceae
C: Fabaceae
D: Lamiaceae
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Chrysanthemums belong to the Asteraceae family.

48: How long can cultivated chrysanthemum bonsai flowers typically live?
A: 1 year
B: 2 years
C: 3 years
D: 5 years
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: Cultivated bonsai chrysanthemums have a lifespan of about 5 years.

49: For which alcoholic beverage are chrysanthemum flowers sometimes used as a flavoring in Korea?
A: Soju
B: Makgeolli
C: Gukhwaju
D: Baekseju
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Chrysanthemum flowers are used to flavor Gukhwaju rice wine.

50: What is the fruit type of the chrysanthemum plant?
A: Berry
B: Nut
C: Achene
D: Drupe
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: The fruit of chrysanthemum plants is a ribbed achene.

51: Which Japanese Emperor adopted the chrysanthemum as a family crest in the 12th century?
A: Meiji
B: Showa
C: Go-Toba
D: Kammu
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Retired Emperor Go-Toba adopted the chrysanthemum as the imperial family crest in the 12th century.

52: What is the primary use of the chemical compounds extracted from chrysanthemum flowers in agriculture?
A: Fertilizer
B: Insecticide
C: Herbicide
D: Fungicide
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Pyrethrins extracted from chrysanthemums are used as natural insecticides.

53: Which symbolic association does the chrysanthemum have in Chinese culture regarding time?
A: Spring
B: Summer
C: Autumn
D: Winter
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: The chrysanthemum symbolizes autumn in Chinese culture.

54: What traditional Japanese drink decoration utilizes pickled chrysanthemum flowers?
A: Tea
B: Sake
C: Shochu
D: Umeshu
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Pickled chrysanthemum flowers are often used to decorate sake.

55: In Australia, chrysanthemums are popularly given for which occasion?
A: Anzac Day
B: Christmas
C: Mother’s Day
D: Australia Day
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Chrysanthemums are a traditional gift for Mother’s Day in Australia.

56: What type of chrysanthemums, cultivated via bonsai techniques, are exhibited in Tokyo?
A: Giant Chrysanthemums
B: Dwarf Chrysanthemums
C: Ogiku Chrysanthemums
D: Floral Bonsai
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Bonsai cultivars of chrysanthemums, forming miniature plants, are exhibited in Tokyo.

57: What month is associated with the chrysanthemum in the United States?
A: January
B: April
C: September
D: November
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: In the United States, the chrysanthemum is associated with the month of November.

58: Which component of chrysanthemums contributes to their insecticidal properties?
A: Flavonoids
B: Pyrethrins
C: Alkaloids
D: Carotenoids
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Pyrethrins found in chrysanthemums are responsible for their insecticidal properties.

59: Which East Asian island holds significant chrysanthemum exhibitions depicting dolls?
A: Taiwan
B: Hokkaido
C: Kyushu
D: Honshu
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: Nihonmatsu on Honshu hosts famous exhibitions of chrysanthemum dolls.

60: In the Victorian language of flowers, what did chrysanthemums signify when included in a bouquet?
A: Wealth
B: Protection
C: Cheerfulness
D: Sophistication
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Chrysanthemums generally signified cheerfulness in the Victorian flower language.

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