Demand Generation Using Quizzes: A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you always looking for new clients? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use quizzes for demand generation as part of your sales funnel!

Make a Quiz to Generate Demand for Your Product Now

If you work in marketing, there is a challenge that’s always pervasive. The challenge is in engaging cold contacts who you want to sell to and getting them to connect with your brand and opt-in to further communications. This is a critical step in the sales funnel, and as outlined below you can see it sits near the top of the funnel for most technology companies (funnel diagram borrowed from Marketo)

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 3.37.39 PM

So that’s where quizzes come in, you put quizzes in front of the right audience and they WILL engage, because no one can deny the power of a quiz. I’m not being tongue-in-cheek either, because quizzes really are undeniable.

Let’s take a look at how the process works.

(there’s a graphic below for those who prefer a visual format)

Step 1: Arrange traffic sources

Who will you put your quiz in front of? Quizzes are great and engaging people, but they aren’t magical, they won’t discover and get in front of the right contacts by themselves. There’s a short list of common methods for driving traffic into quizzes.

-Google Adwords: This is one of the most consistent and most popular. Using a quiz as the endpoint of your ad is a great replacement for traditional landing pages, and since it still collects leads, it is a healthy alternative to an ebook or white paper.

-Email list: Either an opt-in list or a cold prospect list – using the word “Quiz” in your subject line grabs attention. In one case I’ve talked to they got a 20% click-through rate off of a cold contact list for their quiz

-Web Link: Adding a link to the quiz on your website, to your email footer, or as a blog post is a great way to get consistent, organic traffic into it. Note that you won’t be able to control the prospects who see the quiz this way.

-Social ads: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter – all networks have proven effective to drive the right prospects into a quiz. They are certainly more hit-and-miss than other more controllable channels but if set up correctly can drive leads at a very low cost.

Step 2: Set up your quiz for that traffic

Quizzes have to be both captivating and practical. You don’t want to make a quiz that’s “just for fun” because the leads you get might not even care about your business. You also don’t want the quiz to be TOO dry, because then it won’t even be appealing in the first place. There are two methods for doing this.

-With personality quizzes: Make it relevant to your brand “What’s Your IT Personality?” “What Kind of HR Superhero are You?”

-With assessments: Make it more interesting “Are You Prepared for Data Center Disaster?” “How Secure is Your HR Game Plan?”

The key to a strong quiz is using the visceral element of a quiz with the concrete relevance of real content.

Step 3: Write questions to build rapport and interest

Once someone begins taking a quiz, they usually finish it (75-90%) completion rates on average. You can stay at the high end of that range by writing questions that connect on a personal level. Quizzes give you the unique opportunity to speak directly to the person at the other end of the internet, so use that to your advantage and ask questions like a human.

*One company we work with actually gets together and has drinks before writing their quizzes in order to maximize the fun effect of the content – I recommend that off the record.

Step 4: Capture leads within the quiz

With Interact, you can set up a lead capture form directly inside of your quiz and connect that form up to your marketing automation program. When you do this right, it converts at 50% or higher, meaning that half the people who finish a quiz end up opting in. There are two really important elements to this.

First, give a reason for opting in. If you are going to send people a follow-up series with how to use their personality advantageously in business, then just say it.

Second, be honest about how you’re going to contact people. It really doesn’t hurt to say “We’ll send you a free email course over the next three months” or “We send one newsletter per month.”

Step 5: Show results

Once someone finishes taking their quiz and puts in their contact information, they’ll expect to see immediate results. In this section you want to cover a couple of important aspects.

First, give a satisfying answer. After someone goes through a quiz, they want to see a real result that gives an actual outcome.

Second, include relevant links. Remember where the quiz fits in your sales strategy. You’ll want to link out from the quiz results to other resources in the hopes of moving people on to the next step.

Step 6: Follow up based on quiz results using marketing automation

The great thing about quizzes is that they not only deliver leads, but they deliver leads that have progressive profiling, meaning that you know something about the contacts. What you can do is set up a follow-up sequence based on which result someone gets. (I.E. “Your Quiz Result is (blank)” as the first email that gets sent out.

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Make a Quiz to Generate Demand for Your Product Now

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