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So you want to set up your Eloqua account to start collecting those valuable leads through Interact? Then this is the post for you! The following steps will allow you to connect your Eloqua account to Interact to allow leads collected by your Interact quizzes to be automatically created in your Eloqua contact list:

1. Login to Interact and navigate to editing the email step of the quiz you want to connect to Eloqua.

2. Click the Eloqua logo and click the button that says ‘Sign In’ as shown below:


3. You will be redirect to the Eloqua login screen, please login using your Eloqua credentials.

4. You will then be asked to confirm to allow Interact access to your Eloqua account so we can create contacts on your behalf. Please click ‘Accept’ as shown below:


5. If successful, you will be able to customize your email call to action and continue with the Interact quiz creation process as shown below:




In order to view leads you have collected through your quiz, you can login to your Eloqua dashboard and new contacts will be added to your database of Eloqua contacts. New contacts will be stored with all available data you allowed Interact to collect and a quiz-takers quiz results will be stored in a custom field called Interact Quiz Result [quiz number] (ex. Interact Quiz Result 8 if the quiz was located at URL You may find it useful to create different segments filtering based on the proper custom field and quiz result value. For example, if you have connected your quiz number 8 to Eloqua and a quiz-taker got the result You are Cinderella!, you can filter based on Interact Quiz Result 8 custom field with the value You are Cinderella! to get all new contacts who got that result through your quiz.

That’s it! You are all ready to go!


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