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After a handful of great conversations with Interact customers, we’ve come up with a solution to make lead generation on Interact extremely useful. What we did was add a slew of options for what kind of information you can collect and export from your quiz.

These options are all available in the “email” tab of the quiz editor, and you can require that people input any of the following to see their quiz results.

-First and last name

-Company name

-Zip code

-Phone number

-Email address

You can also include a link to your own privacy policy which will show up on the lead generation form so you can make sure to follow all the rules.



When you’re done selecting options, the lead generation form will automatically populate within the quiz.



Once the quiz is live, form submissions will be collected in a simple .csv file that can be opened with excel or exported to your marketing automation program.



You can see my list here has George Mason, me, and Billy Nye the science guy. When I upload the file to Marketo (my marketing automation program), it’s going to automatically sort the various columns into different tags, which I can assign. So in this case I have first name, last name, email address, and lead score (the result that each person got)

import 1


Once I upload, the leads will appear in my list. Now you can email the various leads based on their attributes and add them into your various funnels. You can also assign an automation program to the newly imported leads.



This new feature is available on all pro plans, best of luck!

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