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We get a lot of questions about Facebook Advertising strategy for quizzes. How much should I spend? Who Should I target? How do I set up the ad? should I use single image ads or multi-image? There’s a lot that goes into creating Facebook ads for quizzes and this guide is here to simplify it down and give you one simple set of instructions to follow so you can get started and then branch out from there.

1. Know Your Audience

This is not a practical point, meaning it’s not giving specific guidance about how to actually run your ads, but it is the most important point I’m going to make in this article.

The truth is that no amount of tips and tricks will make your Facebook quiz ad effective if you don’t know who it’s for and what their interests are. An ad can never convince anyone to do something they weren’t already considering, no amount of great copywriting or imagery and convince someone to do something, you must be in line with what the person is already thinking about and hoping for.

I did an entire blog post on knowing your audience and why it’s the most important thing for your business to get right, but to sum it all up the point is that you can make a lot more sales and generate a lot more leads by playing into what is already important to your potential customers than by trying to drum up interest in something they don’t care about, and to know what they care about you must know your audience.

2. Targeting

*Steps down off of soap box*

Now we’ll get into the practical stuff you probably came here for.

When it comes to who you target with your Facebook ad, there is one ideal way of doing this and several decent ones.

The Ideal Way: Is to target an audience that you already have set up within Facebook ads and are running ads to currently. Then all you will do is switch out the actual ad (to a quiz from whatever else you were running) and you’ll quickly be able to compare if the quiz performs better or worse than the previous ad. This removes all the ambiguity out of it and helps you clearly determine if quizzes will work for you as Facebook ads.

Second Place: Is to upload a list of your contacts and create a lookalike audience from them. Basically this just means you tell Facebook who your existing customers are and then they go out and find a bunch more people who are similar using their magical powers and they show your ad to those people who “look like” your existing contacts. This one’s my favorite if you don’t already have your audience dialed in because it at least starts with the people who already like your business and branches out from there.

Third Place: Is to target your customers using Facebook’s ad targeting criteria which is where you choose based on age, interests, etc. This is by far the most risky option because you would really have to know your audience well to get it right. Think about it, you’re trying to go from what you know about your audience (some interests, what they want to buy, etc.) and translate that back to their age and whether or not they like “Netflix” on Facebook (rough example, but you get the idea).

To recap, the best way to target on Facebook is using an audience you already have so you can compare the effectiveness of your quiz fairly, if not then you want to create a lookalike audience from your existing contacts.


3. Quiz Ad Logistics (Image, Headline, Description)

Now let’s get into the actual ad creative. I did a whole piece on making facebook ads for quizzes that focuses entirely on this part, but I’ll give the bullet point version now.

1. Ad Text: This is what shows up at the top of the ad right next to your page name so it will be the first text on the ad. This text should say the following things.

-Take this quiz (it’s important to say it right away, this is a quiz)

-It’s important to know your result on this quiz (explain why it matters what your personality type is)

2. Ad Image: 1200 × 628 pixels and high quality. You can either re-use the cover photo of your quiz or if you have the resources create a custom graphic with the title of the quiz on it (be careful because if you put too much text Facebook won’t show the image)

3. Headline: For this you just use the title of the quiz, for extra emphasis you can put the word [QUIZ] in brackets. The beauty of quizzes as Facebook ads is that people love quizzes in general so your biggest proponent for the ad is simply stating that it’s a quiz.

4. News Feed Link Description: Use the short description of your quiz on this part. Explain a little more about the quiz to get people interested.

ad logistics

4. Ad Spend Strategy

When it comes to how much you should spend on your quiz Facebook ads, we’ve got a system in place to make sure you don’t waste money on ads that aren’t going to work.

To Begin: Set a daily budget that will give you enough data to test the quiz as an ad. This can vary from as low as $5 a day to as high as $100 a day if you’re in a large company. What you want is to get enough people seeing the ad and engaging with it to establish a baseline cost per lead through the ad. Below is a screenshot of average cost per action (CPA) through Facebook ads, according to Wordstream.

Then Measure: After you’ve got enough data through the ad (after 1-3 days) measure the cost per lead using our Facebook pixel integration so you know if the cost is going to work for you. A good cost per lead is when your leads come in cheaper than your other ads, or if this is your first time running ads you can check average cost per lead

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 8.38.58 AM

If your lead cost is unacceptable: You can try optimizing your quiz according to our quiz best practices, but if you’ve already done that then what you need to do is change your quiz concept entirely. There is not some micro-change that will cause everyone to want to take your quiz right away if it’s already built according to best practices. You can either change the audience you are targeting or try a totally different quiz, you’ll waste your time if you try to make small changes expecting it to spike your conversion rate.

If your lead cost IS acceptable: Then you want to increase your ad spend by about 25% per week up to your maximum budget. You can go a little faster or a little slower with the increase, but the reason for moving it up slowly like this is so that you don’t all of a sudden start spending all of your money and drop your conversions. If the ad stops working (which it does sometimes, with all types of Facebook ads), then you’ll know before you’re spending your entire budget on the ad.

ad spend

5. Tracking/Analyzing

Interact quiz maker has a Facebook pixel integration that will allow you to create custom conversion events when people opt-in through your quiz. The best interact customers use their own spreadsheets to compare the quizzes they run and track everything, creating a system that helps to identify high performers and such. Tracking is the most important thing about Facebook advertising, if you can’t measure then you can’t improve.

In Conclusion:

Quizzes used as Facebook ads are some of the most effective lead generators you’ll ever come across. But, there are some rules to follow if you want to get the most out of them. This guide is meant to show those principles. If you want to create your own quiz for Facebook advertising, I recommend following this guide and then building your Facebook quiz now.

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