Ficus Benjamina Quiz Questions and Answers

a close-up of a leaf

1. What’s your favorite aspect of taking care of a Ficus benjamina plant?

A. Watching it grow

B. Pruning and shaping it

C. Watering it

D. Just having it around as decoration

2. How prepared are you for dealing with the rapid growth of Ficus benjamina roots?

A. Not prepared at all

B. A little prepared

C. Somewhat prepared

D. Fully prepared

3. When you were a kid, how did you feel about indoor plants like Ficus benjamina?

A. Loved them

B. Barely noticed them

C. Preferred outdoor plants

D. Indifferent

4. What happens if your Ficus benjamina starts dropping leaves due to a change in light?

A. Panic

B. Try to move it back to its original spot

C. Adjust its environment gradually

D. Wait and see if it adapts

5. How often do you water your Ficus benjamina in summer?

A. Daily

B. Every other day

C. Twice a week

D. Once a week

6. How comfortable are you with pruning your Ficus benjamina when it grows too large for its location?

A. Not comfortable at all

B. Somewhat comfortable

C. Quite comfortable

D. Very comfortable

7. How do you handle a Ficus benjamina that becomes too large for its indoor space?

A. Prune it back aggressively

B. Move it to another room

C. Replace it with a smaller plant

D. Ignore it and hope for the best

8. Which of these benefits of having a Ficus benjamina in your home excites you the most?

A. Its air-purifying qualities

B. Its aesthetic appeal

C. Its ease of care

D. Its resilience and sturdiness

9. How do you react if a Ficus benjamina causes allergies in someone in your household?

A. Remove the plant immediately

B. Move it to a different room

C. Try allergy medications first

D. Ignore the problem

10. What’s your favorite memory that includes a Ficus benjamina?

A. Seeing it flourish over time

B. A moment of peacefulness while caring for it

C. Receiving it as a gift

D. Using it to decorate for a special event

11. What’s the trickiest part about growing Ficus benjamina indoors?

A. Preventing root invasion

B. Managing leaf drop

C. Keeping it within space limits

D. Controlling pests

12. You have an option of growing your Ficus benjamina indoors or outdoors, which do you choose?

A. Indoors for decor

B. Outdoors for growth

C. Only outdoor in a subtropical region

D. Both, depending on season

13. What is the biggest challenge for you in taking care of Ficus benjamina?

A. Finding the right lighting

B. Managing its size

C. Controlling pests

D. Watering properly

14. In a perfect world, what would your ideal Ficus benjamina look like?

A. Lush and full, but not too big

B. Trimmed bonsai style

C. Free-growing, tall and sprawling

D. Small and manageable

15. How confident are you in your ability to keep a Ficus benjamina healthy?

A. Not confident at all

B. Somewhat confident

C. Quite confident

D. Very confident

16. What aspect of growing Ficus benjamina makes you the most happy?

A. Watching new leaves unfurl

B. Pruning and shaping it

C. Having clean air

D. The decorative aspect

17. What keeps you up at night about owning a Ficus benjamina?

A. Root invasion fears

B. Potential leaf drop

C. Outgrowing its space

D. Pests and diseases

18. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you notice your Ficus benjamina dropping leaves?

A. Oh no, what’s wrong?

B. Time to check the watering

C. Maybe it’s too cold

D. It will bounce back

19. Do you have Ficus benjamina at your work or home?

A. Home only

B. Work only

C. Both

D. Neither

20. What do you think needs improvement in your care for your Ficus benjamina?

A. Better lighting conditions

B. Improved watering schedule

C. More space for growth

D. More regular maintenance

21. You’re at a party, and someone mentions they have a Ficus benjamina, what do you do?

A. Excitedly share tips

B. Ask for advice

C. Nod politely

D. Change the subject

22. Are you stuck in any particular way of caring for your Ficus benjamina?

A. Yes, always follow the same routine

B. Sometimes, depends on the situation

C. Rarely, try to change methods often

D. Not at all, very flexible

23. Which of these care activities for Ficus benjamina would you enjoy the most?

A. Watering

B. Pruning

C. Monitoring light conditions

D. Repotting

24. What aspect of Ficus benjamina’s growth makes you most nervous?

A. Rapid root growth

B. Sensitivity to light changes

C. Potential for pest infestation

D. Sudden leaf drop

25. Which of the following is most accurate when it comes to your Ficus benjamina’s current state?

A. Thriving and healthy

B. Struggling a bit

C. Showing signs of distress

D. Not sure

26. What’s your go-to resource for Ficus benjamina care tips?

A. Books and gardening magazines

B. Online forums

C. Friends and family

D. Trial and error

27. How do you feel about the Ficus benjamina’s potential to remove formaldehyde from the indoor air?

A. Very positive

B. Somewhat positive

C. Indifferent

D. Skeptical

28. Which member of the “plant parent” group are you?

A. The newbie

B. The enthusiast

C. The expert

D. The casual owner

29. What’s your favorite place to keep your Ficus benjamina?

A. Living room

B. Bedroom

C. Office

D. Balcony/Garden

30. How often do you experience issues with pests and diseases on your Ficus benjamina?

A. Frequently

B. Occasionally

C. Rarely

D. Never

31. How would you describe your approach to dealing with Ficus benjamina’s leaves dropping when relocated?

A. Proactive

B. Reactive

C. Indifferent

D. Try to avoid relocating

32. How comfortable are you with managing the potentially destructive roots of Ficus benjamina?

A. Not at all comfortable

B. Somewhat comfortable

C. Quite comfortable

D. Very comfortable

33. What happened in the past when you neglected to water your Ficus benjamina properly?

A. It dropped many leaves

B. It didn’t grow well

C. Nothing noticeable

D. It eventually recovered

34. What are you most excited about when growing Ficus benjamina?

A. Seeing it flourish indoors

B. Decorating with it

C. Its air purifying properties

D. The challenge of its care

35. How do you manage the potential for your Ficus benjamina to become too large for its space?

A. Regular pruning

B. Moving it to a larger space

C. Replacing it with a smaller one

D. Letting it grow naturally

36. What’s your favorite cultivar of Ficus benjamina?

A. ‘Danielle’

B. ‘Naomi’

C. ‘Exotica’

D. ‘Golden King’

37. How well do you stick to your watering schedule for Ficus benjamina?

A. Not well at all

B. Sometimes

C. Most of the time

D. Always

38. Do you have any strategies to help your Ficus benjamina adapt to changes in its environment?

A. Yes, gradual adjustment

B. Somewhat, readjust often

C. Barely, just basic care

D. No, not at all

39. How connected do you feel to your task of growing and caring for a Ficus benjamina?

A. Not at all connected

B. Somewhat connected

C. Quite connected

D. Very connected

40. If your Ficus benjamina is exposed to cold drafts, what’s your immediate action?

A. Move it immediately

B. Wait and see what happens

C. Increase watering

D. Nothing

41. What place do you most want to explore for learning more about Ficus benjamina?

A. Botanical gardens

B. Books and blogs

C. Expert lectures

D. Online communities

42. What do you think you need to better care for your Ficus benjamina?

A. More knowledge on its needs

B. Better equipment for care

C. More time dedicated to it

D. Improved environment conditions

43. Which of these Ficus benjamina traits would you choose to change if you could wave a magic wand?

A. Sensitivity to light

B. Growth rate

C. Root invasiveness

D. Leaf drop

44. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a large, healthy Ficus benjamina in a park?

A. Inspiration

B. Admiration

C. Curiosity

D. Indifference

45. How often do you check your Ficus benjamina for signs of pests or diseases?

A. Daily

B. Weekly

C. Monthly

D. Rarely

46. How well do you manage the watering process for Ficus benjamina during winter?

A. I struggle with it

B. I’m getting better at it

C. I manage reasonably well

D. I do it exceptionally well

47. Which of the following is most likely to frustrate you about owning Ficus benjamina?

A. Leaf drop

B. Limitations on where to place it

C. Root invasiveness

D. General upkeep

48. How do you handle your feelings when your Ficus benjamina drops a lot of leaves?

A. Stay calm and investigate the cause

B. Feel frustrated but take action

C. Feel anxious and seek help

D. Accept it as part of plant care

49. How do you react when someone asks how your Ficus benjamina is doing?

A. Excitedly share details

B. Briefly update them

C. Say it’s fine, even if it’s struggling

D. Avoid the topic if it’s not doing well

50. How often do you relocate your Ficus benjamina within your home?

A. Often

B. Occasionally

C. Rarely

D. Never

51. When you think about the challenges of growing Ficus benjamina, what are you most concerned about?

A. Light sensitivity

B. Size management

C. Root growth

D. Allergy potential

52. What’s your idea of perfect environmental conditions for Ficus benjamina?

A. Bright, indirect light with moderate humidity

B. Full sun exposure

C. Low light, high humidity

D. Sunny and dry

53. How confident are you in identifying issues like pests or diseases on your Ficus benjamina?

A. Not confident at all

B. A little confident

C. Quite confident

D. Very confident

54. Which attribute of Ficus benjamina affects you the most?

A. Its attractiveness

B. Its air quality improvement

C. Its maintenance needs

D. Its growth pattern

55. How would your friends and family describe your care for your Ficus benjamina?

A. Dedicated and attentive

B. Casual and laid-back

C. Inconsistent and forgetful

D. Overly meticulous

56. What is your current biggest challenge with your Ficus benjamina?

A. Finding the right watering schedule

B. Managing its size

C. Handling leaf drop

D. Keeping up with pest control

57. Do you prefer a Ficus benjamina with variegated or solid green leaves?

A. Variegated

B. Solid green

C. Mix of both

D. Don’t have a preference

58. What happened in the past when you pruned your Ficus benjamina?

A. It flourished

B. It took a while to recover

C. It showed minimal change

D. It struggled temporarily

59. If you had to describe your Ficus benjamina in one word, what would it be?

A. Resilient

B. Temperamental

C. Elegant

D. High-maintenance

60. How do you determine your Ficus benjamina’s growth objectives each season?

A. Based on its health and appearance

B. From expert advice

C. Through trial and error

D. Following set gardening principles

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