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One of the biggest reasons customers use Interact is enrich their CRM data with quiz results. Because we automatically send new contact records to our integration partners with their quiz results attached in a custom field or tag, we can help you add new data to your contacts to send out much more personalized email campaigns.

However, we have even more data available for our users within the Interact platform (and it can all be exported to further update your contacts). Below is a quick couple of screenshots of what we can offer.

See survey-style data

The first view is survey-style results that can show you audience insights. For example, below we are seeing the readout from a question titled “What’s for Dinner?” which is sort of hilarious, but it could actually be useful to know that you have a lot of steak eaters in your audience.

This data is aggregated across all quiz takers, so it’s not specific to any cohort, but it will pull back the veil a little bit to show you something about who is interacting with your brand.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.34.20 AM

See individual-level data

Within the Interact analytics you can also see individual responses to quiz questions, and this data can be exported to a .CSV file (and on our Pro plan also sent directly to your marketing automation program). This data can be extremely valuable to sales teams and to sending out hyper-targeted email marketing messages as well.


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