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Check out interact enterprise quiz maker at Enterprises have different needs from small to medium size businesses. At Interact we’ve done our absolute best to listen to our large clients, including The American Red Cross, Forbes, and CBS to build the absolute greatest enterprise quiz tool on the market. In this guide I’ll walk you […]

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Check out interact enterprise quiz maker at

Enterprises have different needs from small to medium size businesses. At Interact we’ve done our absolute best to listen to our large clients, including The American Red Cross, Forbes, and CBS to build the absolute greatest enterprise quiz tool on the market. In this guide I’ll walk you through the elements that set apart our Enterprise quiz builder from the average quiz tool and then give some specific examples of how large companies have been utilizing quizzes with success.

Top 5 benefits of Interact Enterprise

1. Custom branding

This is by far the strongest benefit of the Interact quiz builder over most other options. With Interact, you can upload your own logo and put it on each quiz. There is also no “powered by” link on Enterprise quizzes, so it becomes fully white label. Brand continuity is important, especially with content that gets a lot of social traffic (like quizzes). Your quizzes might be the very first interaction a potential customer ever has with your brand and having control over your branding makes a world of difference.

forbes 1

2. Full design control

Virtually every element of an Interact quiz is editable in our Enterprise edition. Starting with the cover photo and background color, all the way through the font style and call to action text, it can all be changed to match your brand style. Again, as you work to maintain your brand continuity, we don’t want to get in the way of that and offer full control to you.

What this allows you to do is get the creative department involved without asking too much of them and slowing things down. They don’t need to write any CSS or other code and can use the click and select options in the quiz builder to completely customize the design.


3. Ability to embed quiz and keep social traffic

When you make a quiz and embed it in your website (using a one-line javascript embed), you keep all the traffic, even when the quiz gets shared on social sites. The graphic below shows exactly how that works. What happens is that you control the links in the social share text of your quiz and can point those links to a blog post or web page where your quiz is embedded. That way you “close the loop” and avoid leaking traffic.

closed loop concordia

4. Handling large traffic loads

If (when) your quiz goes viral, it’s really important that it be able to handle traffic so as not to disappoint your audience. I’m happy to report that Interact can handle massive influxes of people, with theoretically no limit. The top 10% of our quizzes average 100,000 views and we’ve had a quiz being taken by more than 10,000 people at the same instant. All quizzes are hosted on Amazon Web Services (same service used by Netflix), so no worries about capacity.

The Interact Enterprise plan also allow for unlimited quiz views, so there won’t be any sort of limit on your traffic.

5. Collecting lead information

If all marketers can agree on one thing, it’s that a strong flow of qualified leads is the number one priority of all our efforts. Without a fresh supply of new customers, a business just slowly withers away. Luckily quizzes can give you some pretty concrete results when it comes to lead generation.

Using Interact, you can collect new lead information from quiz takers, turning the quiz into gated content. Because quizzes are engaging and people want to see how they did, this gating method is amazingly effective, with average opt-in rates of 50% – which should impress your team.

booker 3


These aren’t the only benefits of Interact Enterprise, it also contains a full quiz builder and some really cool features that take your marketing to the next level. Check it all out at Now if you know exactly what kind of quiz you want and are ready to get started, go ahead and click on that link, the examples below don’t really apply to you. However, if you are still on the fence and don’t really know how you would use quizzes in your marketing, read on for some stellar examples.

Three Enterprise quiz examples that really nailed it

1. Forbes, make your content interactive

Forbes does one of the best college season content pushes I’ve ever witnessed. Between lists and reviews they cover nearly every aspect of the college selection process. Recently they invested in creating a college adviser tool that helps you narrow down your options.

Tools are a big investment, and to help promote that investment, Forbes enlisted a quiz. The quiz asks various questions about your tastes and preferences before giving you a result that links to the adviser tool which will be personalized based on your college match.

Quizzes like this can be used to make personalized recommendations to each web visitor in an automated way that scales. This Forbes quiz currently has over 80,000 views and has driven massive traffic to the adviser tool.

forbes demo

2. Booker, collect email leads

Booker is a B2B enterprise that offers scheduling and marketing software for small businesses. Many of their clients are spas and personal grooming businesses that have a large spike in holiday traffic. To help those clients make more money, Booker made a quiz to decide what each business should use as its holiday theme.

Just before revealing the quiz result (what theme they should use), Booker collects email information from quiz takers. That information is integrated directly with Marketo and new email subscribers are automatically nurtured along with marketing automation until they are primed to become paying customers.

Quizzes make great “top of the funnel” content for an informal first contact with customers who may become paying clients.

bookers demo

3. American Red Cross, promote a new project in a fun way

The American Red Cross is a massive effort that provides aid all over the U.S. and has thousands of initiatives operating in tandem. With so much going on, they need a go-to strategy for marketing the launch of new projects.

One thing they’ve been doing lately is using quizzes as part of that launch strategy. For example, the quiz below asks “Do you actually know how to swim?” and it asks a series of questions about the quiz takers’ proficiency in swimming.

At the end of the quiz, there is a link to download the new Red Cross swim app. This is one very smart way to use quizzes, because it promotes a big project with a viral piece of content. This is cross-promoting at its finest.

red cross demo


Check out interact enterprise quiz maker at

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